B & D Group Entered Hall 25 Of The 25th Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair

From June 26th to 29th, 2014, the headquarter is located in Hamburg, Germany. The Perpetual Group, which has been committed to introducing European high-quality watch brands, will join hands with German military watch model Lang Kun Laco to reflect the passion of German quality Six major German wristwatches, such as Elysee in life, Braun, Germany’s top design, Nivrel, German watchmaking craftsmanship, Zeppelin, inspired by airship design, German classic entry-level watches, Burgmeister, etc. The watch brand group participated in the 25th China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Exhibition (Germany Watch Group Booth: CTB-GP in Hall 1), which is known as ‘Basel of the East’. In addition to German watch’s own attractiveness, the German watch museum with an area of ​​about 300 square meters, which is hosted by the Perpetual Group, will make every effort to create a unique pavilion full of German culture, so that consumers can better understand Germany and taste German. The extraordinary essence of the watch. During the exhibition, the Beide Group will also hold a number of activities such as the opening ceremony of the pavilion, boutique model shows, craft lectures, etc., to fully demonstrate the charm of German watches to watch enthusiasts through more live interaction.

 Another highlight during the exhibition is the China-German Watch and Jewellery Association, which will be held at the opening ceremony of the German Pavilion in early 2014. It will be composed of representatives of China Watch Association, Shenzhen Watch Association, German Watch Association, Perpetual Group and German watch brands. Grand signing ceremony. Relevant leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission, the Shenzhen Watch and Clock Association, the senior management of the Bai Beide Group, and the CEOs of many German brands will attend the signing ceremony. The establishment of the Sino-German Watch and Jewellery Association marks a new level of Sino-German industry exchanges in watches and jewellery. It is expected that the China branch of the association will settle in Shenzhen. In the future, the Association will play its important role to build a bridge for communication and exchange between the two countries in the field of watches and jewellery. At the same time, it will more professionally recommend more high-quality German watch brands to Chinese consumers, making more and more People can appreciate the excellent quality made in Germany and experience the long history and culture of German watches. In addition, the Perpetual Group will also sign a memorandum of cooperation with multiple partners during the exhibition, determined to become the preferred partner for German watches to enter China.

 This is the first large-scale full appearance of German watches in the Shenzhen Watch and Clock Fair, and it is also the second country to participate in the Watch and Clock Fair with a country group after the Swiss group. In recent years, with the Chinese consumers’ further understanding of the global watch market, the diversified needs of aesthetics, and German watches, known for their quality and value for money, have attracted more and more attention. From the modest appearance of German watches at the exhibition two years ago to the all-round gorgeous display this year, German watches have ushered in the ‘best era.’ ‘Toughness, Pursuit, Leading the Times’ is the message that the German Watch Group intends to convey to the Chinese market. With ‘toughness’ as the internal quality, complete adherence to perfect quality, turn ‘pursuit’ into driving force, continue to innovate in technology and design, and use this as a dual-core drive. Forever at the forefront of the times is the German watch standing on the global wrist The spiritual mission of the watch market.

Create Autumn And Winter Men’s Style Three Color Watches For Exclusive Charm

In recent years, as the first accessory for men, watches have become more and more innovative under the design of major brands. It is no longer a monotonous black or white in the impression. People’s eyes light up. The introduction of color elements makes the cufflinks in winter also become aura and infectious. Even the heroines in idol dramas cannot be separated from the color watches. Before it’s time to freeze your hands and feet, start with a full-fledged watch to create your own unique style.
Panerai RADIOMIR PAM00735 watch

Domestic public price: 85300
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: P.2002 / 9
Case material: Matte titanium
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 262
Case material: stainless steel, black DLC with high abrasion resistance
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: bvlgari / 58540 /
Watch Reviews: Refreshing styles are always born with great design. If you feel that the traditional center-hand watch is not appetizing, then this new Bulgari watch will refresh your timekeeping. The watch is designed with hour and minute functions, the dial hands indicate the minutes, and the small blue digital window on the white background displays the hours. In addition, the whole body black design adds a few touches of dynamic blue, and the bright black DLC high-wear-resistant stainless steel case and the matte black dial make the watch not only stylish and stylish, Full of sportiness and uniqueness.
Summary: The addition of color makes the original serious wristwatch suddenly brisk and fashionable. The three watches recommended today are the better color watch choices this year. For those who like them, you may click on the details of the watch to enter the relevant page for further details.

What Is The First Time To Watch A Show In Switzerland

If you are a senior watch lover, then you must know that in January of each year, an international watch exhibition will be held in Switzerland as scheduled, referred to as SIHH, which is what we call Geneva Haute Horlogerie. salon. This year, as one of the media invited to participate in China, Watch House once again set foot on the land of Geneva. This is also my first time to see a watch exhibition in Switzerland. I might as well share my ‘SIHH first experience’ with you.

