Bedat & Co Salutes The Future Star Of Women’s Tennis

Bedat & Co relies on tomorrow’s champion to look forward to its future. They will be like Ana Kournikova-now a legend of Glamour magazine-raising the trophy of the European Tennis Championships and becoming famous in World War I. The Geneva watchmaker is pleased to participate in this international competition, which will be held this summer in the famous town of Klosters, near Davos, Switzerland, from July 19th to 25th this summer.

As described in a painting published in the United States in 1913, tennis and feminine beauty can be well combined
Tennis has always been a sport that blends elegance and femininity, with values ​​similar to the watch brand created by Simone Bedat. Women have played tennis from the beginning. Even if no one picks them up on the court, there are certain customs to follow, especially in terms of clothing: hats, corsets, skirts that grow to the ankles … Grand Prix champion Blanche Bingley plays with white gloves and tie Jane reached the point where she peaked.
In the high society of the early twentieth century, it was hard to imagine a garden party without the noble sport of tennis. Let’s pay tribute to these courageous and passionate female athletes who run hard and sometimes have to cover the skirt with the other hand when they hit the ball with one hand …

At first, if these women resisted a little and could participate in the competition, now they can gracefully and easily board the podium of international competitions. The media regularly engages in hype around these beautiful female athletes.
Bedat & Co has targeted its fine watches to the future star of women’s tennis. Outstanding athletes who inherited Martina Hingis Hingis in 1994 or Anna Kournikova in 1995 and Tatiana Golovin in 2007. Which actress will dominate this year’s European Youth Championship ?
Source: Bedat & Co.
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