Why Do Collectors Like Piaget Watches?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Among the watches collected by Dr. Xi, there are many Rolexes, Patek Philippe and Piaget. Many players and collectors are fans of Earl. At first I really did not understand why collectors love Piaget watches. It was later discovered that Piaget’s level of making jewellery watches and precious watches was really high. And Piaget’s gemstone watch is not comparable to ordinary watches. The following article writes how Dr. Puppet got hooked on Piaget watches.
Natural Art on the Wrist
This article was written on January 3, 2002.
   On October 26, 2002, I went to the Fukushima Medical University’s Kai Morita Therapy Society in Japan. This is an annual psychotherapy society to discuss the use of various methods to treat people’s psychological abnormalities. Of course, it also includes various addictive behaviors, such as Alcohol, drug dependence. I am a watch enthusiast and I like to buy watches. I once talked about the concept of shopping addiction with Dr. Kei Nakamura of Tokyo Cihui Medical University. He believed that if it is not in the state of mania, shopping without considering the consequences and needs, it cannot be regarded as an addiction. I feel the same way. I have asked many collectors if it is unfair to say that they are ‘shopping addictions.’ Besides, my daughter often said to me: ‘Daddy is very diligent in other respects except for buying watches.’ This evaluation is fair, at least I think so. So whenever you go to Japan, watch the watch shop as the best way to relax your nerves, and buy as many good watches as you can within the economic range.

Piaget Gem Dial Watch
   The sky at Beijing Airport before takeoff was a bit gloomy, and the coldness of the morning made people aware of late autumn. But as soon as the plane flew over the Bohai Sea, it immediately felt the glory of the sun. Outside the porthole, white clouds were like soft cotton wool, floating in the blue sky and the sea of ​​clouds.

   I like to observe that when the cloud was in elementary school, the Inner Mongolia prairie was endless. Before the thunderstorm, the huge black cloud was like a wall that stood up to the sky. It was approaching from a distance, not seeing the ground plane, not seeing any The hope of being able to escape this heavy rain, especially when one encounters such a cloud and rain in the wild, really feels that we humans are small and weak in nature. I was in awe of the cloud, the rain, and the momentum. When I arrived in the city, I could not see the dark clouds coming from the horizon, but I still missed the storm.

Piaget Gem Dial Watch
   On October 27, I saw an earl in a pawnshop in Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and the image of the dial reminded me of my childhood rain and sky. This second watch store also sells a variety of jewelry and leather bags, but to say its characteristics, it is also a rare variety of watches that often appear in this store.

   The owner himself often wears weird watches, such as: Memphis was the first time I saw the real thing before reading a magazine. The store wrote a notice: the goods in this store are cheap and reason, but it never means anything. Not good to wait. There is a U.S. Air Force base in the north of Yamato City, and American soldiers are often seen walking around the street. After the Vietnam War, Japan also dealt with boat people from Vietnam. A relief center was set up in the south of Yamato City, and many Vietnamese were arranged to work there. The opponents on the battlefield in the past lived in another city today. It is ironic that I don’t know what the Japanese think.
   Therefore, at least a large part of this pawnshop comes from American soldiers and Vietnamese boat people, and the boss’s behavior and temperament are very similar to those of a mafia. But this does not affect customers, in a sense, they do a good job of customer first.

Earl Moon Phases
   The first time I went to the store in 1996 to buy a watch, I watched the store’s phone book advertisement. At that time, the value of various brands was not clear. I just bought a platinum and gray plate of Eternity based on my own preferences. I remember it was about 6,000 Hong Kong dollars. In mid-November, Japan was very cold. When I walked to the university, I saw the fog on the dial, and my heart was shocked How could this happen? Immediately go to the store to ask, the clerk said that this is an antique watch, the waterproof performance is not good, it is entirely possible to have fog, so you must have this mental preparation to buy an antique watch. Generally speaking, antique watches are not returned or changed. Considering that I am a foreigner, I may not be familiar with Japanese rules. After asking the store manager, I replaced a newer 18K gold radar with the same price.

   In 1999, I bought another IWC in the store with an 18K strap. There was no statement at the time and I didn’t look carefully. I found out about this after returning home and wrote a letter saying that the store should let consumers know the minimum things. The manager personally wrote me an apology, saying that it was refundable. When I went in 2000, I saw a lot of post-loading belts with the words ‘post-paid’. Watches in this shop do not wash oil before handing out, only time calibration may be one of the reasons for the relatively low price.

