Invincible Tacit Understanding! Omega Released A 007 Limited Edition, Asian Dragon Came Out With 2.0l

‘How lonely Invincible is, how empty it is’, this song sounds familiar, this is the propaganda song in Zhou Xingchi’s ‘Mermaid’. In my opinion, ‘Invincible’ is a high-profile show off and a high recognition of the nature of things. For those who are new to watches, the price range of 3-5 million yuan is particularly popular, and the competition for watches is also very fierce. Speaking of this price range, which watch is the best? I believe everyone has their own views, but in the watch industry can be called ‘invincible’, I am afraid that only the Omega Seamaster 300 diving watch. In fact, in the first issue of ‘Hand Speed’, the author introduced the Omega Seamaster 300 diving watch. Its 8800 Zhizhen Observatory movement can resist strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss, and has a very high accuracy Good guarantee. The back-to-back design used for the first time allows us to see the high-level polishing of Omega. I prefer the blue watch, the blue ceramic bezel and the blue corrugated dial, which have a very marine feel. Omega Seamaster watches have always been closely linked to the 007 movie. Recently, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of the 007 series of films ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, Omega launched the 007 ‘Queen’s Secret Service’ 50th anniversary limited edition watch. In appearance, many 007 elements are added to the current Haima 300 diving watch. The original ocean ripple was changed into a spiral shape, much like a vortex. At 12 o’clock, a golden arrow was added, and the three needles were also gold-plated. On the back, there is a golden shield badge on the back glass, which looks fancy, but it is a limited edition after all. In terms of movement, it is the same as the ordinary version of the Haima 300 diving watch. The 007 Queen’s Secret 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch costs 50,100 yuan and is limited to 7,007 pieces worldwide. It is equipped with black and steel straps and can be replaced according to your preference. In terms of packaging, it is still grand as always, especially the limited edition, which is suitable for 007 movie fans’ collection. It is also the first time to mention the Haima 300 diving watch in the ‘Hand Speed’ column, and the car associated with it is the FAW Toyota Asia Dragon. The Haima 300 diving watch is hailed as ‘there is no match’ for 3-5 million yuan. The FAW Toyota’s Asian Dragon is ‘there is no match for the car’ in the same class. While Omega launched the 007 ‘Queen Secret’ 50th anniversary limited edition watch, FAW Toyota also tacitly introduced the Asian Dragon 2.0L version, which can be described as ‘invincible tacit understanding.’ At the beginning of the listing of FAW Toyota Asia Dragon, the official price was 208,888-298,800 yuan. The main powertrains are 2.5L naturally aspirated + 8-speed manual, 2.5L hybrid + E-CVT continuously variable transmission, 2.5 The L naturally aspirated version is more sports-oriented, while the 2.5L hybrid version is more economical and fuel-efficient, which can meet the needs of different consumers at this level. This time, FAW Toyota Asia Dragon launched a 2.0L naturally aspirated version with a total of four models, priced at 198,900 to 398,800 yuan, pulling the starting price of Asia Dragon to less than 200,000 yuan. As a B + class model, the impact on traditional joint venture brands is also obvious. Many netizens may say that such a large car, equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, will not be too weak. This engine has a maximum power of 131kW and a maximum torque of 210Nm, but the official fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.8L, which is actually the same as the Lexus ES200. In my opinion, friends who will choose the Asian Dragon 2.0L model, obviously the demand for power is not the most important. In addition to the powertrain, we can still see that in addition to space and design, the Asian Dragon also has a leading level of internal and service. Even if it is the lowest model, Asia Dragon still comes standard with 10 airbags and TSS Intelligent Travel Safety System. It is no exaggeration to say that Asia Dragon is the most safety-oriented model in its class. In terms of after-sales service, friends who choose Asian Dragon 2.0L can also enjoy the official four-year or 100,000 kilometers free warranty and maintenance policy. When it comes to Asian Dragons, many people think of the Lexus ES. These two models have an inseparable relationship in terms of platform, powertrain, and safety configuration. The ES200, which also uses a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, now has a terminal price of more than 300,000 yuan, which is more than 100,000 higher than the Asian Dragon 2.0L version. At present, such models still have price increases and waiting situations. of. We can also understand that not all consumers care so much about power. The 2.0L naturally aspirated version of the B + class still has its own market space, and this market is not small. Whether it is the 007 ‘Queen’s Secret Envoy’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch or the Asian Dragon 2.0L model, it has given new choices to friends who originally paid attention to the Haima 300 and Asian Dragon. One is a limited edition and the other is an entry-level edition. The original ‘invincible’ in these two different fields at different levels can also be regarded as a cross-border tacit understanding. (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)

