Time Travel Journey Of The World’s Famous Homes Of Geneva

Geneva is known as the capital of watches and clocks, and world-renowned watch brands have been bred, born and grown here. Geneva is also a famous tourist attraction in Switzerland. The annual Geneva Watch Fair is a grand event for the international watch industry.

 Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. It is located in the southwest corner of Lake Geneva. The large fountain on the lake is the symbol of Geneva. Lake Geneva is attractive in all seasons. Geneva is known for its deep humanitarian traditions, colorful cultural events, major conferences and exhibitions, mouth-watering cuisine, fresh suburban landscapes, and numerous excursions and sports facilities. Geneva is also the clock capital of the world. The watch industry and banking industry have become the two pillars of Geneva’s economy.
 Geneva’s famous sights include the Flower Clock, the Museum of Art and History, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, and the Palais des Nations (Geneva Flower Clock of the United Nations General Office in Europe). Geneva’s most striking landmark is a fountain in Lake Geneva. Geneva’s Old Town is also a unique tourist attraction. You can stroll through its narrow streets or visit St. Peter’s Cathedral.

 Jet d ‘Eau: Located on Lake Geneva, it can spray water up to 140 meters in height. It is the symbol of Geneva and the pride of the locals.

 Flower clock: The flower clock symbolizing Switzerland is the center of the watch industry. It is placed in the English Garden (Jardin Anglais) on the shore of Lake Geneva. It is the plant clock with the longest second hand in the world. Its second hand is up to 2.5 meters. The distance is 27 cm. The inclination of the surface plays an important role in the precision of the clock. Clocks have a circumference of 15.70 meters and a diameter of 5 meters. This flower clock is decorated with 6,500 kinds of plants.
 United Nations European Headquarters: It is the predecessor of the League of Nations, and now it has become the international joint European headquarters. There are group tour arrangements available for visiting.
 International Red Cross Museum: Commemorates the International Committee of the Red Cross founded by Geneva-born Henry Dunant. You can learn about the activities of the Red Cross through video and other methods, and provide a Chinese voice guide commentary service for the convenience of Chinese tourists.
 St. Pierre Cathedral: Built in the 12th century, it is a blend of Romanesque, Gothic, and Greek-Romanesque styles. It is an iconic building in the old town. It tells people a long and Intricate ancient history. Underground is the Archeology Museum, which is the largest archaeological museum in Europe.

 International Museum of the Reformation: Geneva’s reputation has been made famous by the Reformation, centered on Calvin. The museum was built next to St. Pierre Cathedral, the Holy Land of Reformation, and it took 45 years from planning to opening. The May 1536 Declaration of the Reformation was officially carried out here. The museum makes full use of the interior decoration of 1719 and is equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment and technology to introduce visitors to the past and present of the religious revolution. The museum is connected to the archeological archives under the St. Pierre Cathedral via an underground passage and is part of Espace St. Pierre.
 Maison Tavel: Geneva’s oldest private collection museum. A wide variety of folk utensils and exquisite small town models are displayed here, which bring the history of the town and people’s lives to life.
 Rousseau Memorial: The birthplace of Jean Jacques Rousseau. Located at 40 Grand Rue in the Old Town.
 Ariana Museum of Art: It houses one of Europe’s few ceramics and glass crafts.
 Museum of Fine Arts History: The only encyclopedic museum in Switzerland, covering everything from ancient times to the present day. Archeological history and fine arts are on display in this majestic 7,000-square-meter building, which includes works by giants from the Renaissance to modern times.
 Putipale Museum: A private gallery that collects French Impressionist works from 1880-1930.
World famous Patek Philippe was founded in Geneva
5On May 1, 1839, two Polish immigrants, Antoine Norbert de Patek (merchant) and François Czapek (watchmaker), jointly established the company ‘Patek, Czapek & Cie’ in Geneva.

 Patek Philippe is the only family-owned independent watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland. It has a long history and exquisite craftsmanship. It has always been committed to designing, developing, refining and assembling the most perfect timepieces in the world.
 In Geneva, there is also a Patek Philippe Watch Museum, which showcases the history of the world’s watches and clocks, as well as various precious watches and exquisite enamel collections.
World famous watch Vacheron Constantin was founded in Geneva
 Vacheron Constantin is one of the world’s most famous watch brands. Founded in 1755 in Geneva, Switzerland, Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest and earliest watch manufacturer and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. Vacheron Constantin has inherited the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking without interruption, and has also innovated many watchmaking technologies, which has made great contributions to the watchmaking industry.

