Swiss Mido Launches The New Belem Celli Midnight Blue Men’s And Women’s Watch

Recently, Swiss Mido launched the new Belem Celli midnight blue men’s and women’s watch. There are two pairs of four models of the new watch, which are available in stainless steel and rose gold PVD-treated stainless steel. Both are equipped with a midnight blue sunburst dial and a double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. 50 meters.

   Men’s stainless steel watch (M8600.4.15.1,) and rose gold PVD watch (M8600.3.15.8) with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 9.10 mm, decorated with appliqued hour markers, built-in Caliber80 automatic mechanical movement (based on ETC07. Based on 611 movement), this movement can provide a power reserve of up to 80 hours.

   Ladies stainless steel watch (M7600.4.15.1) and rose gold PVD watch (M7600.3.65.8) with a diameter of 29 mm and a thickness of 8.65 mm. The former is decorated with appliqued hour markers and the latter is set with 12 sparkling diamonds (0.078 Carat), built-in ETA2671 automatic mechanical movement, which provides a 38-hour power reserve, is equipped with the iconic oscillating weight of Mido, and is decorated with Geneva ripples.

   The new watches are equipped with a date display and the date window is set between 4 and 5 o’clock on the dial. Stainless steel models with bracelets of the same material are priced at RMB 6,000 for both men and women; rose gold PVD models with brown leather straps are priced at RMB 6,200 for men and RMB 8,100 for women. It is reported that the new Belem Celli Midnight Blue men’s and women’s pair watch from Switzerland Mido will be available for sale at the end of March 2019. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Cartier’s Historical Story Flight And Hollow

What is the connection between Cartier and this famous tourist landmark …
  Cartier watches? …….

   The first photo is the famous Paris Eiffel Tower, built as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair. It has a total height of 1,050 feet, equivalent to 81 floors, and is the tallest building in Paris. It was originally only 300 meters high, but still maintained the world record for 41 years of man-made buildings, until it was surpassed by the Chrysler Building in 1930. In 1957, the Eiffel Tower was expanded to its present height. The second photo is a Cartier Santos-Dumont skeleton dial. The connection between these two metal skeletons is Alberto Santos-Dumont.

   Alberto Santos-Dumont is a pioneer of Embraer and a friend of Louis Cartier. A descendant of the Brazilian coffee empire, Santos Dumont has the ability to pay for his addicted flying dream. He was a pioneer in aviation and devoted much of his adult life over Paris, France.

   Many of his experiments are spectacular and successful, so his life is full of ups and downs.

   Santos Dumont designed and built the first practical spacecraft, thus proving the possibility of controlled flight. On October 19, 1901, the spacecraft circled the Eiffel Tower and won the Deutsch de la Meurthe Award.

    After years of flight experiments, in 1906, Santos Dumont flew the 14-bis and oiseau de proie designed by himself, and was certified by the Air France Club and the International Aviation Federation (FAI).

   In 1904, his friend Louis Cartier (wearing a beret) gave him a Cartier watch, which solved the problem of having to dig into his pocket while in flight, and concentrate on controlling the plane. In 1904, his friend Louis Cartier (wearing a beret) gave him a Cartier watch, which solved the problem of having to dig into his pocket while in flight, and concentrate on controlling the plane.

   In 1911, the first Santos-Dumont version was released.

   Cartier, Paris, 1913 (House of Watches / text Ruan Ruan)

Bvlgari Serpenti Art Jumps On Taipei 101 To Light Up The Light Of Cultural Exchange Actress Guan Ying Gorgeously Debuts The Beauty Of Serpenti Handed Down

Bulgari originated from Rome. Every year, starting from the promotion of the Italian aesthetic spirit, a large-scale exhibition is held to convey the Italian Luxury Life style. This year, it peaked again and together with TAIPEI 101, it organized ‘Italian style and bright Taipei.’ , Serpenti Taipei 101 Lighting ‘event, there will be an amazing Serpenti giant snake-shaped lighting artwork extended from jewellery craftsmanship, according to the appearance of the Taipei 101 building, and become a’ sweet spot to light up Taipei ‘.

