Citizen Like The Golden ‘time. Light’ Of The Stars

CITIZEN will participate in Milan Salone Milan Design Week as one of the global brand promotion activities. This global design industry event provides an exciting opportunity for people around the world to learn more about the CITIZEN brand. Promise-to create the future of watches.

 Since the company was founded in 1930, CITIZEN has been focusing on pushing the boundaries of watchmaking technology so that more people around the world can wear quality watches. In 1976, a key technological breakthrough was made on the basis of an innovative culture. This is the revolutionary light energy charging technology-light kinetic energy, which converts any light source into electricity to drive the watch. Eco-Drive completely eliminates the need to replace the battery, so that more people can enjoy wearing CITIZEN watches, which is exactly the most important mission in our corporate spirit. Turn ‘light’ into ‘time’ and explore a new ‘future’ together. Light kinetic energy promotes the concept of ‘time’ × ‘light’ × ‘future’.

 This world-class design event attracts more than 320,000 visitors from more than 160 countries. They have the opportunity to experience the spirit of the CITIZEN brand-working hard to build the future by exploring the relationship between light and time. This ‘installation art’ design was jointly developed by the famous architect Tsuyoshi Tane in Paris and CITIZEN’s own design team. To celebrate the theme of ‘light real time’, this device is composed of the watch’s main splint, which is the basic raw material for making watches. 80,000 main splints stand still in the air, creating an inspirational space for our exhibits in the Milan Three Years Centre showroom. The focal point is that a 1920s pocket watch will be on display alongside the latest models. This rare timepiece allows visitors to see the origin of CITIZEN. Combining our latest watch lineup and artistic installations, the entire exhibition strengthens the image of CITIZEN’s world-class brand, and hopes that visitors can better understand the charm of CITIZEN design and the essence of watchmaking technology.

 CITIZEN’s installation art at Milan Design Exhibition

Light instant

 ‘Time is light. Light in real time’ is the simplest concept we finally came up with from the inspiration of CITIZEN watch production: ‘light in time’. Light was produced by the Big Bang, and it was the beginning of the universe. Crossing the horizon, the rising sun embraces the earth in a halo, causing shadow shifts, seasonal changes, and moon phases. When humans discover these phenomena, we unknowingly develop the concept of time.

 CITIZEN is brave enough to accept the challenge to develop a watch that ‘turns light into time’ in line with the company’s philosophy-‘Make a watch for all citizens.’ Light Instant is a device of light and time. In the showroom of the Milan Three Years Center, we will display a grand space composed of 80,000 main splints, which are the structural devices of all watch components. There we can imagine a space orchestral music that fills the space with light, and conveys a feeling of light and time that humans have never experienced through the transmission of sound and light sources. In addition to the exhibits exhibited at the exhibition, from pocket watches (that is the origin of CITIZEN) to the latest watches that receive satellite signals, we hope that visitors can experience CITIZEN by seeking the answer: ‘what makes a watch’ duty of.

 ‘Time is light’. If there is no light, then there will be no time. Humans digitized time in the 20th century, measured it and continued to compress it, until we finally forget the relationship between it and light. Without light, we will never have the wonders of the universe, the rich resources of the earth, or the joy of life. ‘Light is time’-the action of summoning light to return to time is our attempt in ‘light in the 21st century’.

 CITIZEN Design Showcase Like Walking into the Time Corridor

CITIZEN actively promotes the concept of ‘time is light. Light is real time’, transforming the kinetic energy of light into time worn on the wrist.