Clocks And Watches No. 39 The Birth Of A Master Of Watchmaking

Breguet, Breguet, this name is not only familiar to Europeans, but now has a worldwide reputation. It originated in Switzerland but developed in Paris, and today its fame comes from a small 18th-century gatehouse-39, Parisian Clock and Watch Embankment.

1775 Watch Embankment 39
  The River Seine is home to the Parisian culture of France. The Pont Neuf is the first and oldest bridge in Paris. In this place where culture and history meet, there is a small road called the clock bank. Maybe this path seems inconspicuous, but in the 18th century, the most leading and top watch brands gathered here, and the market is famous, and the most famous brand is naturally Breguet.

  Breguet founder Abraham-Louis Breguet was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1747. In 1762, 15-year-old Breguet came to Versailles to learn from watchmaker and artist Ferdinand Beldu, and in 1775 founded the first Breguet watchmaking workshop at 39 Quai de l’Horologe, Started his watchmaking career. He knows every detail of watch technology, and his many inventions have a profound impact on the development of watch technology. In 1780, the first self-winding ‘perpétuelle’ pocket watch was sold. Introduce innovations in a range of technical areas (spring wire, escapement) and aesthetic areas (pointers, digital scales, machine-engraved patterns). During the French Revolution of 1793, Mr. Breguet and his family left Paris for Switzerland. Then in 1795, Mr. Breguet returned to Paris, welcomed by the local municipal council, and entered the glorious period of his watchmaking career. He successively created the Breguet balance spring, balance force escapement, first Taiwan travel clock (customer Napoleon), created the tourbillon, and obtained a registered patent in 1801, in 1810, launched the world’s first watch (ordered by the Queen of Naples). Breguet’s watchmaking has won gold awards at the French Industrial Fair many times. It is famous in France and even in Europe, and is highly sought after and loved by the royal nobility and elites from all walks of life. Therefore, although Breguet is a Swiss brand, it has taken root and developed in France. Numerous great inventions in the history of watches and clocks were born here.

 All great existence is a miracle, but it makes people feel right. Seeing the development of Baodi, each step is a legend, perhaps from the beginning of Mr. Baodi’s creation of the Baodi brand on the 39th of the horological embankment. Already doomed.