When Love Walks Through The Seasons: Van Cleef & Arpels’s New Lovers’ Bridge

Van Cleef & Arpels has never been a timer, it is the art of telling stories with time. If you’ve ever seen ‘The Bridge of Lovers’ LadyArpels PontdesAmoureux, you can understand everything.

   You can certainly read the time from LadyArpelsPontdesAmoureux, but even more exciting is the hope that men will shuttle between the bridgehead and the bridge every hour, looking forward to the moment when the lady comes to the center of the dial. In order to meet each other, men must repeat the same action twelve times, and women have to wait for twelve hours; in Chinese language, this is called the time-saving version of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl; at Van Cleef & Arpels’ workshop This is called a complex double retrograde mechanism. However, Van Cleef & Arpels is always able to romanticize complex craftsmanship and present a beautiful and emotional story with rational mechanical structure.

LadyArpels PontdesAmoureux spring 18K rose gold diamond case, 38mm diameter, enamel dial, gold bridge and lovers, retrograde hour, minute, on-demand lovers animation, self-winding movement combined with exclusive modules, power Stored for 36 hours, sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters, 18K rose gold snowflake diamonds and pink, lilac, purple sapphire bracelets.

   Lovers on the LadyArpels Pontdes Amoureux bridge have walked for nine full years since 2010. Between these nine years, she and he didn’t stop expecting a date every day at 12 o’clock. Today, Van Cleef & Arpels has given them a magic that they can meet at any time. As long as the button at 8 o’clock is pressed, the men and women can instantly hug and kiss in the center of the bridge. Through delicate brushwork and high-temperature firing enamel technology, the spring, summer, autumn, and winter on the dial are depicted. Let love go through all seasons.

LadyArpels PontdesAmoureux summer 18K white gold diamond case, 38mm diameter, enamel dial, gold bridge and lovers, retrograde hour, minute, on-demand lovers meeting animation, automatic winding movement combined with exclusive modules, power reserve 36 hours, sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters, 18K white gold snowflake diamonds and yellow sapphire, manganese garnet chain.

Her sensuality

   is it him? She looked at the figure walking towards herself in the distance. Although he met her at 12 o’clock, a time when only the two of them would walk on the bridge, she was looking forward to her appointment early in the morning. Of course she knew that she wouldn’t see him earlier when it arrived; it doesn’t matter, she couldn’t control her pace at this moment. Since the other party will appear soon, wait and wait! Besides, the other person may have the same mood as her?

   That figure must be him. She thought.

LadyArpels PontdesAmoureux autumn 18K rose gold diamond case, 38mm diameter, enamel dial, gold bridge and lovers, retrograde hour, minute, on-demand lovers meeting animation, automatic winding movement combined with exclusive modules, power Stored for 36 hours, sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters, 18K rose gold snowflake diamonds and yellow sapphire, manganese garnet chain.

   Sure enough, she saw that he walked quickly to the center of the bridge-where they met-and then instantly returned to the bridgehead and hurried forward again, repeating the same movement, as if the child couldn’t stop riding on the soles of his feet. Caper. Oh! She wanted to rush forward immediately and give him an affectionate hug. I just do n’t know why, it seems that a short bridge suddenly became so long and long, so long that she felt that she had to spend an hour to move forward, as if she had been running hard in a dream but could not reach it. Is this really a dream? wrong. She clearly felt the coolness of the autumn breeze picking off the orange leaves and passing it lightly on her face. It felt the same way she felt about him. However, the slow pace has not changed because of clear feelings. Watching him go back and forth on the bridge and watching autumn leaves condense into winter snow, how she hopes that at this moment who will click the button to speed up time and change herself Into his arms.

