Panorama Becomes The Highlight Of The Munich Exhibition

It is reported that from November 1st to November 3rd, 3013, an unprecedented grand exhibition will be held in Munich. The entire exhibition area is 1,400 square meters, which includes fine arts and watches. artwork.

 Panerai will become the most distinctive display part of this exhibition. It will interpret this high-end luxury brand from Italy through the exhibition of watchmaking technology and watches. Of course, the main model for this exhibition is from Radiomir 1940.

 As early as the last century, the requirements of the Royal Navy have become more demanding: watches must be able to withstand the long-term tests of the harshest conditions underwater. Therefore, it must be extremely resistant to fatigue. The lugs are reinforced to meet these requirements, and are integrally cast with the case to improve its water resistance.

 Some of the ‘Radiomir 1940’ models today use a pillow case, with the edges on both sides more visible. The general dimensions of each part have been modified, and the cylindrical (rather than tapered) winding crown. The Radiomir 1940 Special Edition, launched at the International Haute Horlogerie Salon 2012 in Geneva, draws inspiration from these features.

 Of course, as the main brand of this exhibition, Panerai is very honored to show visitors the superb Italian watchmaking craftsmanship on the 7th floor of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel. The brand also designed a black box to show what a real Italian watch is.