Tanabata Gifts That Most Touched Ta

Love is,
A smile can be remembered for a long time,
A tacit understanding that can be understood with one expression …
The romantic Qixi Festival is approaching, and the whole city seems to be boiled with a passion, and even the air is filled with sweet breath.
So, what kind of gift can I choose to create this happy ritual for Ta?
Keywords: born a couple!

A natural pair of LOOK 1:
Although mediocre is true, but often give the other party a ‘surprising’ surprise, life can be a sweet taste!
Swatch POP series, 1 watch with N kinds of gameplay, creative detachable dial and a variety of freely matched ways to play a super tacit love, create a unique surprise for your love, express extraordinary creative thoughts!

Born to Look 2:
Time flies, the enthusiasm remains!
The appearance of Gao Leng was amazing, and the fiery heart was gentle for years.
Appearing cold and full of passion, our time is still hot, our love is still hot!

A born pair of LOOK 3:
A long time ago, the prince met the beloved princess
Turn into a heroic Batman, or turn into a playful Cheshire cat, and take Ta into your love wonderland …
‘You have to believe, believe that we will be like fairy tales, happiness and joy are the end!’

Born to Look 4:
Happiness is like a flower
Send a bouquet of flowers?
It is better to let Ta hear the heartbeat of flowers in the ‘tick’ of the watch, as if at first sight.

Born to Look 5:
Summer party, appointment?
Beaches, parties, tropical fruits, cocktails, as if you are in the tropical atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro!
Wear the bright summer energy and chase the wind with your hot partner!

‘match made in heaven’
Swatch2016 Chinese Valentine’s Day Special Watch
 After thousands of years of history, many generations of Chinese people have passed on many charming and emotional stories, and the innate and unforgettable natural pair is the love story of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl.

  Swatch specially created the 2016 Tanabata special watch, which sweetly re-enacts this romantic love legend: against the background of the blue night sky, two stars shining with crystals are scattered on both sides of the dial, and the cowboy is above the bridge. The silhouette embracing the weaving girl deeply, the affection is endless, as if the entire galaxy is gentle. The transparent blue silicone strap is also dotted with silver stars, showing a swirling starry sky, which complements the gorgeous galaxy on the dial …

Richard Miller Rm020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch

The pocket watch was originally a plaything of the old aristocracy, but obviously the famous mechanical watch brand Richard Mille did not accept such a theory, so their twentieth work is such a metal bottle watch with a new bottle of old wine .

Richard Mille RM020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch
     In this cool work, Richard Mille realized a series of new advanced clock technology, the most special of which is the use of non-metal rotor as the watch blank, the entire watch core is made of ultra-fine carbon fiber, at 7500N / cm2 high pressure and forged at 2000 ℃ high temperature, the object and chemical characteristics are very stable, in a variety of different environments can still maintain the stability of the watch’s accurate travel time. Especially in the tourbillon system is unprecedented in the watchmaking industry. At the same time, the titanium case and bracelet add a cool visual effect. Unlike the round design of the old pocket watch, the RM020 shows a cool modern sense with square corners. Of course, the modern style cannot completely replace the classic design. The free-floating balance wheel with the beating balance is well preserved and improved to ensure better operation under vibration, rotor installation and split conditions. Credibility.

Omega Speedmaster Series Racing Timing Observatory

Adhering to the extraordinary tradition of Omega, each new Speedmaster watch carries the inner essence and excellent design of the earlier models. The newly launched Omega Speedmaster series racing chronograph chronometer watch, its dial design perfectly illustrates this spirit. The distinctive minute ring design first appeared on the Omega Speedmaster in 1968. Today, this classic design is returning to glory, continuing the tradition of ‘racing racing’ in this series, and giving new models infinite new ideas.

   The Omega Speedmaster Series Racing Chronometer Observatory will be available in glory in 2017. The first watch presented here has a stainless steel case, exuding a new charm on the matte black dial. The polished ceramic bezel with matte Liquidmetal® tachymeter scale, the striking orange text on the dial complements the orange lacquer on the tip of the hour, minute and second hands, highlighting Omega’s unique design.

