2015 Basel Watch Exhibition Hall’s Most Duang Watch

At 4:00 pm on March 19th, Beijing time, the 2015 Basel Watch Fair will officially kick off. Just one day before the launch, the reporting team in front of the Watch House has already moved from Nasha Thiel rushed to the Basel exhibition hall early to peek into the latest models of this year. This year’s new watch can be said to be the most special in recent years. If you use two words to describe subversion, you need to use one word to describe it. It is ‘Duang’. Below, we have selected a few watches that are definitely enough for Duang this year.

  When the picture of this watch just started circulating in the circle of friends, most people thought it was an ordinary military watch or pilot watch without clicking it, and I clicked it because of the sentence ‘ Let 5146 tremble. ‘At the time, I thought, what is the relationship between a military watch and Patek Philippe, but when I opened this picture curiously, I can’t help but say something, this will not be PS.

   Finally, by inferring the functional layout of the dial, it was confirmed that this is indeed a Patek Philippe. Its name is 5524. Its inspiration is from the two flight watches that Patek Philippe tried to make that year. The case has been completely redesigned under the rough appearance. With impeccable details.
  In terms of movement, this watch is equipped with a two-time function movement based on the famous PP 324 movement. Its polishing is unparalleled. The introduction of this watch has satisfied people who both like the appearance of military watches and feel that they are not perfect. According to the requirements, this watch is definitely the most Duang model this year.

  After talking about the watch king, the focus of everyone’s attention will naturally fall to another brand, that is, Rolex. Although the ceramic steel di that everyone has been waiting for has not appeared, the surprise of this new yacht watch is definitely greater than the former. , Red gold, rubber strap, matte ceramic bezel, I believe I do not need to explain it.
   At that time, Rainbow Di could be said to have fascinated countless good believers, but now Rolex has introduced colorful oysters, and has also introduced a new movement called 3325 for this watch. How about it?
 Last year’s new Cellini fascinated countless men, and should this year’s diamond-encrusted version also make women dreamy?
   When the Omega ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ was launched, we were amazed by its ceramic case, but when this white ceramic diamond version appeared, we realized that Omega’s size is actually so large now.
   Regarding this year’s Tudor, I want to say that I really love you. You finally have a completely self-produced movement. It seems that the rumors of the rivers and lakes are not all unreliable. Not only is the movement new, but the appearance is so beautiful. .
   The model of this new Tudor movement is MT5621, with a power reserve of 70 hours. Let’s take a closer look at its movement to see if it looks familiar. Jaeger-LeCoultre, you have to be careful. Now Tudor has changed its shotgun.
   With Mr. Beaver’s supervision, the change of TAG Heuer is still obvious. This hollow new Carrera has become more independent after flowing into Unico’s blood.
   Radar, which has always been known for its ceramic materials, has been constantly surprising us in recent years. This brown ceramic with red gold scale and crown is absolutely memorable.
   After Athens joined Kering last year, it still seems quite a fight. This new black and green watch can definitely be used as a big killer against those personality brands in the LVMH group.
   I believe if I do n’t say, no one will think of which brand of watch this is. This brand is the favorite of all women-Chanel, this is the new high-end jewelry watch series launched by Chanel. This comet-themed jewellery has a dial and bracelet set with a total of 2,319 brilliant-cut diamonds (41.52 carats), 34 baguette-cut sapphires (about 1.83 carats), 5 brilliant-cut sapphires (about 0.43 carats), 2 One baguette-cut diamond (about 0.24 carats) and one brilliant-cut diamond (about 1 carat), after reading these numbers, I don’t think I will explain why it is Duang. If everyone is not satisfied, please stay tuned to watch the 2015 Basel watch exhibition topic.
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