Dynamic Masculine Certina Kinetic Series Automatic Winding Diving Watch Appreciation

Striking, dynamic and full of charm—DS Action Diver automatic diving watch deserves to be an extension of the Swiss sports watch brand Certina Kinetic Series. DS Action Diver series automatic diving watch is built in strict accordance with ISO 6425 diving watch manufacturing standards, the best of both worlds. The watch is full of masculinity, it combines modern dynamic design and traditional manufacturing technology with excellent tolerance effect, suitable for a variety of harsh conditions of adventure activities, and affordable.

    The new DS Action Diver automatic diving watch has a 43.2 mm stainless steel frosted case and a thick eye-catching bezel, which stands out from the crowd. It has a wide surface, wide jagged edges, and is easy to debug; its luminous surface and oversized time numerals ensure that time can be read clearly even in the dark and deep water. Its large hands, hour markers, and central seconds are also made of luminous material, and the reading is more clear against the black dial. The sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating protects this deeply watch from the harsh underwater environment.
   The DS Action Diver automatic diving watch is equipped with the ETA 2824-2 automatic winding movement, which can accurately time the hours, minutes, seconds and date. Relying on the double insurance concept (DS) and production technology that strictly adheres to the ISO 6425 diving watch manufacturing standards, the reliability of the watch is ensured, as the dial inscription ‘Diver’s watch 200 m / ISO 6425’ (Diver’s watch 200 m / ISO 6425). With its spiral crown and back cover design, the DS Action Diver automatic dive watch can withstand pressures up to 20 bar (200 meters). The back cover of this watch is printed with the turtle logo that symbolized the superior waterproof performance of CERTINA in the 1950s and 1960s, and it is quite interesting to reproduce history. Exquisite gorgeous three-row stainless steel frosted straps with foldable safety buckle and diving extensions ensure that the DS Action Diver series automatic diving watch will always escort you; a protective spiral crown (engraved with the acronym ‘DS’ ), Can protect the watch from external impact and misuse.
   A stainless steel version is also available with a black dial and a molded rubber strap with a folding safety clasp and diving extensions. There are also two models, both with a titanium case, a smoky bezel and a matching sunburst dial, as well as a folding safety buckle and diving extensions; one with a titanium strap and the other With rubber strap. Titanium is particularly suitable for diving environments due to its high corrosion resistance and high brightness.

Star endorsement ‘Flying Fish Prince’ Fang Lishen
‘Flying Fish Prince’ Shen Cheng Closely Contacts ‘Sea Turtle’
Since the birth of the first Certina DS-PH200 diving watch in 1968, the sea turtle’s imprint of solidity, reliability and superior performance has been deeply imprinted on the back of the Certina DS diving watch series. Time flies, as the Certina DS diving watch series continues to grow, the ‘Sea Turtle’ has become the nickname of the majority of watch enthusiasts for the series. At the conference site, Certina perfectly expressed the human desire for the blue charm. Whether it is a screen designed as a porthole or a main stage that realistically reproduces the interior of the submarine, it all highlights the diving passion of Certina. The sea turtles freely roaming outside the Nandong store in the commercial building make this event a little more lively.
With a video, Certina led the guests to the bottom of the sea. As the cursor continued to dive, Certina Switzerland invited the guest-the famous movie star Mr. Fang Lishen to make the scene a climax! Hong Kong singer and actor Fang Lishen has an inextricable bond with water. He has represented Hong Kong in the 2000 Sydney Olympic swimming events, and still maintains a number of Hong Kong records, known as the ‘Prince of Flying Fish’. This time he visited the Shanghai Certina event precisely because of a continuation of his relationship with water.
During the event, Mr. Adrian Bosshard, Certina Global President of Switzerland, also presented Fang Lishen with the new DS Action Diver kinetic chronograph diving chronograph, and performed the outstanding functions of this latest “Sea Turtle” with Fang Lishen. Fang Lishen, who loves diving and has a formal diving license, is very fond of “Sea Turtles”. He even shared his own experience in selecting diving watches at the scene. All kinds of complex situations must be supported by equipment that can give you peace of mind. The design of the ‘Sea Turtle’ is awesome, safe, sturdy and accurate … It takes into account all the characteristics that a diving watch needs, and it also has a design that I like , Arguably this is the perfect example of a diving watch in my heart. ‘
At the time of the Olympic Year, Fang Lishen, a former Olympic athlete, was inevitably asked about related topics. Speaking of the London Olympics, speaking of the swimming events he was proud of, he joked that the most important thing was swimming events, and Sun Yang The performance was full of praise, and he is optimistic that he will dominate the Olympic games.

Watch parameters
Kinetic series DS ACTION
-DS concept
—High abrasion-resistant and sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflection coating
—O-ring on crown and pull bar
—Swivel bezel
—316L solid stainless steel case and bracelet or leather strap
—All titanium case and bracelet
—Black PVD coating on the bezel and buttons
—Steel bracelet with diving extension and safety buckle
—Rubber bracelet with diving extension and safety buckle
— Swiss-made standard quartz movement or chronograph ETA movement
—EOL (battery life) indicator (standard style)
—Limited edition (4,000 pieces), including special packaging and free stainless steel strap
Chronograph: Quartz Movement ETA13¼’’’, G10.211-Hour-Minute-Small Second-Date + 3 Chronograph Watches (1/10 Seconds, 60 Seconds, 30 Minutes-Cumulative ADD + Segment SPLIT)
Standard: Quartz movement ETA11½’’’, F06.111-EOL-hour-minute-second-date

Cheetah Concentration Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier Enamel Bead Craft Cheetah Decoration Watch

The master of enamel craftsmanship draws inspiration from the process of metal beads. The principle of the metal bead process is to make tiny gold beads and decorate them on the chassis. The enamel craftsman uses the same procedure. First, the enamel is cut into small pieces or ground into powder, then stretched into filaments, and then cut into small pieces. After being heated by the welding torch, the filament segments will melt into pellets.

   The bead size depends on the diameter of the enamel filaments. The master craftsman then placed the enamel beads into the chassis according to the color and shape of the artwork. The difficulty of this process is that different colors of enamel have different melting temperatures. It takes more than thirty firings to achieve the ideal effect of firm beads and exquisite enamel.

   It takes almost a month to complete the work. The final work is breathtaking, the overall shape is meticulous and subtle, faithfully presenting the elegant style of cheetahs with deep eyes, light beards and soft fur.

   This brand new work brings out the outstanding creativity of the Master Craftsmanship workshop. Carving, polishing, enamel, jewellery, gem setting, and watchmaking are combined into one unique work.
Ballon Bleu de Cartier enamel bead craft cheetah decoration watch
049 movement
Case: 18K yellow gold, set with 124 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Diameter: 42 mm
Crown: 18K yellow gold grooved crown set with a convex round sapphire
Dial: 22K yellow gold, enamel beads craft cheetah decoration
Hands: Gold-plated sword-shaped steel hands
Strap: dark blue alligator strap
Clasp: 18K yellow gold folding clasp with 43 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Case thickness: 14.35 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)
Number and limited sale of 30 pieces