Global Focus Vacheron Constantin Launches New Overseas Watch Series In Tokyo

On June 16, 2016, Tokyo, Japan, Vacheron Constantin, the top Swiss watchmaker, released a new Overseas watch series. On the day of the event, Vacheron Constantin invited China, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. More than 200 media friends from Europe and guests participated in this moment to witness this moment. The Overseas series was unveiled at the artsy Terrada Souko in Tokyo Bay, Ueno Island, and enjoyed photos of Vacheron Constantin and legendary photographer Steve McCurry’s journey across the ocean , Showing works from the first six locations on this artist’s journey, including New York, Mexico, China, India, Japan, and the Vacheron Constantin watchmaking factory in Geneva.

Vacheron Constantin’s new Overseas 7700V-110A-B172
  That night, the VIPs took the first look at the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal World Time Watch and experienced the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series replaceable strap device. A series of virtual reality experience stations and timepiece exhibition areas inspired by suitcases provide guests with the ultimate interactive experience.
Vacheron Constantin tour
   Earlier, Vacheron Constantin invited legendary photographer Steve McCurry to share his unique worldview, which explained the ‘travel spirit’ contained in the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series. Photographer Steve McCurry leads his team through twelve little-known and even hard-to-access mysterious regions around the world, showing the brand’s basic values ​​and concepts through the photographer’s lens. The event first unveiled the first six locations.

   Photographer Steve McCurry came to Tokyo, Japan to tell his shooting story. The six locations unveiled are: Geneva Vacheron Constantin Watch Factory, Leshan, China, Father Tunbridge Waterway Bridge, New York Central Station, Moon Water Well, India, Japanese Tsurunoyu Onsen. Photographer Steve McCurry captures eternal moments with lenses by revealing six locations on the journey.
Father Tunblick Aqueduct Bridge, Mexico: Time to Inherit

(Image copyright Steve McCurry and Vacheron Constantin)
   The design of this aqueduct bridge spans the Mexican desert, and this magnificent and charming viaduct is a model of architecture, reflecting complex professional skills and deep scientific knowledge. The impact of the Roman Empire and pre-Columbian civilization created this immortal miracle. It was built between 1553 and 1570 and connected Zempoala to Otumba. The 45-km length is amazing.
New York’s Central Railway Station: At the Moment

(Image copyright Steve McCurry and Vacheron Constantin)
   One of the world’s largest railway stations, this architectural pearl is set in the most dynamic urban center in the Western world. There are millions of passengers at the station every day, and the crowd is constantly flowing. This is the heart of Manhattan, and it beats almost day and night. Vacheron Constantin and Steve McCurry’s team chose to revisit this mysterious location late at night with only a few passengers, to take a glimpse of this rare and precious moment.
Indian Moon Water Well: Time of Magic

(Image copyright Steve McCurry and Vacheron Constantin)
  This ancient well is full of legendary charm and is a work full of artistic symbolic decoration and visual illusions. It is located near a monastery near Abhaneri in Rajasthan. For centuries, people have socialized The center of life. To reach the water source, you need to go through countless layers of stairs down to reach it. Locals also believe that this long way to get water can inspire meditation.
Leshan Giant Buddha, China: A Time of Peace

(Image copyright Steve McCurry and Vacheron Constantin)

   Located in Sichuan Province, it has stood on the banks of the Minjiang River for more than 1,300 years. Its appearance is destined to provide eternal blessings. The 71-meter-high Buddha statue was carved on the rock wall from 713 to 803 AD. To this day, people still believe that this Buddha can protect the crew from turbulence. The Buddha’s overall construction project challenges the limits of human beings. Its simple lines and shocking beauty make it a truly classic and timeless work.

Tsurunoyu Onsen: At the time of the ritual ceremony

(Image copyright Steve McCurry and Vacheron Constantin)
   In Japan, onsen means ‘onsen’, a name derived from hot spring baths and considered a place full of poetry, rituals and sacredness. The hot springs of Akita City, under the combination of the three natural elements of spring water, steam and environment, present a natural luxury texture, while successfully maintaining the characteristics of low-key simplicity. It allows people to relax in the hot springs and wash and purify the mind in a unique sense of courtesy.
Vacheron Constantin Geneva: Time for inspiration

(Image copyright Steve McCurry and Vacheron Constantin)
   In the watch factory, the harmonious contrast shows the spirit of the brand. Swiss architect Bernard Cumy uses materials that blend complexity and simplicity, harmony and refinement, flowing and enclosed spaces, modern and timeless line designs. As imprinted in Geneva, this light-filled building reflects the exquisiteness and inspiration of every detail of the new Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series timepieces from a certain angle. In addition, the following six countries / places were announced this time, including Morocco, Scotland, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, France and Russia. The photographic works of these 6 countries / places will be officially announced in September.
Features of the new Overseas watch series —- Products

Christian Selmoni, artistic director of Vacheron Constantin’s product development department, explained the new products on the spot.

   Vacheron Constantin’s new Overseas horizontal and vertical series watch was launched at the 2016 Geneva Watch Fair. This time, new watches are released. Therefore, the new Overseas horizontal and vertical series watch has 6 models and 18 products. In addition to the previously released basic models, chronographs and other products, this time added world-class watches. All Overseas Watches, whether they are made of stainless steel or gold, are engraved with the Geneva Seal certification from basic display to complex functions and are equipped with an easily replaceable bracelet / strap to ensure that the wearer can enjoy comfort wherever he is Wearing experience.

Vacheron Constantin’s new Overseas 7700V-110A-B172
   There are three styles of Overseas Cross World Time models-with blue, silver or brown dials. The case diameter is 43.5 mm and it is equipped with a 2460 WT movement. This self-winding movement is a patented movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. It can display 37 time zones, including a time zone that is half an hour or fifteen minutes away from UTC. The display area consists of three parts. In the center, the land (polished with sunburst satin brushed) and the ocean (smooth velvet polished) painted by the Lambert method are paired with a translucent lacquered plate with the city name painted on it. A third sapphire disc is overlaid on the map and synchronized with the 24-hour indicator plate through a clever anthracite gray gradient to provide day and night indication. Finally, the translucent lacquered velvet textured outer ring indicates hours and minutes.
Features of the new Overseas watch series-Geneva mark certification
   The new Overseas Series is engraved with the Geneva Seal Certification. As the most authoritative mark of ultimate quality, the Geneva Seal was born in 1886 and is certified by an independent and neutral institution. It is not only a proof of the origin of the timepiece, but also a noble symbol of its superior quality and superior performance. The Geneva Seal is only issued to watches manufactured and assembled in Geneva. At the same time, the movement structure and performance of the watch must also meet a series of extremely strict standards.

Vacheron Constantin’s New Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series 4500V / 110A-B126 Watch

   Equipped with the new Cal.5100 movement, dual barrels (to ensure that the speed regulation mechanism receives stable power output) can ensure a power reserve of more than 60 hours. The design of the previous generation’s dense bottom can be changed to glimpse the style of 22K gold pendant decorated with the wind rose compass pattern. Wrist effect is excellent.
Features of the new Overseas watch series-waterproof and replaceable bracelet / strap
   In keeping with the travelling spirit of the Overseas Series, the new watch introduced this time can be comfortable to wear, convenient and practical, and fully meet various needs. All watches are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The soft iron case lining can effectively protect the watch from magnetic fields, ensuring its accuracy and durability. At the same time, the transparent screw-down case back guarantees a water-resistant depth of 50 meters and 150 meters for ultra-thin models and other watches.

Vacheron Constantin’s new Overseas 5500V / 110A-B148 watch
   Another major feature of the new Overseas watch is the modularity of parts. This time Vacheron Constantin has introduced a number of convenient stainless steel or precious metal bracelets. The easy-to-remove replacement device is an enhancement of the watch Comfort-Same goes for leather and rubber straps. The original replacement device on the bracelet / strap and folding buckle / pinhole buckle allows customers to safely disassemble and replace without using any tools, without affecting the robustness of the bracelet or strap.

Summary: After the press conference, Vacheron Constantin invited everyone to a dinner party, and the wonderful part of it was specially invited by Yukihiro Takahashi, Keigo Oyamada, Yoshinori Sunahara, Towa Tei ), The famous Japanese electronic music orchestra METAFIVE, composed of famous musicians such as Tomohiko Gondo and lead singer Leo Imai, will bring the celebration to a climax, accompanied by Vacheron Constantin’s newly launched Overseas Series. The plan shines in this unforgettable night.

Glashütte’s New Sixties Collection Lights Up The Dark Blue At Night

Since the debut of the Glashütte Sixties series in 2007, it has been very popular. It combines elegance, retro modernity, and independent design, which is a reflection of the exciting 1960s. The Sixties collection’s character-packed design and all the small details are so stylish and eye-catching, making people reminiscent of the 60’s charm scenery.
 This year, the brand has added a new member to Sixties, the prestigious vintage watch series, adding new charming colors to the Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date models. The two watches appear in the dark blue and blue colors of the night and night, making them infinite. Surprise.
 The stainless steel case of Sixties, with a diameter of 39 mm, and the stainless steel case of Sixties Panorama Date, has a large calendar window of the brand’s famous white background with white numbers against a blue background, which complements the color of the dial. .

 Turn the watch over, and you will find the six arches of sapphire crystal in the bottom of the watch. This design allows people to watch the movement of the watch from a wider and clearer angle. Whether it is its own 39-52 calibre or Sixties Panorama Date calibre 39-47, it is definitely a special feature of the two watches. Both watches have a 40-hour power reserve, and the craftsmanship is very delicate and professional, in order to meet the stringent standards of the brand Saxony. From the beveled edge design of the two watch movements, polished stainless steel components, gooseneck trimmer, 21K gold skeleton rotor and the brand’s unique 3/4 splint with stripe decoration, you can easily discover the brand’s iconic design.
 In addition, both watches are matched with a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap that matches the 1960s, and the stainless steel pin buckle on the strap fastens the watch elegantly and easily.
 The watch’s German arched silver dial is electroplated in the brand’s own factory and is decorated with sun-ray texture. In the minute circle, the Arabic numerals of the same style are displayed on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock scales. The slightly curved white gold hour and minute hands with super luminous paint, and the elegant second hand slowly rotate to ensure that the time displayed by the watch is never different. The design of the watch is pure and simple, and even the hour scale on the dial is precisely manufactured by the factory.
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Casio Edifice Launches Full Metal Bluetooth Analog Watch

EDIFICE with Speed ​​& Intelligence as its brand concept, upholding the spirit of pursuing excellence and showing excellent performance, and after the previous Bluetooth smart watch EQB-500 received great praise, it now introduces all-metal Bluetooth pointer wisdom Watch models-EQB-510 / ECB -500, set a new peak in the quality of Bluetooth watches, and make the convenience of life provided by ‘Wireless’ easily available.
CASIO EDIFICE Full Metal Bluetooth Analog Watch EQB-510 Image

   Maintaining the appearance of traditional stainless steel watches combined with the concept of smart Bluetooth, EDIFICE launches models equipped with Bluetooth® Smart low-power technology, which can wirelessly connect smartphones Note 1 and synchronize the local time to the watch, or through the exclusive CASIO WATCH + APP Note 2: Directly set a number of functions such as world time and alarm in 300 cities, to meet the needs of business people to instantly grasp the moment in the business trip. In addition, the watch uses solar power to convert sunlight or other light sources into electricity without additional charging. Even when using power consumption functions such as Bluetooth connection and chronograph, there is no need to worry about zero power.
   Both series are equipped with metal pointer display, of which EQB-510 uses pure pointer display, and ECB-500 uses dual pointer and digital LCD design. The simple surface of three pins and three eyes is equipped with large three-dimensional moments, creating a simple and stylish new experience. With dual dial world time display, and with the concept of international vision, the earth pattern is integrated into the eyes of the world timetable. Not only does the time in the two cities be clear at a glance, but it also provides business people traveling around the world to easily grasp the time information. The metal washing chain appearance combined with Bluetooth smart technology also creates a sense of fashion for users.
Note 1: Automatically connect at most once a day to automatically adjust the watch time with the time information in the smartphone
Note 2: Currently applicable devices: iPhone 6 (iOS8.1.3), iPhone 6 Plus (iOS8.1.3), iPhone 5s (iOS7 ~ 8.1), iPhone 5c (iOS7 ~ 8.1), iPhone 5 (iOS7 ~ 8.1), iPhone 4s (iOS7 ~ 8.1), GALAXY S5 (Android 4.4 ~ 5.0), GALAXY Note3 (Android 4.3 ~ 4.4), GALAXY S4 (Android 4.3 ~ 4.4) EQB-510 series
   The new EQB-510 is displayed with pure metal hands, a simple black dial, and a large 3D three-dimensional metal moment, which greatly improves the convenience and comfort of time reading. In addition, it has solar power (Tough Solar). Even if it uses various power consumption functions such as Bluetooth connection synchronization time, chronograph, etc., it can also operate stably without worrying about power consumption. In addition, it is waterproof to 100 meters and date / week. Display, world time in two places (300 cities), mobile phone search, and other functions. The entire series has two designs: stylish silver and wash chain black, creating a new fashion experience.

ECB-500 series
   Using the classic three-pin three-eye design, combined with a wash chain high-quality stainless steel case combined with a digital LCD dual display, the perfect interpretation of the simple and stylish life of business people. The entire series combines high-brightness LED lighting, large 3D three-dimensional metal moments with red and green jumping color hand details embellish the dial, making the dial more dynamic, and the dual display design of the pointer / LCD makes it easier for users to grasp information when reading information. In addition, there are many functions such as Bluetooth connection synchronization time, solar power, waterproof 100 meters, date / day display, two places of world time (300 cities), mobile phone search and other functions. There are two options, such as stainless steel and black ion IP processing. , Perfectly show the charm of business fashion.


[EQB-510 main functions]
• Tough Solar
• Water-resistant to 100 meters
• Mobile phone Bluetooth connection function
• Flight mode
• Time display between the two places (local and home time switch)
• 1 second stopwatch
Measuring range: 23: 59’59
Measurement mode: elapsed time
• Daily alarm
• Low battery warning
• Fully automatic monthly calendar (to 2099)
• Power saving function (when the watch goes dark for a period of time, the hands will stop working)
• Date display
• Time mode:
Hands (hours, minutes (hands move every 10 seconds), seconds)
Four-turn design: (24-hour clock, dual time zone time / minute, dual time zone 24-hour clock, week display)
• Accuracy: ± 15 seconds per month
• Battery life estimates:
When the solar cell does not generate electricity, it can operate continuously after being fully charged: When the functions are normally operating: about 8 months; In the power-saving state: about 34 months
• Size: 52 X 48.1 X 14.2 mm
• Weight: 191g
[ECB-500 main functions]
• Tough Solar
• Water-resistant to 100 meters
• High-brightness LED lighting
• Mobile phone Bluetooth connection function
• Flight mode
• World time-40 time zones (40 cities + corresponding global time), city code, daylight saving time, local and home time switching
• Pointer movement function (the pointer can be moved through the operation button to avoid the LCD display area, which is more clear when reading various information)
• 1/100 second stopwatch
Measurement range: 23: 59’59.99 ”
Measurement mode: elapsed time, halfway time, first / second time difference
  Measurement unit: 1 second
  Measurement limit: 24 hours
  Setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (increase unit: minute or hour)
• 5 sets of daily alarms
• Low battery warning
• Power saving function (when the watch goes dark for a period of time, the hands will stop working)
• Fully automatic monthly calendar (to 2099)
• 12/24 hour system
• Operation sound on / off
• Time mode:
Hands (hours, minutes (hands move every 10 seconds), seconds)
Single lap design: (second time zone hour / minute)
• Digital display: hours, minutes, seconds, PM, date, week, world time am / pm
• Accuracy: ± 15 seconds per month
• Battery life estimates:
When the solar cell does not generate electricity, it can operate continuously after being fully charged: When the functions are normally operating: about 8 months; Under the power saving state: about 26 months
• Size: 51.7X 48.3 X 14.6 mm
• Weight: 191g

Women Really Love Audemars Piguet Millennium Women’s Watch

At the Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva, Audemars Piguet has launched two new millennial women’s watches, and one of the women’s watches with a very retro charm has attracted everyone’s attention. look. See how Audemars Piguet plays with women’s watches, what kind of women’s watches are women really love?

 This new millennial women’s watch is available in a white or rose gold case with a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set bezel and lugs. Innovative: Polished woven straps that complement each other.

Real details

 The case is made of 18K rose gold, with anti-glare sapphire crystal and case back, diamond-set bezel and lugs, and the crown is set with a convex pink sapphire.

 On the dial design, the use of white mother-of-pearl adds points to the feminine femininity. With the design of the small seconds dial, and the golden numerals of the Roman numerals, the retro charm comes out.

 The exquisitely crafted Polish-woven strap has a soft mesh effect that fits the wrist perfectly and is as comfortable as the second skin.

Real details

 Both the Milan braided strap and the Polish braided strap use spring-like elongated gold threads, woven through a chain structure, and then cut, welded and assembled by hand. The difference between the two lies in how the gold wire is wound. The gold wire of the Milan woven strap is all wound in the same direction, and the structure is relatively simple and consistent, while the structure of the Polish woven strap is relatively complicated, and the gold wire is alternately wound in two directions to create a more compact and smooth surface.

 Through the sapphire crystal glass we can see the finely polished movement, using the hand-wound Calibre5201, with a 49-hour power reserve.

Summary: Women’s pursuit and love of watches may be different from men’s pursuit of mechanical beauty of watches. It may need some other embellishments. Audemars Piguet understands the truth, diamonds, gems and mother-of-pearl, these elements constitute a A watch that only women can’t refuse. This Audemars Piguet collection is also available in platinum.

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The Breguet Madrid Tour Show Glory Unveiled

Recently, Breguet toured in 2016 to the Royal Opera House in Madrid, which is one of the most famous opera houses in Europe. In the luxuriously decorated room, the theme exhibition ‘Breguet, AStory Amongthe Greats’ presents a deep connection between Breguet and the monarch, writer and composer, who have also left their own unique marks in the brand history .

   To celebrate the official opening of the exhibition, Breguet invites distinguished guests to attend the exclusive evening. King Philip VI of Spain visits the Opera House to enjoy the premiere of ‘Otero’. Otello was written by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1887. Breguet has a deep historical connection with the world of classical music. Legendary figures Gio Aquino Rossini and Arthur Rubinstein are valuable customers of Breguet.

  The exhibition ‘Breguet, Along with Greatness’ is being exhibited at the Royal Opera House in Madrid. The deadline is September 29, 2016. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

One-minute Flight Carussell Blancpain Evolution Watch Reviews

Caruso is a rare and fascinating complication. It is designed to offset the perturbation of gravity caused by gravity. Blancpain reborn this device and for the first time incorporated it in a watch. Today’s Watch House brings you a one-minute flying Carrousel watch, the official model is: 00222A-1500-53B.

 As with the tourbillon, the carrousel device can offset and neutralize the deceleration and acceleration of the balance wheel caused by the gravity of the earth. The balance wheel and escapement belong to the speed regulating mechanism of the watch, and when they are in the vertical position, they are affected by gravity. However, when they are constantly rotated by the tourbillon or Carrousel, they will continuously pass through all the vertical positions to offset the travel time error.


More than a century after Caruso was forgotten, Blancpain has reinvented this complication and used it in watches, thus achieving a world first. Inadvertently, Carloso at the LeBrassus watch factory became the first to be equipped with a frame that exactly completes one revolution in one minute. The tourbillon contains a rotating frame; in contrast, Caruso consists of a platform, and the balance wheel and its bridge rotate like a carousel’s Trojan.


From the front of the watch we can know that the watch uses a hollow design, we can observe the precise movement of the internal movement from the front. And this watch is different from the ordinary skeleton watch, and the side of the watch is also designed with sapphire crystal glass, which is very rare in all watches.

 The watch is equipped with a black alligator strap with rubber lining. The watch uses a folding buckle design, the same material and case, are made of 18K white gold.


The sides of the watch are also designed with sapphire crystal glass, which is lean and clear. I believe that there are not many opportunities to watch the movement of the watch from this angle. The thickness of the watch is 13.5 millimeters, which makes the wrist worn with a certain thickness.


The lugs of this watch are also made of 18K white gold, and the lugs are 23 mm apart and waterproof to 30 meters. Hollow sword-shaped pointer design, such a design has an unparalleled appeal to friends who have a strong internal device of the watch. Hollow is so thorough that such watches are rare.


The watch’s one-minute flying Carrousel tourbillon device is located at 12 o’clock in the middle of the watch. Friends who bought the bag can watch the tourbillon at all times.


The 18K white gold watch’s lugs are perfectly curved.


The bottom of the watch also uses a sapphire crystal glass back, and the lower bridge is decorated with hollow enamel. The upper bridge decoration process is derived from sub-micro particles and micro-engraving technology.


Summary: Finally, we need to say that the watch uses a manual winding movement, which is equipped with a 22T movement, a movement thickness of 6.16 mm, and a movement diameter of 32 mm. It can provide 120 hours of power when the movement is fully wound, making it a long-powered watch. (Picture / text
Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

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