A New Direction For Digital Watches Lange Zeitwerk Date Watch

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of Lange’s first mechanical watch with a precision jump display, the brand has launched a new work featuring a new homemade movement and built-in superior extra features. ZEITWERKDATE’s glass date ring displays the current date in red.

 With the launch of ZEITWERK in 2009, Lange wrote a new chapter in timing. As the first mechanical watch with a constant-force escapement and precise hour and minute display, it has won awards for this innovative concept and eye-catching appearance. The unique device advances the digital disk in one second, and even pushes all three disks at the same time as you step into the next hour. ZEITWERK cleverly controls the power that needs to be released, which can be described as a real ‘time machine’.

 Ten years later, Lange’s digital mechanical watch is ushered in a new design movement with additional functions-a ring-shaped date display around the entire dial, harmoniously integrated with the ZEITWERK design. ZEITWERKDATE is equipped with a 18K white gold case with a diameter of 44.2 mm, a gray dial and a red date.

 The circular date ring is made of glass with numbers 1 to 31 and the current date is indicated in red. To show this effect, the small color segment below the date ring will go further before midnight; after a month, it will make a full circle on the dial. This layout makes the date display moments clear and easy to read at a glance. In addition, the corrector at 8 o’clock can adjust the date display; switching power will be generated when released.

 For Lange’s R & D personnel, ZEITWERK is both a challenge and an opportunity. Limited by the large digital dial and the attention dial with time bridge, it is difficult to add a traditional date display, let alone a large calendar display. Therefore, researchers need a completely new design solution. The concept of the instant jump date ring is unique and also matches the ZEITWERK design.

 Another big innovation of ZEITWERKDATE is the extra button at 4 o’clock. This can be used to advance the hour display separately, thereby solving the problem caused by the date display itself. Since the time setting must be accurate 24 hours, the minute-by-minute adjustment through the crown is a very time-consuming process, and the configuration of the hour button is also Bring a lot of design changes. Each time the button is pressed, the clutch separates the hour ring and the word-jumping device, allowing independent calibration outside the movement switching cycle. Release the button to generate switching power.

 The new L043.8 manual winding movement stands out with its well-organized movement structure. The patented constant-power escapement is responsible for two tasks: this constant-motion device provides uniform power to the balance wheel throughout the operating period. The unit will also provide power once a minute for switching the three-disk skip display.

 The 512-piece movement is adorned with fine decoration and becomes the unique Lange logo of ZEITWERKDATE. Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, you can see some components, such as the sculpted ratchet and the delicate perpetual bridge.
ZEITWERKDATE Model 148.038
Movement The Lange watch factory manufactures its own L043.8-type movement, which is manually wound. It meets Lange’s strict quality standards and is carefully modified and assembled by hand. Five-way precision adjustment; 3/4 plywood is made of untreated German silver. Manufacturing; hand-carved balance wheel splint; jumping device; constant power escapement
Movement parts 516
Gem number 70
Screwed gold sleeve 2
Escapement system lever escapement system
Oscillation system Fixed balance wheel with anti-vibration cam; self-made high-quality balance spring and patent-pending balance spring chuck manufactured by the watch factory; vibration frequency of up to 18,000 times per hour, combined with precision fixing system of lateral fixing screws and gooseneck lever
Power reserve: 72 hours after fully winding
Functions: Hour, minute and word skip, small seconds with stop-seconds device; date ring; power reserve indicator
Operating element Crown for winding and setting time; button at 4 o’clock to correct hour display; corrector at 8 o’clock to correct date display
Case dimensions Diameter: 44.2 mm; thickness: 12.3 mm
Movement size diameter: 36 mm; thickness: 9 mm
Glass and case back Sapphire crystal (Mohs hardness 9)
Case 18K White Gold
Dial Solid silver, grey
Date display red
Time Bridge Rhodium Plated German Silver
18K yellow gold rhodium-plated hands
Strap Hand-stitched alligator leather strap, dark brown
Buckle 18K white gold pin buckle