Enter The Gorgeous Jungle! Cartier Cartier Jaguar Watch

Cartier will expand the scale of the watch exhibition this year. At the ‘Rare ‧ Moments’ watch exhibition, nearly a hundred high-end craftsmanship fine watchmaking and top jewellery watches will be displayed. Integrating into one, the total amount looks at 1 billion yuan, breaking Cartier’s highest amount in the Taiwan watch exhibitions over the years.

Espiègle watch with jaguar-shaped diamonds

This exhibition activity is divided into three major thematic spaces, ‘Puma series watch area’, ‘high jewelry watch area and fine watchmaking area’. Among them, the ‘Puma series zone’ showcases the wildness and elegance of Jaguar watches in a mysterious space full of jungle.
The Jaguar theme is very important in Cartier’s traditional complication watch series. Since its birth in 1914 and the first decoration of a ladies’ watch, Jaguar has long been an unquestionable icon of Cartier. It has both charming temperament and uninhibited spirit, and always adds elegance and charm to each piece, and this time the works on display are so.
Reinterpret a jaguar that is both majestic and elegant, gentle and conspicuous with 3D three-dimensional naturalism. The edge of the dial is beautifully shaped as if it is a jaguar protecting the dial. Three-dimensional sculpture, paving, precious and full of imagination. You can choose to reveal or close the cover to hide the time according to your preference, turning this masterpiece into a watch or bracelet.

Clé de Cartier watch

In Cartier, the image and spirit of the jaguar are everywhere. Whether it’s concrete or abstract, Jaguar always adds femininity to Cartier’s works with a delicate and mysterious appearance. This year, for the first time on the Clé de Cartier case, Cartier combined the coupe relief decoration and the workshop’s self-winding movement refined by the workshop.
On the new Clé de Cartier watch, the bezel is set with dazzling diamonds. The sculptor uses hand-engraved fur to create a three-dimensional effect on the markings and leopard nose, showing the effect of contrasting hair. , Set with 157 round brilliant-cut diamonds, creating a subtle and delicate watch masterpiece.

Panthère Mystérieuse

Like real three-dimensional jewelry sculptures, the Jaguar is embellished with diamonds and black lacquer spots, elegantly embracing the edge of the dial. Leopard heads, claws, and emerald leopard eyes, every detail is ingenious and lifelike. In contrast to this, it is the suspended hands on the transparent dial. The watch’s 9981 MC-type movement is hidden seamlessly. This new watch is exquisite and luxurious, which requires the use of superb jewellery craftsmanship to reinterpret Cartier’s long-established complications with perspective texture and balanced composition. The Panthère Mystérieuse watch is equipped with a movement that combines mysterious beauty and a leopard style. It combines the two major elements of the most iconic brand to show its unique style.

Panthères et Colibri power reserve display watch with diamond-paved bracelet

On the new Panthères et Colibri watch, a jaguar is comfortably accompanied by a hummingbird. Such a scene is really fascinating … Gently pressing the winding crown, a little leopard jumped out of his mother’s arms, and the hummingbird flew up with gold-plated wings. Shown before our eyes is the power reserve display function of this watch. The new 9915 MC movement displays the remaining time of winding through the height of the hummingbird. The dial picture is exquisite and moving, and the decoration is simple and elegant: the black background is embellished with bright diamonds, and the soft pastures sway in the wind. The bezel is studded with dazzling diamonds, which contrast subtly with the dial. The silhouette of the jaguar is three-dimensional, and the fur is decorated with diamonds and black lacquer spots. Cartier has used brilliant creativity to interpret the complexities of fine watchmaking in a poetic way, vividly presenting the warm scene of the mother and child cuddling together.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier enamel beaded jaguar watch

Bead crafts appeared around 3,000 BC, but it didn’t reach its heyday until the Etruscans used to decorate valuables and jewellery in the 8th century BC. In order to revive this outstanding craftsmanship, Cartier has reinterpreted the pearl craftsmanship to create an extraordinary dial. This year, Cartier broke the limit and used different traditional techniques to create an enamel beaded dial. The master craftsman first cut the enamel into small pieces or crushed into powder, then stretched it into filaments, and then cut it into small pieces. After being heated by the welding torch, the filament segments will melt into pellets. The bead size depends on the diameter of the enamel filaments.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier

The master craftsman then placed the enamel beads into the base according to the color and shape of the artwork. The difficulty of this process is that the melting temperatures of different colors of enamel are different. The ball and enamel need to be fired more than thirty times according to a strict order to achieve the desired effect. The final work is breathtaking, the overall shape is meticulous, and it faithfully presents the jaguar’s deep eyes, light beards, and soft fur. This brand new work brings out the outstanding creativity of the Master Craftsmanship workshop. Engraving, polishing, enamel, jewellery, inlaying and watchmaking are integrated into one unique work.

The first animal design in this series was inspired by antiques from 1914, with a representative Ballon Bleu de Cartier case and jaguar pattern.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Serti Vibrant

In 1914, Cartier first showed the jaguar pattern on a watch. Onyx and diamonds condense the beauty of nature, black and white staggered and paved the way, creating a precedent for speckled jewellery, heralding the advent of decorative arts advocating contrast.

Swiss Timetable Towards 130 Years Mr. Xia Boyu Sharing Session

On June 21, 2018, the Swiss timepiece DOXA was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Swiss timepiece is moving towards 130 years-Shenzhen Station and China’s first successful climb of Everest legless warrior-Mr. Xia Boyu Sharing session.

   Mr. Romeo Jenny, the global CEO of Swiss timepieces, and Mr. Liu Weihua, the chief operating director of Miner Watch International Co., Ltd. took the stage to express their hopes for the future of the Chinese market.

   Then, Mr. Xia Boyu, an elderly person who successfully ascended Mount Everest and the first person with a record in China, shared with us his story with the timetable DOXA.

   The watch Xia Boyu wears during each climb has always been a TC-Advance watch from the Tofio series. Not only is it certified by the observatory, but also very accurate because the relationship of the rubber strap is very convenient. Carry it on your own journey. During the long journey climbing, even if the temperature difference on Everest is large, the watch is still very Huai.

   In 2014, DOXA brought the same series of Tofio E-revolution along with the Polish mountaineering team to Everest.

   Finally, Mr. Zhu Shunhua, the founder and chairman of the China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair and Chairman of the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Industry Association, Ms. Patrizia Jenny, Chief Financial Officer of Swiss Timepieces, Mr. Zhou Jinguang, Chairman of Miner Watches International Ltd The wife, along with three other distinguished guests, hosted a simple and grand launch ceremony for the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the Swiss timepiece.

Tofio TC Advance

   Swiss fully automatic mechanical movement, 48mm titanium case, titanium with electroplated rose gold and carbon fiber bezel, hollow black dial with carbon fiber strap, sapphire crystal, waterproof 100 meters, limited to 300 pieces worldwide. With Swiss Observatory certificate.