   To welcome such a heavyweight performance, Bulgari Taiwan invited Mr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia, and Ms. Song Wenqi, Chairman of Taipei 101 to attend the lighting ceremony; also invited special fans of the Serpenti series Actress Guan Ying attended the event. She is famous for her elegant taste. She wears a Bulgari top-level Serpenti diamond necklace with a total weight of more than 100 carats. Among them, more than 50 carats of fancy cut diamonds are arranged on the other side of the necklace to form the scales of the snake body. A total of 70 diamonds gradually extend to the snake tail, showing the gorgeous beauty of Serpenti.

   After traveling through Serpenti art lighting exhibitions in important global cities such as New York, Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai, this year’s fifth stop climbed to the top of Taipei’s ‘TAIPEI 101’. Taipei 101, once the world’s tallest skyscraper, was one of the most “hard” challenges in Serpenti’s giant installation art history, but it also proved that for Bulgari, there is no limit to aesthetic craftsmanship, only infinite. Serpenti, which contains the essence of Italian culture and jewellery design, met in the air with Taipei 101, the highest cultural landmark in Taipei. It is like a cross-temporal cultural and craftsmanship confrontation, and it will warm up Taipei for the 2016 design capital of the world in advance.
   At the same time, the Bulgari boutique in Taipei 101 Shopping Center will also hold a Serpenti theme exhibition, displaying a series of classic creations inspired by Serpenti.
Centuries of Italian style
  For more than 130 years, Rome has been at Bulgari, not only inseparable from the brand’s Italian descent, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for centuries. As early as 1884, the magnificent dome of this ‘eternal city’ of Rome has been displayed on Bvlgari’s unique egg-faced gemstone cutting, and the delicate symmetrical geometric patterns often seen in the brand’s jewelry design are reproduced The pure lines of ancient Roman ruins; classic geometric elements and beautiful flower shapes from the Renaissance Italian gardens, perfectly integrated into the latest jewellery collection; Baroque art of the 17th century meanders in platinum or gold; The life style of “La Dolce Vita” during the sweet life has further urged Bulgari to create its original charm and create a top-notch Italian jewellery style with bright and colorful colors, luxurious appearance, and symmetrical perfection. It has a history of 2700 years in Rome. It has brought brilliant art, architecture and culture, and also nourished the bright light of Bulgari. Rome’s deep aesthetics and cultural heritage, coupled with Bulgari’s rich and vivid enthusiasm and love for gems, make the art and culture essence of different dynasties in Rome seem to condense in Bulgari, not only has created countless beautiful styles Italian jewelry also brings joy and happiness, creating people’s hope for a better life.

   Among them, the serpent symbolizing wisdom in ancient Greek and Roman culture was interpreted by Bulgari’s innovative thinking as early as the 1940s. It has been a strong and powerful snake-shaped watch series to interpret, and has since become a very important in Bulgari brand history. Theme of.
Symbol of wisdom and power-Serpenti
   As early as in ancient Greek and Roman times, snakes were both sacred and mysterious. Serpents were often used as decorative elements. For example, in Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of wisdom and victory both held shields with snake patterns in their hands. . The Greeks believed that the snake was the embodiment of wisdom and a symbol of healing miracles. The son of the sun god Apollo, the god of healing, AESCULAPIUS, was holding a snake on it, which is also the current medical symbol ‘snake emblem.’ ‘.

   In addition, the snake symbolized the wisdom of King Solomon in Egypt. The cobra god was the protector of the ancient Egyptian monarch. It is a sign and symbol of showing off power and deterring the enemy. In India and South America, the snake is regarded as a god of water, creation and Rich God.
   In the East, snakes also have sacred and auspicious symbols. The legendary ancient emperor Fuxi, together with son-in-law, is respected as the ancestor of humans. In mythology, they all have the characteristics of the head of the snake (dragon). Many gods in the ancient Chinese mythical ‘Shan Hai Jing’ are also snake bodies or snake heads. . In addition, the earliest collection of Chinese poetry ‘The Book of Songs’ also mentioned that dreaming of snakes and snakes is a good sign; because the snake can shed its skin and seek a new life, it means endless life. It is also a symbol of good fortune in the folk. Therefore, the pattern of ‘snake disc rabbit’ is often seen in the art of paper cutting, which symbolizes the extension and regeneration of life.
   In both Eastern and Western cultures, snakes have similar symbolic meanings such as royal family, power, wisdom, wealth and eternal life. But at the same time the snake also has the impression of danger and challenge taboo. Such a strong contrast image makes the snake unique and charming, even Bulgari.
The charm of timeless Serpenti
   If color is the essence of Bvlgari jewelry, snake should be its DNA. In jewellery culture, snakes are special breeds, which are especially distinctive for Bulgari. At the beginning of the 20th century, many brands took snake as inspiration, but Bulgari took the lead in applying the theme of snakes to watches. The snake-shaped watch made of yellow gold, the snake head is realistic and the snake tail is set with diamonds. The snake body is retractable. The ductile tube design, the craftsman responsible for the production required many years of skill and excellent handwork to create such a unique work, was a major initiative at the time.
   By the 1960s and 1970s, the Serpenti series of serpentine designs had become Bulgari’s representative design. Today, the Serpenti series launches a new head-to-tail overlapping jewelry watch. In addition to the more comfortable bracelet technology, it also adds a combination of colors and materials to fully reflect the brand’s design style that keeps pace with the times. Whether it is a realistic or geometric abstract expression, Serpenti perfectly combines Bulgari’s love for color, the selection of materials, the comfort of wearing, and unparalleled handmade skills. Serpenti not only respects the heritage of Italian culture and jewellery craftsmanship, but also exerts the spirit of snake-like persistence but continuous transformation, showing a unique attitude and meaning in different times.
Jewelry and Architecture Craftsmanship
   One is a top jewellery brand that has inherited the essence of Roman culture for more than 130 years, and one is a challenge to the highest possibility of humans in architectural mechanics. When the flexible and serpentine snake climbs on the magnificent skyscraper, the meeting of Bulgari Serpenti and Taipei 101, but Said to be the perfect exchange of jewelry and building technology.
   Encounters, like miracles, are always hard to come by. Serpenti’s installation of art lighting in Taipei 101 this time is arguably the most difficult of all time.
   Serpenti snake-shaped artistic lighting is like the top jewelry inlaying process. 50,000 LED light links combine to create visual effects like snake scales. The light drawing design took half a year, because it requires full manual labor to install the lights, and the production process takes 2 Many months. The serpentine snakes around the outer wall of the podium on the 3rd to 5th floors. The area of ​​the coil is more than 36 meters. Not only must the structure be calculated in advance with 5 times the stress (the force that the unit area can withstand). Four 120 tons are required on site. High-altitude crane can complete the operation. In addition, Taipei 101 has more bumps and sloping facades than ordinary buildings. The height of the decoration (46.3 meters) is converted into about 15 floors of a general building. It is the highest building in Serpenti. The wind resistance is extraordinary. Fourteen high-tension steel cables strengthened and fixed Serpenti serpentine art lighting with a total weight of 3700 kg, showing the difficulty of the snake on the wall.
   Taipei 101 and Serpenti seem to have a rigid and flexible contrasting appearance, but they have similar connotations and the same rich cultural spirit. The former design is like a bamboo sprout, rising and flexible, symbolizing the endless meaning of traditional Chinese architecture. Not only is it the light of Taiwan’s architecture, it is also a cultural landmark; Serpenti is the essence of the Roman millennium culture and Bvlgari’s century-old craftsmanship, combined with each other, just like the top confrontation between Italian and Taiwanese culture and art.
Serpenti’s full range of theme exhibitions
   The Bvlgari boutique in Taipei 101 Shopping Center will be synchronized with the lighting event, holding a ‘Serpenti Collection’ theme exhibition, displaying a series of classic creations inspired by Serpenti, including top jewelry, limited edition watches in Greater China, Bags and accessories of rare leather, and seven Vintage Serpenti antiques are exclusive to Taiwan, including the private exhibition of jewelry collected by the brand VIP. Serpenti shined inside and outside Taipei 101 for the first time, and met Taiwanese guests.

Jacques Christmas And New Year Single Product Recommendation

It’s another Christmas season in a blink of an eye. The arrival of Christmas and New Year will not only make people stop and look back at the gains of the past year, but also make people full of expectations for the new year. This harvest and expectation is either affectionate love, warm and tender affection, or flourishing career. On the occasion of Christmas 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre specially selected several ‘feelings’ watches, which lasted forever and warmly snowed Christmas, to commemorate the wonderful moments in long time.

Featured for her: Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater Dating Ivy Minute Repeater

   The Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater Dating Minute Repeater is the first automatic minute repeater watch created exclusively for women. Decorated with an ivy pattern symbolizing eternal vitality, inlaid with snowflakes inlaid with Jaeger-LeCoultre, and paired with a blue glazed fire enamel plate, combining fantasy aesthetic design and extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship to interpret the legend of fine watchmaking The ultimate choice for winter to express her affection.

   The Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater dating series Ivy Minute Repeater watch is equipped with a new 942A automatic mechanical movement with a smart size of 39 mm. It has a precise and reliable power reserve of 43 hours. The Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater dating series Ivy Minute Repeater watch is equipped with two patented ‘trébuchet’ Libra hammers, making its timekeeping music harmonious and pleasant, touching, its melody is more cordial, mellow and sweet, full of rich female warmth Temperament.

Her Choice: Rendez-Vous Night & Day

   The Rendez-Vous Dating Collection Day and Night Women’s Watch undoubtedly adds warmth to the winter. This watch shows the beauty of fine timepieces, and the meticulously carved on the dial shows the charm style. The six o’clock position alternates with the sun and the moon, elegantly recording day and night. The simple and feminine dial with blue steel hands representing solid watchmaking craftsmanship and the bezel set with diamonds complement each other, recording every romantic moment experienced. The self-winding movement is completely designed, manufactured and assembled by the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, using the guilloché pattern hand-crafted by the most pure traditional fine watchmaking traditional craftsmanship, so that time passes quietly under its halo.

   What’s more unique is that this series of watches provide a variety of patent leather strap color choices, of which the red patent leather strap perfectly matches the watch, with its rose-like brilliance to show the elegance and charm of women’s fiber wrists, coupled with the delicate hidden inside The bag and the secret letter printed with ‘PS I Love You’ are enough to make every woman bloom the sweetest and happy smile. Red patent leather straps are also sold separately in Jaeger-LeCoultre stores. Each strap is equipped with an exclusive gift box to convey your romantic love for a colorful Christmas in winter.

Featured for him: Duomètre Unique Travel Time

   Travel and work may have become the main way of life. How can you still experience life and express your attitudes and opinions in this busy period? Regardless of whether you are in the snowy Christmas season or the warm equatorial sun, the Duomètre Unique Travel Time biplane series Universal Travel Time watch in rose gold will reveal this legacy of independent feelings. This watch is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original Dual-Wing movement, which not only represents the advanced technological achievements of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the world’s time zone watch area, but also provides ‘travelers’ who love fine watches unprecedented Precise experience-This watch is the world’s first world time watch that can precisely adjust the second time zone to minutes. The wearer can precisely adjust the second time zone time in any country on any continent in the world.

   The Duomètre Unique Travel Time has a 50-hour power reserve for each mechanism. A crown can wind two barrels at the same time, which is extremely convenient to use. The details of the watch are exquisite. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 383 movement is visible through the sapphire crystal case back. The splint and gear train are manually chamfered and decorated with polished feet. The drive chain is also hand-chamfered or decorated with polished feet, which are all spiralized or smoothed. The name of the city engraved on the case back echoes 24 time zones.

His pick: Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931

   If you think of yourself as an authentic taste maker, then in 2014 you must not miss Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931, a large Reverso watch with a rose gold case and chocolate dial, as a commemoration Your own ‘golden age’.

   Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 The large Reverso ultra-thin watch perfectly inherits the historical origins of Jaeger-LeCoultre and vividly reproduces the golden age of Art Deco style. Its shape, color and materials and craftsmanship are the pinnacle of handmade art. The combination of a chocolate-colored dial and a rose-gold case gives Christmas a mouth-watering appeal like chocolate. Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 The large Reverso ultra-thin watch is elegant and elegant. The delicate dial and harmonious overall outline make it hard to resist. The watch is equipped with a 7.3 mm ultra-fiber case and a movement that is only 2.95 mm thick, making the watch perfectly fit the wrist. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 822/2 movement is solid and reliable, demonstrating the superb expertise of the watch factory.

Player Collection 8 Days Power Reserve Watch Recommendation

When it comes to power reserve, Panerai and Blancpain have always been strong. In the past, the watch was equipped with a power reserve of 3 days. It has been called a hero. Since the birth of P.2002, it has been continuously delivering uniform power to the movement through three connected barrels. A distant dream. For Blancpain, long-term power is not enough, and hollowing out and ultra-thin are the king. Panerai limited RADIOMIR 45 mm 8-day power reserve ceramic watch
1.ZrO2 material is sturdy and resistant to high temperature
2.Uniform and smooth appearance
3, 8-day power reserve
4, can adjust the hour hand quickly without adjusting the minute hand
     Panerai has always been an expert in the production of long-powered watches. Because of its origins in the Italian Navy, Panerai has made unremitting efforts in terms of performance and sturdiness.
     In the newly launched Radiomir 8 Days 45mm 8-day power reserve ceramic watch, Panerai skillfully combines high-tech ceramic materials with the self-developed Panerai manual winding P.2002 / 3 movement.
     The ceramic material has a unique appearance and excellent hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In recent years, it has become one of the materials of choice in the high-end watch industry. Panerai uses zirconia (ZrO2) as the synthetic ceramic for the watch case. This material is made of powdery raw materials through an isostatic process, so its appearance is very uniform and smooth. Panerai’s manual-winding P.2002 / 3 movement has an 8-day power reserve. It not only has three barrels, it also has a linear power reserve display on the dial. In addition to the date at the 3 o’clock position, the movement is equipped with a special device that allows the wearer to quickly and individually adjust the hour hand without adjusting the minute hand.
     The appearance of the dial chassis is in harmony with the overall design. Through the sapphire smoke crystal glass window, you can see the exquisite movement details. All iconic elements on the dial, including large numbers and hours, hands and small seconds at 9 o’clock, date window and linear power reserve display.
Blancpain Villeret 8-Day Power Reserve Skeleton
1. Equipped with the 2012 new Calibre 1333SQ movement
2. The movement is made by hand, and the hollowing, chamfering and carving processes are perfect.
3 to 8 days long power
4, ultra-thin, case thickness is only 9.08 mm
     Hollowing, chamfering, and sculpting are three techniques that are enough to create a harmonious layout and transparent aesthetics inside the movement. Blancpain’s new watch is perfect in design and function. It is a masterpiece of awesome work that can withstand the careful consideration of players.
Calibre 1333SQ movement is made by hand polishing
     Calibre 1333SQ movement is made by hand polishing. This series of movements has always been known for its sturdiness, stability and precision. The movement is equipped with a titanium balance wheel, a winding spring) and three barrels in series, ensuring a power reserve of eight days for the watch. The 38 mm diameter case is made of white gold with a built-in hollow movement, exquisite decoration and exquisite carving. It is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal mirror and the case back, as if dancing in the air.
     In the process of hollowing out, watchmakers have always been adhering to the spirit of exploration, striving to achieve the perfect balance of solid shape and smooth operation. In order to achieve pleasing visual effects, the masters need to use different traditional watchmaking tools, after dozens of hours of uninterrupted filing and chamfering, to polish the movement into an extremely thin and long shape. The arched structure of the forming movement highlights the meticulousness and rigor of this process, revealing the delicate and complicated internal corner carving process. Finally, the sculptor followed the glorious tradition of fine watchmaking, decorating the bridge and the main splint with scroll patterns, perfectly highlighting the arc curves of the barrel, case and bridge, giving the finishing touch to the harmonious beauty of the movement. The entire surface of the movement, and even the thinnest small parts, are carefully carved by hand to show the cutting-edge craftsmanship.