   He gave her more than just a hug, not just her favorite flower. When the two looked at each other and laughed, their lips crossed, she knew that he dedicated herself to her, as if her heart belonged to him. Even if there is only a moment, love has become eternal.

LadyArpels PontdesAmoureux winter 18K white gold diamond case, 38mm diameter, enamel dial, gold bridge and lovers, retrograde hour, minute, on-demand lovers meeting animation, automatic winding movement combined with exclusive modules, power reserve 36 hours, sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 30 meters, 18K white gold snowflake and diamond sapphire chain.
His reason

   In fact, he was just like her, always looking forward to the moment of meeting. Maybe he wasn’t sure when he could meet, and he just kept on advancing with a conviction; even if he emptied it every hour, it didn’t matter. The same bridge went on and on, and he would finally wait for the moment to embrace her.

In the new LadyArpels PontdesAmoureux watch, you can wait for the moment when the lovers meet at 12 o’clock, or you can press the handle at 8 o’clock to cast the magic that allows them to embrace immediately.

   For this moment, Van Cleef & Arpels tried his best to build a complex mechanical structure behind the seemingly simple love story. Yes, retrograde can also be said to be a mechanism that separates him and her from each other. The difficulty is that she is an hour and he is a minute. How to make the two parties find each other’s time at different speeds, this mechanism must be powerful. New on-demand devices are even more powerful. When she couldn’t wait for the twelve-hour expectation, he could immediately bring him to her by pressing the button at 8 o’clock; and he and her stared at each other for a second before hugging and kissing. It seems that the lovers who have been separated for a long time looked at each other in an incredible way under the sudden reunion, full of humanity (after hugging for three seconds, they returned to the original point and reunited until 12 o’clock. The reunion at 12 o’clock is about three minutes).

In order to perfectly present the love story where lovers meet, Van Cleef & Arpels uses the technique of painted enamel to depict the sensibility on the dial, and behind the sensibility, it carries the rationality of retrograde mechanical technology.

   Mechanical reasoning is full of humanity. At least in Van Cleef & Arpels’ creation, we feel so. Even the natural ecology of the four seasons should become the scenery of LadyArpelsPontdesAmoureux. Van Cleef & Arpels indeed painted lovers on the dial through spring, summer, autumn and winter through painted enamel flowers, butterflies, leaves and white snow; and the timepieces of different seasons are also equipped with a chain band inlaid with various colored gems and diamonds. Do your best to praise love.
   How beautiful love! He held her thinking. Even if it was only three minutes, he believed that she would never be separated from him.

Rolex Powers Asian Amateur Golf And Fifth Asia-pacific Amateur Championship

Geneva, October 24, 2013. The Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship sponsored by Rolex came to China for the second time in its five-year history. From October 24 to 27, 2013, Longkou Nanshan International Golf Club, 120 players from 37 member countries and regions of the Asia-Pacific Golf League will compete in this major amateur tournament in the Asia-Pacific region, and the winners will be invited to participate The 2014 American Masters in Augusta. At the same time, the top two will also enter the qualification process of the British Open and have the opportunity to obtain seats for the 143rd British Open at the Royal Liverpool Stadium.

Through close ties with R & A, the American Masters and the Asia Pacific Golf League, Rolex proudly sponsors the Asia Pacific Amateur Championship (AAC). The Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship was founded in February 2009 and is held every year in different countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The game brings together the best amateur players in the league, including Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, giving them the opportunity to become the stars of tomorrow’s golf.

Last year’s game was held at the Amata Spring Country Club in Thailand. Chinese player Guan Tianlang won the championship. At the age of 14, he was invited to participate in the 2013 American Masters and became the youngest player in the history of the tournament.

Many star players are born from amateur events such as the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship. Rolex will continue to support R & A and its American Masters with its partners to promote the development of this great sport worldwide.