Stars Are Bright And Always Moving Omega Holds A Hippocampus Aqua Terra Ladies Watch Dinner

May 20, 2016, Chengdu-The famous Swiss watchmaking brand OMEGA held a grand dinner for the women’s Hai Terra Aqua Terra watch in Chengdu. Prior to the dinner, Mr. Marco Siegfried, Omega Regional Sales Manager, and Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, brought Ms. Jiang Shuying and Ms. Wang Ou, famous Chinese actresses, to the Omega Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li flagship store to experience the fusion of classic architecture and modern Designed as an elegant charm, appreciate the outstanding charm of Omega ladies watches. The feast night was dazzling with stars, filled with the atmosphere of the ocean, showing the guests the smart beauty of the Omega Aqua Terra, and also vividly showing the brand’s tribute to independent, fashionable, elegant, intelligent women and the enduring production of ladies’ watches. enthusiasm.

(From left) Ms. Wang Ou, a well-known Chinese actress, Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, Ms. Jiang Shuying, a well-known Chinese actress, and Mr. Marco Siegfried, Omega Regional Sales Manager, enjoy a dinner at the Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA Toasting

(From left) Mr. Marco Siegfried, Omega Regional Sales Manager, Ms. Jiang Shuying, a well-known actress in China, Mr. Yang Yi, Vice President of Omega China, and Ms. Wang Ou, a well-known actress in China, enjoy a dinner at the Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA watch Group photo on the red carpet

Ms. Jiang Shuying visits Omega Chengdu Ocean Pacific’s flagship store while wearing Omega Seahorse AQUA TERRA 150m ladies’ watch

Ms. Wang Ou wore the Omega Seahorse AQUA TERRA 150m ladies’ watch to visit the Omega Chengdu Ocean Pacific flagship store

   Omega has always been committed to making stylish and elegant ladies’ watches. The beautiful appearance and precise timing of the movement are perfectly interpreted in every Omega watch. After more than a century, Omega is extremely proud to be the industry leader in the manufacture of ladies’ watches.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Ladies’ Watch _ Sedna Gold Case with Leather Strap _ Diamond Bezel _ 34mm Dial

   Today, Omega combines a unique concept for women’s watches with innovative craftsmanship to create a unique seahorse Aqua Terra 150 meters for women. The evening’s exclusive dinner was based on the theme of the series “Ocean”, which perfectly interpreted the essence of Omega’s outstanding ladies’ timepieces.

Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA Women’s Watch Grand Prix Opens at Ocean Pacific Taikoo Liman Square in Chengdu

Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA Women’s Watch Dinner with the theme of ‘Ocean’, the source of inspiration for this series, perfectly interpreting the essence of Omega’s excellent ladies’ timepieces

Exterior of Omega Chengdu Ocean Pacific’s flagship store

Night view of Omega Chengdu Ocean Pacific’s flagship store

   The banquet kicked off at Chengdu Ocean Pacific Taikoo Liman Square, full of historical heritage, showing the ingenuity of Omega everywhere. The water ripple glass chandelier and the transparent central stage are set against the lights, and the waves are floating. The aquamarine silk curtain around the stage pours down and is extraordinary. The red carpet is even more star-studded. The popular young Chinese actresses Jiang Shuying and Miss Wang Ou arrive elegantly. The Omega Aquamar women’s watch worn by the wrist and the two actresses are full of vitality and freshness. Temperament complements each other, especially shining.

Omega Chengdu Cosmopolitan Taikoo Li flagship store combines classic architecture with modern design, which has unique charm

   Regarding the launch of the Ms. Aqua Terra Aquamarine watch, Mr. Okewa, the global president of Omega, said: ‘The Aquamar 150m watch is one of the most well-known classic series of Omega, and now we are proud to add this series again. A new timepiece created by women. Today’s women have an unprecedented influence on the world. They should have high-quality watches that reflect the unique beauty of women. Omega’s new hippocampus Aqua Terra 150m watch is equipped with the Omega Co-Axial movement. Resistant to strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss. This is undoubtedly an innovative breakthrough in the production of women’s watches, and a sincere tribute to beautiful, independent and confident women. ‘

(From left) Mr. Marco Siegfried, Omega Regional Sales Manager, Ms. Jiang Shuying, a well-known Chinese actress, and Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, took a photo at Omega Chengdu Ocean Pacific’s flagship store

(From left) Mr. Marco Siegfried, Omega Regional Sales Manager, Ms. Wang Ou, a well-known Chinese actress, and Mr. Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, at the Omega Chengdu Taikoo Li flagship store.
   During the Omega Night with great marine charm, the guests deeply felt the brilliance of the Omega Sea Horse series Aqua Terra ladies watch, and also tasted Omega’s commitment and meticulous attitude towards ladies watch production. The Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra 150m watch will witness the birth of another classic women’s timepiece, and will present more loving moments for women in the future.
Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra 150m Ladies Watch
   The Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra 150m Ladies Watch inherits the classic characteristics of this series. The watch sold in China has a diameter of 34 mm. Made of 18K Sedna ™ gold, 18K yellow gold and stainless steel, it is specially designed for women who adore individual choice.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Ladies Watch_Sedna Gold Case with Sedna Gold Bracelet_Diamond Bezel_34mm Dial

   The seahorse Aqua Terra 150m ladies watch features a gorgeous mother-of-pearl dial, adding a soft and serene beauty to the timepiece. Usually white mother-of-pearl is more common, and Omega also introduces Tahiti pearls, lavender and coral mother-of-pearl dials, making the watch instantly glamorous. The dial of each Aqua Terra watch is decorated with brilliant diamond hour markers. In addition, some models are also decorated with diamond-set bezels, which are particularly dazzling. With a metal or leather strap, it perfectly presents a fashionable and elegant timepiece.

Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150M Ladies’ Watch_Tahiti Mother Of Pearl Dial 34mm_Diamond Bezel

   The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Ladies Watch is equipped with the revolutionary Omega 8500/8501 Coaxial movement or the Omega 8520/8521 Coaxial movement, which can withstand strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss, once again to the world Demonstrating the extraordinary precision and performance of OMEGA watches.

Tian Wang Xiong Dailin Haute Couture Appears At The Opening Of Frank Mueller Store

On February 18th, the still cold Ningbo Heyi Avenue, Tianwang Xiong Dailin appeared in the opening of the top watch and jewelry brand Franck Muller’s boutique with a strapless long skirt, which was tightly wrapped in a crowd Many guests showed their graceful figure and grace. Tian Wangyi’s long dress is from the Izmaylova spring / summer 2012 haute couture series. Although the style and design are not outstanding, the details of the off-shoulder and waist folds are beautiful on Xiong Dailin’s body, just right, do n’t forget, Tian Wang嫂 But the model is born, this is the legendary foundation is good to wear everything, of course, although people with a bad foundation are more difficult to achieve everything, it is necessary to say this young brand Izmaylova, the designers are from Antonina Izmaylova in Moscow and Nathanael Gam, a black guy from France, both are in their early 20s. They founded the luxury womenswear brand Izmaylova in London, England in 2010 because of the idea of ​​a coincidence between fashion and luxury. ‘Luxury is not only It’s just a consumer proposition. It’s more about bringing innovation and inspiration to people, and showing the unique qualities of each product. ‘This is the opinion of black guys, so thinking has nothing to do with age. On their website, designer Antonina said that they combined the cultures of two different countries, Russia and France, with exquisite tailoring and three-dimensional architectural design, and sewed women’s clothing and beauty in their eyes by hand. Of course, I think, there should be a mark of British culture and clothing attitudes.黛 The watches worn by Xiong Dailin are Franck Muller’s Double Mystery 4 Saisons women’s watches, Talisman fantasy jewelry series bracelets and necklaces.

Baoper And Prince Albert Ii Foundation Of Monaco Formally Establish Institutional Partnership

To celebrate the common values ​​and goals that both parties have practiced in protecting the oceans and the earth, the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco and Blancpain formally established an institutional partnership. The Prince himself personally attended the signing ceremony held on the M.V. Yersin scientific research vessel.