Inside the SIHH 2019

 I played as the “House of Watches” in the “Old Man” of the Geneva team. For this exhibition, I started to prepare early. Listen to my colleague, the invited media of the show is mainly in accordance with the process established by the show, daily classes at different brands, as long as you bring your brain, preferably with pen and paper (also mobile phones, computers) to learn So let me not be too nervous.

2019 SIHH site

 This year’s SIHH runs from January 14th to 18th for 4 days. A total of 18 fine watch brands and 17 independent watchmaker brands participated. Before setting off, first do some homework, such as which brands have released new product news before the show, which brands have what hot topics to watch this year …

Flights to Switzerland

 After a dozen-hour flight, we successfully arrived in Switzerland. Other media departing from Beijing were not so lucky, the plane was delayed, and the luggage was lost … but fortunately we arrived in Switzerland, the watch country. Want to ask my first impression of Switzerland?

‘Comfortable, physically and mentally comfortable.’

 The air is refreshingly cool and refreshing, even on cloudy days, but the snowy mountains in the distance are still amazing; the staff on the ground are very polite, and the right smile (very professional) will not make you feel uncomfortable. I do n’t mean foreign moons, but Switzerland is indeed one of the countries with a higher global life and happiness index.

Geneva street, Switzerland

The day after we arrived, the exhibition opened as scheduled. Arriving at the exhibition hall, media from all over the world gathered in SIHH. To this end, the organizer has a media rest area in the exhibition hall. In addition to the dedicated work area, there are also places for everyone to rest, eat breakfast, lunch and even drink.

2019 SIHH Showroom

Eat shrimp for 3 consecutive days in Geneva

My first reaction was-wow!

 Many people, many familiar and unfamiliar faces, there are brand leaders we have seen in the news, or old faces that have been seen in private. On the first day, in addition to recording the live video (you can go to the watch home Geneva watch exhibition video classification to watch the live video), there is also a brand event that I need to attend alone. In addition, I have to talk to my colleagues about the key models of the new product in the form of videos to explain to everyone (requires post-dubbing).

 Uninterrupted New Product Sharing

 We need to bring you the fastest exhibition information, new exhibition information, which means that we must first return the on-site data to China, the difference between Geneva and Beijing time is 7 hours, how to ensure the quality, To ensure speed, we have to keep recording, digest, and output.

Media at the launch site

New products launched by Panerai at this SIHH

Independent watch brands are sharing their new products

New, not just new

 Every year, as the vane of Swiss watchmaking, the Geneva International Watch Fair is an international watch fair that loves watchmaking and people in the industry. Beginning next year, the Geneva watch fair will be held ‘synchronously’ (just next to) the Basel watch fair. Even under the trend of ‘consumption degradation’ in the general environment, for the watchmaking industry and brands, everything has just begun. Whether it is the consumption trend or changes in people’s consumption habits and classes, for these watchmaking brands, there are Very big impact.

Henry Moser’s Concept Sheet

 Here we can not only see newer and more eye-catching brand new products, but also understand the brand’s changes in development direction and connotation. Environmental protection, new ideas, cross-border cooperation, adherence to tradition … This is like a kaleidoscope, as long as you open your eyes, you can see more.

IWC exhibition hall

Lange watch showroom

Richard Mill Hall

 At SIHH, each brand’s showroom has its own style, and they arrange their new year’s showroom with the main series and models. For example, this year IWC’s main pilot series, they can see a very large aircraft in their showroom. Richard Mills launched 10 new watches this year that are also related to sweetness, fruit, and candy, so their showroom is decorated in cute pink, and there are elements such as lollipops and marshmallows hanging.

 Of course, everyone has learned more about the new products and new concepts of various brands from the reports that have been overwhelming during our exhibition, and I don’t need to repeat them here. What Switzerland is a “watch country” is also one of the main reasons I want to share what I see here. During the exhibition, I took a break and went to the Patek Philippe History Museum in Geneva.

Entrance to Patek Philippe History Museum

 Here, with us at the door waiting to enter is a group of children who seem to be only 4 or 5 years old. They were led by the teacher to study a history museum of watchmaking brands. I have been educated with watch-related knowledge since childhood.

Children waiting to enter the museum

 If Ru Gushua is the cradle of Swiss watchmaking companies, then after the watchmaking brand is born, how to ‘find it’ is simply not enough to continuously launch new products and organize exhibitions. They incorporated watchmaking into their education and told their children what watchmaking meant to Swiss people from an early age.

Watchmakers still working in Patek Philippe Museum

Movements in the Patek Philippe Museum

 From history to modernity, Switzerland, as the birthplace of watchmaking, is sparing no effort to promote and protect their culture. This is the first time that I have come to watch exhibitions in Switzerland for the first time. Everything here seems to be born for watchmaking. Everyone is making their own efforts for watchmaking and protection. Maybe when we learn the watchmaking technology of others, we first learn and understand their watchmaking history, a watchmaking concept deeply rooted in blood.