   The second watch in this series is 18K Sedna® gold case, blue dial with blue leather strap, deep and charming. The tachymeter scale on the ceramic bezel is created by Omega’s original OMEGA Ceragold® technology.

   Both of these watches are equipped with a racing-style two-color minute ring and are also named for this unique design. The design first appeared on the Omega Speedmaster series in 1968, making it easier to read the time of day.

   The diameter of the new watch case is 44.25 mm. The sapphire crystal is crafted with fine craftsmanship, making the entire watch thinner and lighter than the previous model, highlighting Omega’s outstanding watchmaking technology.

   In addition, the watch’s eye-catching features include the ‘arrow’ hour scale with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, and a wider, smaller dial that makes reading the chronograph time more convenient and intuitive.

   The design of the stainless steel watch strap is also unique. The black leather strap is ingeniously filled with orange rubber. The milling tool is used to make the strap show neat and equidistant micro holes, and a touch of orange is looming, which not only creates a perfect sports style, but also brings a more comfortable and breathable wearing experience.

   This series of new Omega timepieces has been gloriously upgraded to become the chronometer, representing the extraordinary quality of a new generation of Speedmaster watches. The watch is equipped with the 9900/9901 chronometer chronometer movement. The entire watch and movement have passed the strict watchmaking industry high certification standards approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Excellent level of anti-magnetic properties. Omega provides a four-year warranty for each watch.
Origin of the Omega racing dial
   The racing dial is not a new concept for Omega. In fact, this classic design dates back to the early versions of Speedmaster watches and has always provided an inexhaustible source of design inspiration.
   The racing dial design first appeared on the Omega Speedmaster launched in 1968 and was paired with a two-tone minute lap. It is generally agreed that this unique racing style of the watch, as well as its striking two-color minute scale and orange hands, are designed to make timing more convenient and may be specially designed for use in the air or on the racing track .
   In the extremely diverse spirit of the 1960s, in order to make the Speedmaster series more abundant choices, watches with a variety of racing dials have been introduced. For collectors who are keen to collect this series of watches and people who are lucky enough to get one of them, each unique timepiece has a function hand with a different color combination, which makes it distinctive.
   Even though people have done a lot of research and demonstration, the true origin and design purpose of Speedmaster watches in 1968 remain mysterious to this day. But there is no doubt that this unique design quickly gained popularity around the world.
   In the early 1970s, the racing dial theme was soon reapplied in the Omega Speedmaster Mark II racing watch. In the 1990s, Omega teamed up with legendary racing drivers including Michael Schumacher to launch a number of Speedmaster watches and re-introduced the iconic racing dial.
   Perhaps the most well-known tribute to racing dials in history may have happened in 2004, when Omega released the Speedmaster series racing watch (serial number 145.0022) specially designed for the Japanese market. As one of the non-numbered watches, this watch is limited to 2,004.
   In 2014, the new generation of Speedmaster Mark II watches came out, and the racing dial appeared again, and has become a part of the essence of the Speedmaster series.
   2017 witnessed another glorious return of the racing dial. The new timepiece design is quite unique and original, and as you can see, this watch retains Omega’s unique watchmaking tradition and continues the brand’s extraordinary legend.

Wrist Reunion Minutes V. Miss Rado Swiss Radar Centrix Crystal Collection Open Core Watch

‘There is a cloudy and sunny day in the moon. Because of love, the bright moon in the heart is always complete, and the love between them is also complete.’-Tang Wei
 Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon to Mid-Autumn Festival is bright, and in a blink of an eye, it is another year of reunion. The joy of reuniting with family and the joy of meeting with loved ones are precious because of the shining of this bright moon, and the thoughts filled with it are fixed as eternity in memory. Rado Swiss Radar Centrix series of core-opening watches, will embellish the thousands of miles acacia in the flow of time, will be the best wishes in the wrist to accompany. Let time prove love, watch my heart with a watch, and send a symbol of reunion to everyone who misses it.