   Prince Albert I of Monaco has participated in 28 adventures in his life and is an internationally renowned pioneer of modern oceanography. Today, adhering to its outstanding pioneering spirit, Prince Albert II of Monaco, as the head of state, uses the Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco, which he founded, to ensure that marine and environmental topics are always at the forefront of the international arena. The Foundation actively participates in the fields of climate change, renewable energy, biodiversity, marine resources and desertification, and supports the research and development of many projects in specific geographical areas, such as the Mediterranean basin, polar regions and developing countries; it also encourages environmental protection And sustainable development. In addition, the Foundation works with its partners to raise awareness of the impact of their activities on the natural environment, thereby increasing public ecological awareness.
   Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand closely linked to diving, has continued the development and inheritance of the brand’s 50 series for more than 60 years, and has always been committed to protecting the marine resources on the planet. ‘The name of charity brings together the brand’s efforts in this area. The brand firmly believes that support for environmental protection depends directly on the dissemination of public information. Therefore, the brand continuously strives to raise public environmental awareness, and at the same time actively sponsors various large-scale scientific research projects, marine exploration activities, underwater photography, environmental forums, public exhibitions, high standards Printed publications and a dedicated website.
   In terms of marine environmental protection and promoting the sustainable development of the ‘blue economy’ on a global scale, the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco and Blancpain Blancpain share common ideas. The two parties work together to lead specific actions, raise public awareness, and encourage environmental initiatives and new solutions. Prior to this, the two sides have cooperated in supporting the National Geographic Primitive Ocean Expedition Program. Blancpain is a long-term partner of the project, and Prince Albert II of Monaco is the chairman of the project advisory committee. This project has achieved significant results in protecting large areas of the ocean, covering the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, Gabon, Kiribati and Costa Rica, covering an area of ​​more than 2,200,000 square kilometers. These marine protected areas provide important conditions for truly understanding the impact of humans on marine life and assessing the effectiveness of marine protection activities. They are also an important step in the process of improving the health of the oceans for future generations.
   Blancpain and Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco are honored to sign the cooperation agreement at the baptism ceremony of the innovative multipurpose scientific research vessel MV Yersin, and to François Fiat and the crew With the most heartfelt thanks.

Hublot Wishes Ferrari Team A New Year At F1 Singapore

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s elite racer, won the F1 Italian championship at the Monza circuit on September 8th, and gained glory in his hometown of Ferrari. In the recent state of courage, he is expected to take another step in the F1 Singapore Grand Prix from September 20th to 22nd, adding glory to the 90th anniversary of the Ferrari team. In order to celebrate the success of the Ferrari team, Hublot specially presents the BigBang Ferrari team’s 90th anniversary watch, paying tribute to the legendary collaboration between Hublot and Ferrari.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Charles Leclerc

  The Ferrari team is unique in the field of racing, not only leaving a strong chapter in the history of racing, but also always being competitive and at the forefront of technology in modern racing sports. This passion and values ​​coincide with Hublot. Happy birthday, Ferrari team, we look forward to welcoming more winning moments with this legendary partner! ——Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of Hublot

Hublot’s partner Ferrari team elite driver Charles Leclerc wins F1 Italy championship

  Following Charles Leclerc’s victory in Italy, the Ferrari team is now fully preparing for the Singapore Grand Prix. The goal is to win consecutive games, adding to the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Ferrari team this year. Charles Leclerc showed amazing resistance to pressure on the Monza circuit. In the fierce competition of 53 laps, he successively defeated the strong opponents, let the Ferrari’s Prancing Horse logo shine on the championship podium, and accepted the enthusiasm of the fans. Charles Leclerc, who represents the Ferrari team around the world, often wears Hublot watches. As a Monaco man, he attended the Hublot new store opening event in May this year to express his support for Hublot watches.

