Brain-based Knowledge Contest, What Else Have You Never Played?

The 21st century is a generation of information explosion, and we are surrounded by a steady stream of information. Only by continuously expanding knowledge can we keep up with the times. Nowadays, the knowledge-based answering mode that is tested while learning is also a popular pastime. Not only can you always discover what you haven’t learned in your life, but you can also quickly charge yourself.
   In the tight pace of life, we also pay more and more attention to the concept of time, so many people also wear a delicate watch. And a lot of knowledge about watches is waiting for you to discover, then how much do you know about this knowledge, let’s first test your five questions:
Q1: What is the lug of a watch?
A. The part of the case that is connected to the strap
B. Dial-side adjustment hands
C. Strap attachment parts
Q2: What’s incorrect about the following way to quickly distinguish between quartz and mechanical watches?
A. Watch strap
B. Look at the movement of the second hand on the dial
C. Hold the watch to your ear and listen to the sound
Q3: When does a watch with a calendar function avoid adjusting the calendar?

A. 21 pm-3 am
B. 0AM to 6AM
C. Can be adjusted at any time
Q4: Continuing the question, which of the following functions cannot be achieved by this watch?
A. Make a call B. Make a compass C. Time
Q5: Where are the world’s clocks?
A. Geneva, Switzerland B. Frankfurt, Germany C. Putian, Fujian, China
If these five topics are listed in the “Concussion Conference”, will everyone who read this article easily get one million? The following answers are announced. The answers are all A. Do you choose the right one? For details of the answer, let me You parse one by one:
Q1 analysis: The lug of a watch refers to the part where the case is connected to the strap. Friends who have heard of the Emilion brand will be impressed by this. The Emilion watch has a unique design at the lug. We can As seen from the more representative Wings of Time series of the Emilion brand, the curved design of the watch’s lugs and straps connecting parts is slightly outward, like a flying eagle flying in the sky, soaring in the sky , Making the watch as a whole elegant and dynamic.

Q2 analysis: Quartz and mechanical watches are common types of watches, but not everyone will recognize them. Here are two simple methods: If you have a second hand, you can see the movement of the second hand on the dial: obviously one The second hand beats the quartz watch, the second hand of the mechanical watch beats continuously, it seems that it is slowly sliding across the dial; you can also take the watch to your ear to listen to the sound, the rhythm is sharp, and the setback is Quartz watches are mechanical watches that emit rapid sounds like dense rain. Aimi Long also has many styles of quartz watches and mechanical watches, you can go to the specialty store to test this little knowledge.

Q3 analysis: This watch is an Emilion Pearl series watch, which is a gorgeous and noble series in the Emilon brand series; it has the date and week display function, and the white oil pressure chrysanthemum dial with diamond hour marker With 18K gold bezel set, it combines classic and fashion, elegance and dynamic, luxury and simplicity.

   Generally, for watches with date display, the calendar function is working from 21 pm to 3 am. During this period, you cannot dial the watch quickly, otherwise the watch will cause gear damage or misalignment. , So if you need to adjust the date, it is better to choose to adjust during the day.
Q4 analysis: The Swiss Emmyron brand pays more attention to the quality of watch movements and the appearance of watch appearances, so it has not yet developed the function of smart watches. Many people also hesitate to ask for the compass option when answering the question. This is indeed possible. First make sure your watch is displaying the correct local time, at least not too much. Then aim at the direction of the sun at this time, and imagine a middle line in the angle between the hour hand and the 12-point scale. The direction of this middle line is exactly south-this is the case when you are in the northern hemisphere. If you are in the southern hemisphere, the direction of the center line is north.
Q5 analysis: Geneva, Switzerland, as the world capital of luxury watchmaking, has produced countless legends of watchmaking industry since 1815. The Emilion Heritage Watch is a gift to the history of watchmaking in Geneva. This series of watches inherit the Geneva watchmaking process. The technicians carefully polish the traditional craftsmanship and incorporate classic classic elements into contemporary wrists. From the table, the golden stainless steel bezel shows classic elegance, and is highly unified in appearance and connotation, with a good temperament.

   Speaking of Geneva, we have to mention Lake Geneva on the outskirts of Geneva, bordering eastern France. The shape of the lake is like a moon, the water is not rising, and the waves are vast, attracting countless visitors every year. The inspiration of the Amy Long Leimen series also comes from this. The designer of Amy Long took Lake Leman as inspiration to the elegant watch. The twinkling starlight on Lake Leman, the overall design is simple and atmospheric, highlighting details in simplicity.

   Watches are high-precision craftsmanship, every detail is checked. The Emilion brand has pure Swiss ancestry and has created every fine watch with every heart; every radian of the watch and every diamond embodies countless inspirations and moving stories of the craftsmen. Welcome to Aimi Long offline stores and online e-commerce platforms to learn more about watch information, discover more brand stories, and gain knowledge together.

Bulgari Officially Entered Guoguang

Recently, Bulgari, Italy’s top jewellery brand, perfectly interpreted the brand’s classics in Wuhan International Plaza Shopping Center, a commercial landmark in Wuhan.

   At the event, Mr. Leo Leo Jiawen, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China, Mr. Liu Jiangchao, Chairman of Wushang Group, and Ms. Xiao Zhouyun, General Manager of Wuhan International Plaza witnessed the elegant and luxurious model of Bulgari. Make Wuhan in the early winter immersed in endless bright luxury. The well-known actress Chen Shu made a gorgeous appearance wearing Bulgari classic jewelry, showing noble elegance.
   On the same day, Chen Shu personally performed the luxury and elegance of Bulgari. She said that she was very happy to return to her hometown to attend the Bulgari Wuhan boutique event. She did not forget to express her love for the Bulgari brand. ‘Bvlgari has interpreted the luxury style to the extreme, and its art and expressive beauty have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts and will last for a long time.’
   It is reported that BVLGARI, a subsidiary of the LVMH Group, was established in 1884. From a jewelry store, it has gradually developed into a gorgeous jewelry brand that symbolizes Italian excellence. Open a retail network in the world’s top shopping districts, and build a comprehensive product and service line from jewelry, high-end watches, various leather goods, silverware and perfumes to hotels.

Celebrating Partnership With Cannes Film Festival Chopard Launches L.U.C Xps Azur Limited Watch

On May 14, 2019, the 72nd Cannes Film Festival was grandly opened. Chopard has become an official partner for the 21st consecutive year. To celebrate the cooperation between the two parties, the brand launched the L.U.CXPSAzur limited edition watch, which is called the ultimate red carpet timepiece.

   ‘Azur’ gives the dial an azure blue color, which is also reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea near the French Riviera. The 18K white gold case has a diameter of 40 mm and is thin and well-proportioned. The dial is finished with hand-guilloché, with rectangular hour markers and toffee hands. The date display window is set at 6 o’clock.

   Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the built-in L.U.C96.01-L automatic movement. The movement is equipped with a 22K gold miniature oscillating weight, certified by the COSC Swiss Observatory, and has the Geneva quality seal. This watch has a black leather strap and is limited to 10 pieces. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)