Big Patek Philippe 5004p: A Watch With Investment Potential

Timekeeping and perpetual calendar, Patek Philippe can always write articles on complex watches. Ref 5004P has always been a watch that I believe has great investment potential, for a simple reason: it is ‘cheap’! No kidding, saying it’s cheap compared to other complicated Patek Philippe. You know, adding any function to the perpetual calendar can be regarded as very complicated, or more complicated than the complicated one-it feels like a password twist, but it is the case.

    If you compare the prices of other complicated superimposed models of Patek Philippe, the valuation limit of this Ref 5004P is 2 million Hong Kong dollars. I believe that as long as it is stored for several years, there must be a lot of room for it.
[Overall description] Platinum, perpetual calendar, double tracking needle, moon phase, leap year, manufactured in 2003.
[Estimated price] 1500000-2000000 HKD
[Including commission price] 20.06 million HKD