  In order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Ferrari team, Hublot, as a long-term partner, grandly presented the BigBang Ferrari team’s 90th anniversary watch. This watch is a reflection of the long history and glorious heritage of the Ferrari team. The watch is available in three different limited editions, and the case uses different materials to symbolize the evolution of the racing field over the years. The 45 mm diameter watch is equipped with Hublot’s self-made UNICO automatic movement, which has a flyback chronograph function and a 72-hour power reserve. The bezel is made of ceramic carbon fiber and uses the same material as the brake kit of the Formula One car. For Hublot and Ferrari, material innovation is a persistent and common pursuit, and it also elaborates Hublot’s ‘fused art’ concept.

BIG BANG Ferrari 90th Anniversary Watch
Technical Parameters
serial number

402.JQ.0123.NR (sapphire)-limited to 90 pieces

402.TQ.0129.VR (platinum)-limited to 90 pieces

402.QD.0123.NR (3D three-dimensional carbon fiber)-limited to 90 pieces
Sapphire crystal
Sapphire version: Polished sapphire titanium screws
Platinum version: Satin-finished bead-blasted titanium
Titanium screws
3D carbon fiber version: 3D carbon fiber, black titanium plated screws
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 17.10 mm
Water resistance: 3ATM (30 meters)
HUB1241 UNICO self-winding column wheel flyback chronograph movement
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 rpm)
Power reserve: about 72 hours
Number of components: 330
Jewels: 38
Case back
Sapphire version: Polished sapphire crystal
Platinum version: Satin-finished bead-blasted titanium
Platinum and sapphire crystal
3D carbon fiber version: satin-finished bead-blasted black titanium and sapphire crystal
Strap and buckle
Sapphire version: Kevlar strap, black rubber with light gray stitching, titanium folding clasp
Platinum version: Perforated calfskin strap, black rubber with light grey stitching, black ceramic and titanium folding clasp
3D carbon fiber version: Nomex® strap, black rubber with dark gray stitching, black ceramic and black titanium plated folding clasp
Ceramic carbon fiber brake disc
proposed price
Sapphire version:
502,500 RMB
Platinum version:
300,700 RMB
3D solid carbon fiber version: 254,400 RMB

Hermès Rouge Casaque 独 艳 Dfs

DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, has launched a series of exquisitely crafted Hermès red leather strap watches. This Heure-H Rouge Casaque series of watches will be exclusively sold at DFS Global Duty Free at the airport, T Galleria in the urban area and DFS Global Duty Free, reaffirming that DFS has always provided customers with an unparalleled shopping experience. Discover More rare and precious promises.

Heure-H Rouge Casaque series exclusive sale at Universal DFS

Christophe Chaix, senior vice president of DFS Group Global Marketing Procurement, Watches, Jewellery, Jewellery and Sunglasses, said: ‘We are very excited to work with our long-term partner, HERMÈS, to launch this exclusive and extraordinary watch collection exclusively. This also explains why global travellers with unique eyes and unique watches and jewellery love to shop at DFS consistently. ‘
‘H’ is the brand symbol of HERMÈS. Therefore, each watch is decorated with this iconic letter and is equipped with a single or double ring Rouge Casaque calfskin strap. The beautiful watch straps are created in the La Montre HERMÈS leather workshop in Switzerland, showing the high level of professional and sophisticated leather manufacturing in HERMÈS. Convenient and exquisite interchangeable strap design allows the wearer to put on a suitable strap according to the needs of different outfits and occasions. With square stainless steel as the frame, the gold-plated or silver-plated design is novel and elegant, while the white dial is decorated with textures like sunlight, while another design is set with 11 diamonds on the pearl-white dial (0.09ct), exudes a low-key and elegant temperament.

The white dial is decorated with radial texture and is elegant and elegant with Hermès’ famous ‘H’ Logo

DFS presents luxury watches from 15 top global luxury brands to travelers around the world, and the annual “Kuangshi Collection” Appreciation Fair held in Macau is also a great honor for DFS. A number of exhibits from around the world Limited edition rare and precious watch from the top watchmaker.