Mature Gentleman Casual Choice Jacques Dro J008333201

Jacques Droe is the first watch brand to enter the Chinese market. Of course, it has its uniqueness. As early as the 18th century, Jacques Droe has been deeply sought after by the royal family, naturally strengthening their value. As the earliest representative of the ‘Maverick’ in the watch industry, many products of Jacques Dro are also collected by the court or the royal family. Today we come to appreciate this Perpetual Calendar series J008333201 watch.

 The overall appearance is more casual, but the red gold case with black crocodile leather strap can also be worn on formal occasions. The ivory white large fire enamel dial gives this watch a very elegant feel. The left scale shows the day of the week, the right scale shows the date, and the serpentine flyback pointer adds a touch of symmetry to the highlight. Directly above is the month display, and the small seconds at 6 o’clock below echoes it, thus forming up, down, left and right symmetry. Such a watch, the introduction design on the time scale more balanced the overall feeling, detailed and atmospheric.
 The functions of this watch are mainly perpetual calendar and flyback. The left and right day and day displays are combined with the 12 o’clock month display to achieve the perpetual calendar. The L in the upper plate represents whether it is a leap year. The serpentine pointers on the left and right sides are both flyback pointers. The word ‘flyback’ is translated from English ‘fly back’, which is a pointer term that automatically returns to the starting point when the pointer reaches the end point. The folk also have a more vivid name ‘ Retrograde. ‘ In this way, when the end of the month and the weekend overlap, the miracle of the double needle ‘reverse jump’ can be seen at 0 midnight.
 This J008333201 is equipped with a Jaquet Droz 5863 movement. This movement has a double barrel design, 22K white gold oscillating weight, and is set with 36 gems. The entire movement has a power reserve of 68 hours, which is not short in automatic winding watches, and supports perpetual calendar and flyback functions, and is waterproof to 30 meters.

 Looking back at the entire watch, there is no doubt that the main group it faces is the high-end morning leisure group. The simple and elegant appearance reflects the style of a mature gentleman. As one of the most complicated functions at the time, the perpetual calendar will feature Also pushed to the top, combined with the flyback pointer makes viewing and playing very strong. Coupled with the great craftsmanship of the Great Fire Enamel dial and the 88-piece global release, this watch is a good choice whether it is for collection, viewing or normal wearing.
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At The End Of The Party Season, Girard Perregaux Watches ‘zhuang Zhoumeng Butterfly’ Which Charms Cat Eyes

With the arrival of the party season at the end of the year, who is the most anticipated party queen? When in love, it’s better to dance, shine, and dance confidently. Which dress to choose tonight? You may need jewellery blessings to decorate your LOOK with sparkling jewellery and make you a party star. A Cat’sEye Golden Tourbillon watch lining the wrist, luxurious and low-key, elegant but not ostentatious, with a little tenderness and just the right neatness, to further highlight the extraordinary taste of the wearer, helping you easily hold the whole field.
   Li Shangyin has a poem: ‘Zhuang Shengxiao dream fan butterfly’, Zhuang Zhou and Butterfly exchanged identities in dreams, experiencing different lives, alternating between dream and reality, and free switching between new and old time and space. Just like this Cat’sEye Golden Bridge Tourbillon Diamond Watch feels like: crossing into a new world, changing into a new outfit, transforming into a new self, just like the life you are pursuing. And this new identity is like a dream, you can hardly define anything.
   ‘A poet or a dreamer, please fight for what you want regardless of the rules.’ This is a word that explorer BruceChatwin often dangles. Cat’sEye Golden Bridge Tourbillon Diamond Watch is inspired by the sexy and sensual cat’s eye. It has a unique and distinguished temperament and has a fascinating charm. The 18K white gold case is matched with a brilliant diamond bezel and dial. The mother-of-pearl engraving pattern on it is even more delicate and exquisite. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the single-bridge tourbillon at 6 o’clock is the best manifestation of its deep connotation. GP09700-0012 manual-winding movement, the precise tourbillon is interwoven with 80 parts, the elegant beauty running every 60 seconds, exuding a unique and distinguished temperament, it is exciting.

Girard Perregaux Cat’sEye Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch