Century Launches Wings Of Time

With the blessings of spreading wings and regaining freedom, the clock masterpieces never seen before in the Century commend the birds traveling freely and freely: Wings of Time. In this style, every time you query the time, you will see the time elapsed into a bird that regained its freedom and flew through the sky …

Century Wings of Time Platinum

In order to create this lyrical gem, Century Watch invites its craftsmen to use their imagination and creativity to give birth to this magnificent masterpiece. The ingenious watch and jewelry giant first imagined designing a gold bird cage inspired by Art Deco, and then opened four windows made from Century sapphire above. It is worth mentioning that Century Sapphire is the legendary material of Century Watch Factory, which is completely cut and polished by hand. Thanks to the brilliant and translucent nature of Century’s sapphire facets, you can see from each side of the dome a hand-carved gold carving, and the noble appearance of gold birds in harmony with the rich decoration of the bird cage. In addition, if you look intently, you will find that this interlaced and interactive picture also echoes with the bright and lustrous water emanating from the bright cut diamonds set with precision inlays one by one by hand.

Century Wings of Time red gold

 Pulling down slightly, the dial and the elements around the perimeter of the movement are smartly separated from the bird cage. At the top of the bird cage, the original still bird suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. It turned out that it was flying high in the pure space when the hour and minute hands moved. At every moment, freedom is lost and regained, and the corridor of time is transformed into an upcoming promise of happiness and a new prospect to be explored.
This watch was selected as a precious and exquisite watch because of the materials used and the message it conveyed.
Wings of Time is also available in 18K white and red gold.
Source: Century

A New Peak In Gem Setting Audemars Piguet Sapphire Orbe Watch

Since 2013, AUDEMARS PIGUET has been inspired by nature. It has integrated many elements of nature into Audemars Piguet’s fine jewelry timepiece series. Since 2015, Audemars Piguet Trilogy Timepieces have been found in the cold winter landscape of the Ru Valley, combining traditional gem setting techniques with subversive and innovative design. Delicate and elegant, powerful and extraordinary effects.

Sapphire Orbe’s sapphire crystal dome can be manually rotated to reveal the orange sapphire faceplate

In 2019, the Sapphire Orbe watch with an extraordinary design of high-end jewelry timepieces was also launched. This unique orphan timepiece pushed the gem setting process to a new height. The superb Sapphire Orbe watch is named after the Orb River crossing Brassus, the birthplace of Audemars Piguet, and uses beautiful diamonds to match the blue and orange sapphires with gradual gradients to create a dazzling river. Slowly shift from dark night to day.

The sphere shape is made of 18K white gold, paved with dark blue sapphires, and is surrounded by multiple 18K white gold chains.

In total, the watch is set with more than 12,000 precious stones, each of which has been carefully selected, cut and hand-set. The petal-shaped ring in the center is fully embellished with diamonds and six different shades of blue and orange sapphires with snowflake inlays. The layer-by-layer design allows the watch to display a variety of colors and brightness changes with different viewing angles. .

This work combines a wealth of diamonds and blue and orange sapphires, ranging in size from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm

At the center of the watch is a 2 cm sphere shaped like a dome, inlaid with dark blue sapphires. When the sphere is turned upside down, it reveals a surface of gradual orange sapphire that is paved on 18K white gold. This spherical case is equipped with a tiny quartz movement. In addition to the unique luxury design, it can also have perfect and accurate timekeeping.

Sapphire Orbe watch

18k white gold material / 2710 quartz movement / hour, minute display / table model set with 2794 orange sapphires, 3240 blue sapphires, 6069 diamonds / sapphire crystal / waterproof 20 meters / diameter 47.2x78mm —- ** *

Sporty Elegance Brief Comment On Longines Concas Watches

The elegance of Longines is self-explanatory. This time, the watch house will not introduce the traditional elegant watches of Longines, but a GMT watch with a sporty flavor. This is this one. The Concas L3.687.4.56.6 watch can meet the high requirements of a reliable watch for travelers, athletes and people who are in any place or environment in the world. Then follow the steps of the House of Watches and slowly appreciate it.

The 41 mm diameter stainless steel case of this watch looks strong and elegant, and the glamorous red second time zone hand is particularly conspicuous, ensuring that the watch can know the exact time of the hometown wherever it is used.


 The black dial is adorned with 2 Arabic numerals and a 9-hour scale. A 24-hour Arabic numeral is also engraved on the outer circle of the time scale of the watch to display the GMT time.


 The side of the watch. From the side we can see that the watch is finely polished. There are two lugs on both sides of the crown of the watch, which are also made of stainless steel, which protects the crown very well. The thickness of the watch is estimated at 11 mm.

 Close-up of the watch’s bracelet, this bracelet design is more sleek and more comfortable to wear on the wrist. From the picture we can also see that the middle part of the watch’s bracelet is treated with advanced brushing, which looks more beautiful.

 The perfect side of the watch, from this picture we can see that the four hands of the watch are set on the main axis, and the levels are clear. At 3 o’clock on the watch dial, there is a date display window.

 The watch’s glamorous second time zone shows the hands, the pointer tip is shaped into a triangular shape, and there is too little luminous material in the triangle. Yes, the time in the second time zone can also be read at night.

 The watch uses a pure black dial design, so the pointers for the watch are designed as bright hands. The date display window at 3 o’clock in the watch is designed with white background and black numerals, so it is very convenient when reading the date. The minute scale on the outer ring of the watch also uses the white scale design.

 The lugs and crown of the watch are all made of stainless steel. From the figure we can also see that the curvature of the lugs is very obvious. This design is to make the watch more comfortable to wear on the wrist. People also wear it. More comfortable.

The watch uses a stainless steel chain strap. The buckle uses a folding buckle and a push-opening device. The advantage of this type of buckle is that it is easy to wear and open, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The strap is as flexible.

It is regrettable that the watch uses a dense bottom design. We cannot observe the engagement and precision movement of the gears of the movement from the bottom of the table. The watch uses the L704 automatic mechanical movement, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour and provides a 48-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Longines Concas series is the essence of Longines sports elegance. This section perfectly reflects the unparalleled fusion of powerful functions and elegant temperament. Its outstanding technical characteristics can also meet the requirements of the most discerning athletes. The current domestic price of this watch is 12,100 yuan.

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