Bulgari Launches Ultra-thin Tourbillon Watch

For a long time, major brands have continuously innovated technology to show lighter and thinner movements to demonstrate brand strength. At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Bulgari made a blockbuster with a Bulgari OctoFinissimo tourbillon watch.

Bulgari OctoFinissimo Tourbillon Watch

This watch is only 5 millimeters thick and is equipped with the thinnest tourbillon movement on the market. The thickness of the movement is only 1.95 millimeters. The combination of the 1.95 mm thick tourbillon frame and the base plate of the movement determines the thickness of the entire movement. The entire movement architecture consists of two splints: one for the minute hand and one for the tourbillon frame wheel train that makes one revolution per minute. The movement contains 7 ball bearings to support its movement. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)