New Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36000 Gmt Limited Watch Coming Soon In November

Since its introduction in 1960, every Grand Seiko watch has demonstrated the brand’s consistent commitment to the essence of pure watchmaking. Precision, easy to read, comfortable and durable, these characteristics are always the symbol of Grand Seiko and will be passed down forever. These values ​​are now interpreted in a new limited edition of the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT movement. The new watch will go on sale in November this year.

   The case and other key design elements are taken from the acclaimed SBGJ005, which won Grand Seiko’s ‘small hands award’ at GPHG 2014. The new limited edition watch is equipped with a special dial and oscillating weight, expressing a new theme, reminiscent of the landscape of Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan where the watch originated.

   The overall design is a modern interpretation of the acclaimed 1967 44GS. The highly polished case, with a perfectly harmonious surface, fits comfortably around the wrist. Equipped with dual time zone display, the new watch is an ideal companion for international travelers. When the wearer adjusts the hour hand to a different time zone, the GMT hand will still indicate the home time and the watch will remain highly accurate.

The oscillating weight is made of titanium and tungsten for high performance and durability
Mount Iwate sunrise colors

   Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the shining rotor. The oscillating weight is specially designed and made of titanium and tungsten. The titanium metal part is anodized, showing the colors of Iwateyama changing at dawn, blue, purple, orange and yellow, gradually changing layer by layer, vivid. At the Shizuku-ishi watchmaking workshop, which produces Grand Seiko mechanical watches, the majestic Mount Iwate can be seen through the window. The rich colors on the oscillating weight are generated by this oxidation treatment, not coating or inkjet.
   The titanium oscillating weight has also been significantly improved in performance, and its strength and hardness are sufficient to withstand strong impacts. Titanium absorbs vibrations ten times more than widely used brass, effectively reducing the risk of vibrations damaging the movement and bearings. In addition, titanium has good corrosion resistance, ensuring durability and beauty.

The exquisite radial pattern of the dial takes inspiration from the silhouette of Iwate
The crimson dial is also reminiscent of Mount Iwate at dawn

   The dial design is inspired by the contours of the Iwate ridgeline and is decorated with exquisite and beautiful radiation patterns. This pattern is unique to Grand Seiko. The dial color is reminiscent of the crimson sun that illuminates Mount Iwate in the early morning.


Caliber 9S86 movement Classic

   In addition to the limited edition, Grand Seiko also launched two classic design Hi-beat 36000 GMT Caliber 9S86 watches. Not only are these two watches equipped with the same movement, they also use a transparent bottom design, with anti-glare sapphire crystal, water resistance to 100 meters. Among them, the white dial with a brown alligator strap; the black dial with a black alligator strap.