2012 Mid-autumn Festival Moon Phase Table Special

Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, Hao Yue is always full of imagination. Regardless of whether it is the Greek moon god Amitis (Άρτεμις), China’s Wu Gang, Yutu or Chang’e, even if modern technology is bright, as early as 1969, the American astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong landed After the moon, it was found that there were only barren scenery and dust on it. So far, after dozens of cold and heat, the world is still full of curiosity and imagination about the only satellite on Earth, which is only 380,000 kilometers away from humans. The recent sci-fi movie ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ even appeared in 1969, when Apollo 11 achieved the first human landing on the moon, but the astronauts discovered the Bopie spaceship ‘Ark’ and the huge robot ‘ The ‘Royal Supreme’ bridge once again adds fantasy to the moon.
     For modern people, the Mid-Autumn Festival is definitely one of the most important festivals for families and friends to spend time with, apart from the mystery. Riding in the cool autumn flavors, barbecue, tasting Wendan and moon cakes, life is a joy. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the full moon night on the 15th of the lunar calendar. After eating and drinking, don’t forget to look up at the bright and bright moon. As the watch fans admire the moon, let’s also think about the moon phase. Immediately follow the editor to see what unique moon phases on this special day!

Best Creative Moon Phases-Admiral Kunlun 38 Mysterious Moon Phases
     The shining diamonds in the outer circle, such as the stars in the quiet night sky, set off a round of bright moon on the face plate even more intoxicating. Kunlun’s mysterious moon phase table is different from the ordinary moon phase table. During operation, not only the moon phase disk will rotate, but also the mother-of-pearl face plate shining brightly on the upper layer will revolve with it. , It will also move to the correct date on the date dial at the same time, so that the face plate with the advance of time, glow with different colors and light, the design is quite unique! Moon Phases with Best Innovative Features-BLANCPAIN Traditional Chinese Calendar
     ‘There is a dragon in the far east.’ For Westerners, Eastern culture was always full of mystery. In recent years, ‘East Winds and West Winds’, in addition to Long Watches, watch factories have also begun to launch Chinese-style watches. The platinum phase watch launched by Baobo this year not only shows the time and the moon phase. This lunar and solar calendar also can display Tiangan, Wuxing, and Zodiac. It can be said that it is a brand-new function of ‘there is no ancient man’! On the full moon night, I saw this watch made with traditional Chinese elements. Yutu, Wu Gang, Chang’e seemed to be waving at you! Best Shape Moon Phase Watch-MB & F HM-3 Moon Machine
     This year, MB & F, the creative ghost of watchmaking, based on the original cute big-eye frog HM-3 watch, and changed the position of the original automatic disk to a funny and funny human face and moon phase, and this face seems to have known each other! The original watch was operated by Finnish independent watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva, and his impressive face was taken from himself. Stepan Sarpaneva also left this interesting photo with the brand’s founder Maximilian Büsser (left). Look at it, how do you say the expressions and charms of the two look like Moon Machine on your wrist? Best ‘Men’s Day’ Moon Phase Watch-IWC Perpetual Calendar Top Gun
     2012 is the year of flight for IWC. Whenever you see the Top Gun watch, it always reminds you that Tom Cruise plays the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School in the movie of the same name. ‘Top Gun’) handsome and upright flying officer image. The Top Gun perpetual calendar is the flagship model of the flying series. It is also the first time that the brand puts a complex perpetual calendar and unique north-south hemisphere moon phase functions into a masculine black ceramic case with a diameter of 48mm. The perpetual calendar has a scholarly image of Swen, which is the most ‘man’ and the most ‘manly’ moon phase table, which matches the name and reality! Best Feminine Moon Phase Watch-BREGUET Reine de Naples 8908
    Do you know who invented the first watch in the world? How long is history? It turned out that Abraham Louis Breguet, the greatest watchmaker in history who invented the tourbillon device, was the queen Caroline of Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister Naples. ‧ Caroline Murat, manufactured the world’s first women’s watch in 1810, and delivered it in 1812.
    Today, more than two hundred years later, more than a hundred diamonds of the same name still shine, such as the thousands of stars in the night sky, paired with Breguet’s lifelike ‘face’ moon phase, blue steel Breguet hands and Machine-engraved carvings and mother-of-pearl face plates perfectly reproduce the temperament of the most feminine Queen of Naples. The most ‘real-life match’ moon phase watch-OMEGA Speedmaster moon phase watch
    As mentioned earlier, Armstrong once wore the OMEGA Speedmaster Lunar Watch to the moon in 1969, completing human pioneering work. Since then, no matter what NASA’s standard equipment, the Pre-Moon Watch equipped with Cal.321 caliber, or the Moon Watch, the second-generation lunar watch equipped with Cal.861 caliber, have gradually begun to receive gradually Favored by collectors, it has become one of the watches with the deepest connection to the moon.
    In fact, the Cal.861 caliber moon watch built by Lemania did not have the moon phase function, and this popular movement is about to enter the 21st century. The movement, and launched a derivative version-Cal.1866, which added moon phase and analog date functions at 12 o’clock. Mysterious Moon Lady. The full moon is reunited. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, friends of watch fans, please prepare your moon phase watch and enjoy the moon with your loved ones!