 The dial of the new Centrix series core opener watch adopts a unique hollow design, which ingeniously translates good wishes into every delicate detail, and misses the thoughts: The round window at 12 o’clock symbolizes the consummation when lovers meet The bright diamonds set on the dial are like bright stars in the night sky, bringing gorgeous sparkle to the wrist. The watch hands seem to represent each other’s loved ones and loved ones. They rarely meet each other but always coexist with the same roots, moving forward together in the life track. And each movement of the movement inside the watch has become a tacit understanding of each other. When watching the beating between the wrists, it is as if they feel each other’s heartbeat. Reunited in the wrist from then on, telling the thoughts every second.

 The RADO Centrix series core watch adopts the brand’s signature high-tech ceramic material, bringing a long-lasting shine in the extraordinary lightness. There are also white and brown high-tech ceramic models to choose from, either pure or moist. Brings graceful beauty to the wrist. Thanks to its outstanding automatic mechanical movement, the watch has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, helping you to easily navigate multiple occasions to meet multiple challenges in life and work.

 RADO Swiss watch for men also offers the same classic Centrix crystal extraction series skeleton watch, equipped with 38 mm smooth texture case, underscored the gentleman style. The watch adopts a chocolate brown high-tech ceramic middle link bracelet, which fully guarantees wearing comfort. The hollow dial subtly shows the Swiss movement that is continuously running inside. It is a fashionable art work that combines superb technology and extraordinary craftsmanship.
 RADO Swiss Radar Centrix series core-opening watch-condensing good wishes, telling every second.

Introduction To Athens Quadrato Square Watch

The Athens watch Quadrato dual time zone perpetual calendar series with a large 42×42 watch diameter, highlighting the wearer’s strong and resolute, confident and extraordinary personality. Adhering to the tradition of the Athenian watch, the Quadrato dual time zone watch uses a large date display window design, which doubles the date and is easy to read.

Athens watch Quadrato dual time zone perpetual calendar
UN-32 automatic movement
42x42mm diameter
Time indication, 24-hour time
Large date window, single crown adjustment
Fast time adjustment function and perpetual calendar
18k White Gold Case
Black alligator strap with 18K white gold buckle
45-hour power reserve
Water resistant to 50 meters
Reference price: 372,000
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Athens watch Quadrato dual time zone perpetual calendar
UN-32 automatic movement
42x42mm diameter
Time indication, 24-hour time
Large date window, single crown adjustment
Fast time adjustment function and perpetual calendar
18k rose gold case
Black alligator leather strap with 18K rose gold buckle
45-hour power reserve
Water resistant to 50 meters
Reference price: ¥ 372,700
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Hermès New Clipper Sport Chronograph

Bright and pleasing strap color; the case made of titanium and stainless steel is unique and interesting; the mechanical movement with automatic winding ensures accurate time running, echoing the rhythm of waves or on the beach footprint. It’s Clipper Sport.

全新 This new watch model is an extension of the Clipper series, with its symbolic bezel inspired by the portholes of 19th century ships. The watch is equipped with three combinations, through the stainless steel caseback and bezel of the bimetal case structure, and the titanium case, the performance of complex and sophisticated materials. The ultra-light titanium performance guarantees outstanding performance in the highly competitive maritime world.
秀丽 The beautiful Hermes H letter is engraved on the rubber strap. The dial is adorned with oversized Arabic numerals for visual appeal. The triangle in the same color as the second hand indicates the date at 3 o’clock. At night, the dagger-shaped hour and minute hands and the luminous coating hour display ensure clear reading. The counterclockwise rotating bezel, plus the fluorescent hour marker at 12 o’clock, is like an invitation to sail south …
Hermes Clipper Sport Technical Specifications
Case: round, 41 mm in diameter / stainless steel / crystal watch, center titanium, stainless steel bezel and case back / waterproof depth 100 m
Movement: Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement / diameter 26 mm (11 ‘French minutes) / thickness 3.6 mm / power reserve 42 hours / number of gems 21 / swing frequency 28,800 times per hour / 4 Hz / hour, minute, second Big three hands, date display
Lugs: 20 mm
Dial: Dark gray, fluorite decoration, hour ring with radioactive decoration, white progressive, hour mark and forged surface polished bezel dot mark, luminous coating / rhodium, fluorite decoration, hour ring with radioactivity Decorative pattern, progressive black, hour mark and forged face polished bezel dots, decorated with luminous coating / DC blue, fluorite decoration, hour bezel decorated with radioactive patterns, white progressive, hour mark and forged face polished watch Circle dots with luminous coating
Clasp: 17mm insurance folding steel buckle
Bracelet: Hermes red rubber / orange rubber / blue rubber

