Classic, Elegant And Extraordinary Tasting Of The “Memorial Day” Automatic Calendar Watch Of Mido Berencelli

We all hope to have a watch that is close to perfection. It has high value, good performance, reasonable price, and well-known brand. And even though such watches are hard to find, they are not missing. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Swiss Mido. As its classic series, the Belem Celli series has attracted much attention. It’s amazing and memorable.

  The Belem Celli series is a collection that pays attention to watchmaking tradition and classic design. It is inspired by the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan. It draws the artistic atmosphere of classical architecture and brings extraordinary watch temperament. The double-layered bezel reflects the unique architectural inspiration of the series, and also adds a distinct layering to the watch.

  As the century-old watch of the celebration brand, it has its own special appeal. The design maintains the simple and elegant style of the Belem Celli series. The difference is that the calendar is upgraded from a single calendar window to a large calendar with a double window display. Although its function is to provide date information, it is completely different in style and skill. The large calendar has long been a symbol of high-end watches and has a long history, and the realization of the large calendar requires more complex mechanical structures and reflects higher watchmaking technology.

   The diameter of the case of 40 mm has the atmosphere of the dial, and the overall thickness is 10.38 mm. It is not thin or thick, and the ratio is appropriate. The surface of the stainless steel case is coated with PVD rose gold coating, which is warm and luxurious, very pleasing.

  Beyond that, the details of this watch deserve a closer look. The white dial is simple and bright, with three-dimensional scales and Roman characters on the surface, giving a sense of luxury. The hour and minute hands are specially treated with double facets, one side is polished, the other is sandblasted, the light and dark are interlaced, and the texture is distinctive. At 6 o’clock, the large calendar is presented in the form of two wide date windows, which is more clear and extraordinary.

  The double bezel is one of the characteristics of the Mido Berencelli series, reminiscent of the glass vault of the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan. Compared to the traditional single-layer bezel, it is round, rich in layers, individual and classic.

  The crown meets the overall rounded style, the overall arc is smooth and beautiful, and the hand feels excellent.

  The lugs extend from the case, and the curves are natural and elegant.

Black leather strap

  The watch is equipped with a black leather strap carefully made by Mido. The texture is flexible and anti-allergic, which can fit the wrist well and provide a comfortable feel. The butterfly buckle on the strap is safe and secure.

Back cover

  Of course, the most worthy to say is naturally the exclusive Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement specially developed for the centennial celebration. It has developed a large calendar structure based on the original Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement. There is one more disk in the calendar, so whether it is normally driven or manually adjusted, it is more complicated than a single calendar. Besides, it needs to consider that in order to display the correct date between the two disks, strict cooperation is required. Because of this, it has always been considered a complication in high-end watches.

  Obviously, the new Mido Berencelli series ‘anniversary day’ large calendar automatic mechanical watch has excellent appearance, unique functionality, and unique brand significance. Cost-effective watch is also an excellent dress watch. Its domestic public price is RMB 7700. I think at the same price, there may not be a more unique dress watch. Do you have a heartbeat?