 Today, Vacheron Constantin only produces more than 20,000 pieces each year. The cross mark on the dial, like the Swiss national emblem, is already a symbol of taste, status and wealth.
 The city of watches and clocks still has too much time-related memories in it. You still need to watch them carefully.

A Century Of Traditional Watchmaking Is Slowly Returning

Métier d’ arts, these rare crafts commonly used in the watchmaking industry, are invaluable heritages owned by many countries. They have been used in the field of watchmaking for hundreds of years, and after the heyday of the 18th and 19th centuries, they are now slowly returning. Piaget Altiplano skeleton watch is only 5.34 thick
工艺 A craft can be defined by three criteria: it uses complex professional skills to transform objects; it creates unique works or small series with artistic characteristics; and its professionals are very proficient in it. Masters of watchmaking at Métiers d’ arts are passionate about it, and they strive to preserve and revive traditional elements. In the past, the field of art is more prevalent today. Métiers d’ arts will undoubtedly have a bright future in the contemporary watchmaking industry. It will awaken new passions and talents.
The recent SIHH has proven this with well-known brands such as Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, and Van Cleef & Arpels, demonstrating the multi-process A variety of unique or limited edition models. : Sculptures and carvings on gold and mother-of-pearl, micro-painting, gem inlay, straw inlay, filigree, monochrome enamel micro-painting, inlaid to perforation, which have works suitable for various tastes. In this year’s Geneva haute horlogerie (SIHH), the skeleton watch performed particularly well. Piaget’s extraordinary Altiplano watch is launched, which is now the world’s thinnest self-winding skeleton watch, measuring only 5.34 mm thick. In its smooth case, another world record was broken. The exquisitely engraved Piaget 1200S movement is the world’s thinnest self-winding skeletonized movement, with an incredible thickness of only 2.4 mm. However, the most amazing thing may be the stylish openwork of this watch.
Cartier’s Grande Complication Skeleton pocket watch is an ode to perspective
Audemars Piguet also has certain accomplishments in the field of openwork watches. The ‘Royal Oak’ 40th Anniversary celebration is a perfect time to launch two open watches based on the late Gérald Genta design. Perforated ultra-thin “Royal Oak” and perforated ultra-thin “Royal Oak Tourbillon” are limited to 40 watches. Finally, and most importantly, in the openwork watch, Cartier showed an excellent pocket watch, which perfectly interpreted the concept of transparency. Cartier Grande Complication Skeleton’s caliber 9436 MC pocket watch consists of 457 individual parts, including a tourbillon, a one-handed chronograph, and a permanent calendar. This table is limited to ten.

Mingshi Watch Ling Ning Series Limited Strap Full Fashion Style

Pearl grey, raspberry red, brown with shiny metallic luster, these are not only the new visual favorite on the silver screen, but also the Swiss high-end watch brand Baume & Mercier’s linea series interchangeable strap Three fashionable colors selected. In addition to a stainless steel bracelet with a soft curvature and a comfortable touch, Baume & Mercier launched three leather straps for Lingni in December this year to cater to the most popular elements. A very fashionable strap, to create your own unique style. Thanks to the compact and simple design, you can change the strap without any effort. This innovative design has made the Lingni series more eye-catching, making everyone look forward to the coming season.

Women’s Watches
 Marquise, Galaxy, Stardust and Catwalk, among others, have led the fashion history series, inspiring innovation for Baume & Mercier watches. In the 1920s, the brand focused on the deeper pursuit of female customers for watches. With its exquisite arcs and round case, the Ling Ni series was first launched in 1987. Once it was released, it became a fascinating treasure and opened a new sensory era for watches. In 2000, the Lingni series introduced the innovative concept of replaceable straps, which was loved by customers around the world. The newly launched Lingnei series this year has a polished satin-finished strap and simple digital engraving that fits the case better; while the new Lingnei watch showcases new styles, its original elegance, comfort and extreme Functional features still shine. This series has a variety of choices: 27 mm or 32 mm diameter; there are three movements to choose from: quartz movement, quartz chronograph movement and automatic movement. The new Lingni series has coveted fashion elements, and the three newly introduced interchangeable straps have ushered in a more vivid world. Thinking of the brand’s unique concept-affordable luxury, maybe even male customers will appreciate the speciality of the Ling Ni series!

 Pearl grey, raspberry red, brown with metallic luster, these three limited-edition leather straps for 27mm dials with a dial diameter bring you a more diverse style change. The three new models of the Ling Ni watch are MOA10008, MOA10036, MOA10009, MOA10010, MOA10011 and MOA10013.