Hermès The Art Of Secret Time-news Hermès

Hermès has always been willing to challenge the distinctive display style, creating a special scene and atmosphere, immersing people in it. Therefore, in 2012, Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk was invited by Hermès to design an amazing display space for the brand’s series of watches, attracting countless people to stop and watch. In 2014, Hermes once again invited the Dutch artist Bethany de Forest to design and produce a series of fantasy window scenes. Hermès chose Bethany de Forest because she subverts the general idea and enhances our insight into the world in her tiny but imaginative dream scenes. In the keen emotion of this Dutch artist, Hermes watches have a fantastic way of presentation.

In 2014, Hermès once again invited Dutch artist Bethany de Forest to create a series of fantasy window scenes for watches.

Médor: secret time
Sometimes, design is a remake of beautiful things, and Médor watches perfectly interpret this meaning. The Médor watch, which was first born in 1993, was inspired by one of Hermès’ first products, which is synonymous with horse harnesses-dog collars. Dogs have long been human best friends. They are the same as horses and have always been the source of inspiration for the Hermès family. Médor then took a small step in the design, from the waist of the ladies to the wrist, appearing in the form of a bracelet. Concepts usually come one after another, and leather bracelets decorated with the representative ‘Clous de Paris’ pyramid-shaped studs are transformed into watches designed to provide you with ‘secret time’.

Médor watch mini case in 750 rose gold, available in full pavé set with 240 diamonds, edge set with 44 diamonds, or without diamonds

 Médor watch 750 rose gold case with small ridges set with 29 diamonds, opal silver dial, 4 rose gold-plated pyramid indexes, rose gold-plated hands, and black transfer brand

The ingenious and slightly naughty Médor watch builds an interesting relationship with time, which is sometimes hidden under a pyramid-shaped cover, sometimes exposed, without traces. Ingenious timepieces are available in a variety of color combinations, two sizes, and available in rose gold or steel pyramid studs. Médor watches are available with either ridged or full-set diamonds, making time carefully hidden even more precious.

Médor watch mini 316L stainless steel case, available in full pavé 240 diamonds, edge diamonds 44 diamonds, or without diamonds

Médor watch 316L stainless steel case, protein silver dial, 4 rhodium-plated gold-toned hour markers, rhodium-plated hands, and black transfer brand trademark

Gift Season – Graham Chronofighter Prodive Watch

Graham Chronofighter Prodive-Professional Dive Watch

Dark, weird creatures, high pressures, abyss and trenches, these words depict our unknown underwater world, sounding magical and exciting. Graham Greenham’s dream is to make these words a reality. He wants to create a real top diving watch for professional explorers and watch lovers.
The Chronofighter Prodive watch has a patented invention, which can start / stop / zero the stopwatch under the extreme conditions that human diving can reach. And each watch has been tested more than 2,000 feet underwater. Advanced manufacturing techniques were used in developing this perfectly fashionable feature of diving watches.
Function: chronograph (seconds, 30-minute timer) to measure decompression time. Date window at 9 o’clock. Black PVD automatic helium discharge device, hour, minute and second hands.
Movement: Model G1734, single-button automatic timing, vibration frequency 28800 A / h (4Hz), shock absorber, shock absorber, 25 gems.
Power reserve: 48 hours
Case: 45mm stainless steel case, equipped with quick start / stop / zero device on the left side, black PVD material, integrated molding. Water-resistant to 2000 feet / 600 meters.
Screw-in yellow rubber-coated crown (equipped with automatic locking system and red safety ring), black PVD stainless steel bezel, single rotation to determine diving time, hemispherical sapphire glass, double-sided anti-reflective coating, stainless steel case back Stamp with shark illustration and limited edition serial number.
Water resistance: 2000 feet / 600 meters / 60 atmospheres
Number: 2CDAV.U01A
Source: Graham

