Breitling Opens New Flagship Store On 57th Street & Madison Avenue In New York

Breitling, an independent Swiss watchmaker, opened a new flagship store in New York, USA. The store is located at the corner of 57th Street & Madison Avenue in central Manhattan. It has a total of two floors and an area of ​​more than 4,300 square feet (about 400 square meters). M), becoming Breitling’s largest boutique in the world. The high glass exterior walls and the striking LCD screen make the corners more glorious.

   The store design combines modern and original styles, highlighting the brand’s aviation heritage, providing New York, the United States and even global customers with a unique experience of exploring the Breitling world and comprehensively understanding the brand. Vision: Highly modern decoration combining wood, metal and Breitling’s famous yellow color, not to mention the masterpiece of the original painting by New York artist Kevin Kelly. Haptic: Equipped with comfortable seats for customers to sit and enjoy their favorite timepieces. Hearing: The wonderful music from RadioBreitling is relaxing. Taste: spacious bar and special customer private area. Even the smell: a delicate ‘ambient’ fragrance designed for Breitling.

   Unique location, more than 800 stocks, perfectly meet the needs of the entire city, customers and curious tourists. A full range of Breitling and Breitling Bentley timepieces are on display in the store. Notable are chronographs equipped with Breitling’s own movements and special edition watches from the BoutiqueEdition boutique. A master watchmaker is located in the boutique to answer visitors’ technical questions on site and provide watch maintenance services. ‘Opening a new flagship store on the corner of 57th Street & Madison Avenue is like a dream come true. This is our ideal location to introduce our brand to our customers,’ said Thierry Pristert, President of Breitling America.

   There is a museum on the second floor of the flagship store, displaying the landmark innovations in Breitling’s history and the brand’s unique contribution to the development of the chronograph. Some of the historical models on display include: Coque-Pilot worn by Raquel Welch in Fathom; Navitimer Cosmonaute worn by Scott Carpenter while orbiting the earth three times on Aurora 7 in 1962; AOPANavitimer from 1964, Aircraft Business Owners and Pilots Association Official watch; Orbiter3Emergency, the world’s first watch equipped with a built-in miniature emergency distress signal transmitter; and the first Chronomat01 in 2009 with Breitling’s own movement.

   In aviation, reliability and precision are paramount. As a long-term partner in this field, Breitling has always placed product quality in a prominent position to ensure that watches can withstand difficult environments and be used normally. All Breitling models (including mechanical and quartz) are equipped with COSC-certified movements. Whether improving the accuracy of the movement, enhancing the hardness of the case, improving the readability of the dial, or developing new features, Breitling has always followed the brand “instrumentsforprofessionals.” Slogan and continuously optimized 100% Swiss-made performance.
   Breitling currently has 42 boutiques worldwide. The two recently unveiled are located in the luxurious Dubai Mall in the UAE and the famous London Bond Street in the United Kingdom. In the United States, in addition to New York’s flagship stores, Breitling also has stores in Las Vegas, Miami and Orlando. It is reported that Breitling will open another boutique in Oculus Shopping Center in downtown Manhattan later this year. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

The Great Masterpiece Of Blancpain Movement Factory 1185 Chronograph Movement

Calibre 1185, a movement from the FP factory in 1988, has been honoured with excellence. It is known as the smallest, thinnest and most stable chronograph movement in the world. For the first time, it has the world’s only vertical clutch mechanism. It became a great initiative at the time and was accepted as the first movement of many top watches. When CAL 1185 came out, it made a big splash in the industry and was used by many top brands.
Blancpain 3485F with CAL 1185 movement
    While carrying this legendary movement, Blancpain has made a unique bold innovation: on the basis of CAL 1185, it has developed a more complex double-chasing needle function, and can add a three-question function. In this regard, Blancpain has once again reached the forefront of movement innovation, and has become the object of chasing by others.
Blancpain 560st with CAL 1185 caliber