To Protect The Gold Content Of The ‘made In Switzerland’ Label

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) reports that the Swiss National Assembly Legal Affairs Committee has approved that at least 60% of the cost value of Swiss-made label industrial products must be manufactured in Switzerland. Proposal to truly protect the purity of the ‘Made in Switzerland’ brand.
On November 11, 2011, after more than two years of discussions, the committee approved the draft amendments to the Trademark Law and the motion on the project to protect Swiss-made signs. For related industrial products, including watches, the Commission recommends that at least 60% of their cost value must be made in Switzerland.
This decision echoes the firm wish of the FH Swiss Watch Industry Federation, which proposes that Swiss watches use the lowest Swiss value of Swiss-made labels as a condition, that is, at least 60% of the cost value of quartz watches must be made in Switzerland, while mechanical watches are 80%. These standards will form the core of an amendment to the decree of 1971 on clocks crowned with the ‘Swiss’ logo (Swiss Made Act).
At present, the Swiss Made Ordinance does not set a minimum threshold for value added from Switzerland. With the strong support of most of its members, the FH Swiss Watch Industry Federation hopes to make up for this shortcoming, so that watches with only a small percentage of Swiss value can also be declared ‘Made in Switzerland’.
At present, a Swiss watch must be equipped with a Swiss movement to attach a Swiss-made label. It must be assembled and inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland. In addition to these three conditions, the FH Swiss Watch Industry Federation has conducted a new vote on a new scheme for further stricter ‘Swiss Made’ use standards (at least 80% of the manufacturing value of mechanical watches should be completed in Switzerland and at least 60% of electronic watches), In addition, technology and prototype design must be performed in Switzerland.
According to existing regulations, the value of 50% of the components of the movement should be completed in Switzerland. The movement can be deemed to be made in Switzerland. To this end, the FH Swiss Watch Industry Federation’s motion calls for the price of Swiss originals in the movement to be increased to At least 60% of the total original price.
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