The earl’s custom-made treasure watch for Oman has the Oman double-blade logo on the dial.
   The book is about to return, and this time I went to Yamato, and met a peculiar earl. This watch has a wide square, platinum chain, which is as wide as the dial. The dark places are dark green, like the rainy sky, and the light places are Light green, cloud-shaped, feeling a bit rainy and windy. If you look closely, it looks like a world map. There is a large land on the blue sea. She is like a magnet. She sucked my heart and evoked my love green complex and childhood memories of storms and clouds.

   I left the shop with a trace of regret, because the price of this watch is not very reasonable to me. It is manual and the strap is not long (18.5 cm). If you get tired of this one in the future, you can’t get it. My daughter went with me and tried to persuade me to buy it. She knew I liked the dish, but I still wanted to think about it. There are a lot of customers in the shop, so you can’t bargain.
   The next day I had a meeting in Fukushima, and I called the shop before I set off. It was a phone call that I knew very well, Ms. Minagawa Etsuko. She said that I know I like this watch very much and I don’t know why I didn’t buy it. I told her that I didn’t think the price was very reasonable, and Jiuchuan said that she estimated that if I bought it, the boss would promise to save another 5% off the consumption tax exemption, which is the practice for old customers. I asked her to send a confirmed fax to my home.

Piaget Gem Dial Watch
   Like many things I have encountered before, it is impossible to meet. Before you meet this watch, you will not imagine the shape and style of this watch, nor can you imagine whether it is consistent with the beauty in your heart. I also learned to suppress the impulse to shop and let it cool for 3 days without changing my view. When I returned from Fukushima to Tokyo, I saw the fax sent by Minagawa, which is exactly what Minagawa imagined. I made up my mind, bought this stunner, and took 3 days before leaving Japan. If there is a problem, it can be resolved within the warranty period. As expected, the watch is on time and the watch is bright and bright. The watch is really full of joy, and people often watch this watch in the tram. Of course, I am satisfied.

   On most occasions, you can’t understand the mood of others, but you will have your own aesthetic reaction just like you see the oil painting you like. What does this reaction come from? It is a color I like. The expression in the painting has resonated with my childhood memories. I used a black-and-white camera to shoot myself under clouds and rain at the age of 18. Now I use psychology The analysis from the perspective of learning may mean a challenge, and want to bathe the storm in the wild.

Piaget Mysterious Watch
   We arrived in Hong Kong on November 6. Only half of the United Airlines flights were seated. It was night when flying over Taiwan. I had a good night view of Treasure Island. Taiwan, the familiar name, may be an island for watch fans with many opportunities. On the 7th, when I met with Mr. Xun, Mr. Xun sent me a book about the history and treasures of Piaget watches, one of which is similar to my watch. Of course, there are many more advanced watches, but as far as the connotation of the dial is concerned, Mr. Tong also thinks that my current watch is better. He carefully looked at the plate with a high magnifying glass, and initially thought it was emerald. (It should be a dark green chalcedony stone). It seems that there is a small crack on the dial, which may be natural or it may happen later. Suggest me not to let anyone outside the Earl’s factory open this form.

   After returning to Tianjin, I saw a Piaget moon phase watch on a Japanese website. The dial was silver-gray (according to the tradition of Piaget watches, the dial must be precious metal). Except for the three sun moon moon dials and moon phases, all are engraved with a triangular pattern, and the hands and time scales are golden, forming a harmony and exuding a temperament. Compared with other opaque surfaces, she is more Like a work of art.

Piaget dial watch
   I immediately bet on the purchase. In late November, Mr. Xun met in Beijing. After the meeting, I specifically showed him the watch and got an unexpected gain. He said that the lower part of the dial was in French, meaning Swiss artificial carving; the name of the watch was the Governor. Judging by the carved pattern, it should be the family crest of a European or French family. Watches using similar movements are also found in the Earl’s book mentioned above, except that the case is completely studded with diamonds. Mr. Wu said that this engraving may be unique, and it is likely that it was specially made by a certain character.

   To be honest, I didn’t like Piaget watches very much in the past. I didn’t look at the brand at this time, but I decided to look at the dial first. It happened to be Piaget. After receiving a book donated by Mr. Fang, Fang saw the history and beauty of Piaget. Since then, I have a new understanding of the earl. She is first an artwork, and secondly a treasure. My admiration for the earl may begin that month.