Refined And Refined Tasting Radar Drill Series Small Three-pin Watch

Nostalgia is a mood, retro is an element, and retro is an attitude. Retro is not the retrogression of the times, but the fashion of the new era. In 2013, RADO presented the DiaMaster series of high-tech ceramics for the first time ever. This is a complete redesign, retaining only the name of the previous series, but the new DiaMaster series also attracts a large number of enthusiasts. Today we bring you a Diamond Ba Series small three-hand watch, the official model: R14129306.

Radar drill fighter series R14129306

   Radar has always been at the forefront of the watch industry in new materials used in watches, and this retro-style, exquisite workmanship watch uses plasma-polished high-tech ceramic materials to create a round case, and an elegant retro brown dial Use the elegant small three-handed dial with an exquisite and beautiful dark brown strap.


   The crown of the watch is bright and shiny, and the side is decorated with pits to make it easy to grasp the adjustment time. The top is decorated with a radar anchor logo.


   The strap is a dark brown crocodile leather strap with a retro style. Dark brown is not only a representative of retro colors, but also gives a mature, stable, elegant visual impression. The strap is cut reasonably and stitched with brown stitching. The texture is clear and beautiful and comfortable to wear. Strap with folding clasp.


   The watch case with a thickness of 11.8 mm is polished and smooth. The case is made of plasma ceramic. This material has a complicated workmanship. It is made of a white high-tech machine and then placed in a plasma ceramic sintering furnace. When the plasma high-tech ceramics reached 900 degrees Celsius, the warm gray metallic luster of the watch slowly emerged. And ceramic has a very skin-friendly property, and it will have an excellent wearing experience when worn on the wrist.


Hour and minute hands

Second dial

   The watch uses an elegant brown dial with a small three-hand design. On the right side of the dial is a dial indicating ‘hours’ and ‘minutes’, and on the left is a dial indicating ‘seconds’. Both dials are corrugated and elegant. At the same time, there is a date display window on the dial.


   The watch lugs are small and exquisite. The lugs and case are cast in one piece. They are also made of plasma high-tech ceramics. The lugs are polished and smooth.

Table bottom

   The watch uses a back-through movement, which allows a clear view of the internal movement. The watch is equipped with a 42-hour automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve.

Summary: Radar has always been at the forefront of fashion watchmaking, not only taking the lead in applying ceramic materials to watches, but also continuously incorporating modern elements into it. On the plasma ceramic case, this watch not only contains the superb craftsmanship of radar for many years, but also the perfect interpretation of the refined vintage style of the Diamond Pa series.

High-quality Classic Longines Launches The Compaq Moon Phase Watch

. The Longines, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, is famous for its elegance. The new Compin series adds a feminine moon phase to the dial, making time more poetic. Let’s walk into Longines’ timekeeping field and feel the charm of making new watches.

  Watch real shot show:


  This chronograph stopwatch is 42 mm in diameter. It has a stainless steel case and a rose gold bezel. The two-tone color scheme makes this watch both stylish and elegant. Powered by a self-winding mechanical movement L678.

  Watch details real shot display:


There is a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, and the embellishment of the moon phase makes it more retro and elegant.

At 3 o’clock the classic Longines logo is clearly visible.

At 9 o’clock, there is a 24-hour display and a small second hand.

At 12 o’clock, there is a 30-minute counter with day and month display.
The crown is threaded and the timing buttons are located on both sides of the crown.

The movement can be seen at a glance through the transparent case back.

Summary: The above content was reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the 2015 Basel timepieces carefully prepared by everyone. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website: