3.15, I Decided To Talk About The ‘assembly Table’ In The Domestic Market

It is not too late to get to the topic. 3.15 is coming. Every time 3.15, all industries will expose the quality problems and fraud problems in the products. When I worked in a magazine before, 3.15 every year often did some counterfeiting content in the domestic watch industry. However, because the content in magazines has always been more formal, even if the contents are fake and counterfeit, I must admit that these contents will be empty and many words cannot be said. Therefore, on the occasion of 3.15 this year, in response to the needs of the watch house, I will write something that is really valuable for domestic watch enthusiasts and watch friends, and talk about the ‘assembly in the domestic watch market’ table’.

   Before I begin, I want to make three points. First, ‘existence is reasonable.’ The reason why there are many in the domestic watch market, even a large number of assembled watches, is necessarily because of market demand. Writing this article is my job. Similarly, many people make these watches for a living, so I only talk about the phenomenon that does not target anyone and does not undermine anyone’s life. Second, although I know a few brands well Watches are the hardest hit area for ‘assembled watches’, but for the protection of the brand, I will not involve any brand or specific watch style. Third, I don’t insert too many pictures in this article in case you have misunderstandings. Let’s start.
First of all, I want to tell you what is the ‘assembly table’.
   We usually use two words to describe watches, one is ‘true watch’ and the other is ‘false watch’. Real watches, that is, watches we obtain from the primary market or the secondary market, are officially produced and manufactured by watch brands. The true watch is from the inside to the outside (the strap is not included, because the strap can be replaced by itself), all parts are original parts produced by the watch brand. The fake watches we usually say are rough counterfeits bearing the brand logo. Regardless of the movement or appearance of the watch, it is completely different from the real watch, and can be recognized at a glance for people with a little experience. The ‘assembled watch’ is in a very special position. It not only has the same appearance as the ‘real watch’, but also uses a large number of parts in the assembled watch. I can say without exaggeration that even people who have worked in the watch industry for many years, even the counters of the brand, cannot recognize the ‘assembled watch’. Even if you don’t believe it, I tell you that even watches sold in some counters may have ‘assembled watches’.
Some rumors sound unreliable, but these are not groundless.

   We often hear such statements. A certain product is produced by the tailings of a brand foundry, and these products are no different from the real product. We usually ignore such statements, and we even think, how can there be any tailings in a regular factory? In fact, there is some connection between the ‘assembly table’ and the above statement.
   It is no secret that some foreign watches are indeed produced in China, which is not surprising, because many luxury brands now produce in China. It is this method of production that gave birth to the ‘assembled watch’ in the watch market. Workers in the factory have ample opportunity to access detailed data on the products produced. When the conditions are ripe, some of them will stand on their own, prepare their own factories and start their own production. The product data comes from the ‘brand official’. These are all true and accurate data. After that, these ‘assembly table’ factories can start to mold themselves and produce parts. In fact, China’s watch manufacturing scale is very large, a large number of foreign brands are produced in the country, so the ‘assembly watch’ factory can reasonably and reasonably customize other components needed by other factories, such as dials, such as hands. In this process, don’t forget that the specifications of these parts are based on the official real data of the watch brand. Each part of the ‘assembly watch’ is ‘exactly’ the real watch. So the appearance of these watches is no different from the real watch.

For ‘assembled watch’, the movement is not a difficult problem to solve. Even if it can’t be solved, it will only produce quartz watches. After all, many watch brands produce quartz watches. There is no problem with the movement. .

   Below is the movement. I used to say that even if a fake watch looks like a real one, it can’t imitate the movement. Some technical components on the movement, especially the self-produced movements of various watch factories, cannot be copied by folk technology. You may ask, in this case, why do you say that ‘assembled watch’ can not be recognized by even experts and brand counters? Because some assembled watches use ‘real movement’. I can tell you very responsible that many manufacturers who produce ‘assembled watches’ are themselves experts in watches. The details of the watch movement are also very clear. We usually notice the shape of the shock absorber of the movement, the shock absorber opening, and the steel stamp on the splint, which are all clear to the experts. (For the manufacturers of ‘assembly watches’, there are ‘hidden’ products. Just don’t sell it). Therefore, in order to solve the problem of the movement, some of them even chose a very ‘powerful’ method to buy the real movement directly from Switzerland. To my limited knowledge, many models of different movements are available, even for new models. These bought movements are directly mounted in the case. There is no problem at all. The movement itself is a real movement. How can you identify it? Of course, for the manufacturers of ‘assembled tables’, the only problem with this method is that the cost is relatively high, so only some ‘assembled tables’ will choose this method, and some other ‘assembled tables’ manufacturers slowly give up This method does not make a mechanical watch. Assembling mechanical watches is not a problem at all, quartz watches are easier to solve and more unrecognizable. As mentioned earlier, the case is made with ‘official data’ and the movement is bought with a ‘real movement’. I really do n’t know how to recognize such a watch with the watch, I really ca n’t recognize it (the watch’s Accessories such as packaging and warranty cards are very easy to obtain).
Where do these ‘assembly tables’ go?
   First of all, there will be more ‘assembled tables’ than you think. There are also many watch brands involved, but you can rest assured that for those high-end watches, there will not be a problem of ‘assembled watches’, because these high-end watches will not be produced in China at all. Watches like Rolex, even in the N factory, the movement can not be imitated. So you can rest assured that you are holding a high-end watch. High-end watches have high technical content and complicated process technology, which cannot be ‘assembled’. Of course, Hong Kong-equipped Rolex still exists, but Hong Kong-equipped Rolex usually has a case and bracelet containing privately-made parts. The movement is still unable to imitate, only real movements can be used. In fact, the ‘assembled watch’ is sold privately after production. I don’t think it is a ‘big problem’. What really surprised me is that some people even said that some watches sold in duty-free shops are ‘assembled watches’ (I do not comment on this, nor do I comment on the truth, although I trust the person who told me the news). But there is no doubt that many ‘assembled watches’ have entered some watch stores. In fact, if you think about it, you will know that if such a large amount is not shipped in large quantities, sporadic personal transactions will not be able to digest it.

Rolex does have the phenomenon of N factory and Hong Kong watch installation, but there is no ‘assembly watch’ phenomenon in duty-free shops.

I am very clear that you want to know which brands of watches will be ‘assembled watches’, but I cannot answer this question, but I can tell you how to avoid them.
   First of all, for those who are new to the world of watches and clocks, if there is no one who is proficient in watches, then go to a brand store to buy a watch, although the price will be much higher, but foolproof. Many friends who have not entered the brand store to buy watches, the first thing that can be assured is that, as we mentioned earlier, there will be no ‘assembled watch’ for high-end watches (note that I said ‘assembled watch’ instead of N Factory, ZF factory, etc.). Rolex sellers of Hong Kong or private watch cases and original movements will tell consumers that this is a high-end toy watch and will not hit their own business. After all, they can easily check the authenticity after they have obtained the watch from Rolex customer service. For the low-priced personal watches, you can really ask the seller one more question, ‘Is it a product?’ If it is, although everyone’s way of making a living is different, most people are honest. Then, many people will tell you truthfully which are ‘assembled’, even which parts are original, and which parts are ‘made’. There is no justice in buying and selling. Everyone has their own way of making a living. I understand.