A few years ago, I was curious about the Daytona after setting diamonds. I was also impressed by the personalized look of Rolex. However, as time goes by, I gradually find that …-Mr. Ye, I have made it clear in the article ‘Color Dust | Watches Knowing These Points May Allow Your Watch to Add Value’ Replacement discs face damage to the value of antique Rolex. But in the modern Rolex world, the impact of the modification is relatively more complicated … There is a root in the official Rolex conversion table, which is the official disk change. Using my own example of labor, out of my love of French culture, I changed the weekday of the 69 Ruby Rolex Weekly Log Series DD from English to French. Because it is sent to Shanghai labor service for disk change service, it is officially recognized. This also means that this operation will not affect the used price of the watch. Note: The weekly indication of the weekly log series is available in 26 languages, including Chinese. The advantage of the unofficial disk change ‘Genzhen Miaohong’ is that it is officially recognized, but the disadvantage is also very obvious, that is, the visual effect of the modification is satisfactory. In contrast, third-party modification agencies are better at imagination. Whether it’s Artisans de Genève’s Daytona Hollow Edition (116508), Daytona Tribute 6240 Edition (116520), or the Blaken Pink Piglet Page (114060) which once burst the WeChat circle of friends, all have striking visual effects Has attracted countless attention. Daytona Hollow Edition (left) and Daytona Salute 6240 (right, official price 31260 Euros) Of course, these limited-edition modified models are much more expensive than the original. Take the hottest pink piglet Pecs as an example. The original priceless original Nigger 114060 as the base is officially quoted at 58200 yuan. The actual second-hand full set is about 56,000 yuan, but the price was instantly turned by the hands of Blaken. It was almost 3 times, about 160,000 yuan. You can think that the premium part is paying for the idea, but please don’t forget that this idea is not officially recognized and protected, so whether it is used in the future, it will be inaccurate or it will be repaired after four or five years. , Can not be carried out in labor, because the other party will ask you to restore the watch first. At this time, the only feasible thing is to entrust a folk master or find the official maintenance of a third-party modification agency. This is slightly troublesome, watch fans should pay attention to it. Blaken Pink Piggy Page (left) and original black nigger 114060 (right) Bsepoke Watch (full custom Rolex) leader in third-party modification industry Blaken, there are private customization services available. In other words, consumers can choose any color combination of the exterior parts of the new Rolex according to their own preferences. Need to pay, in addition to the huge cost of capital, there is also the depreciation of the corresponding watch in the second-hand value. After all, unless there is a blessing from the celebrity effect, otherwise such a watch with a very personal aesthetic, if sold in the secondary market, will most likely end bleakly. Blaken’s personal customization service allows consumers to customize the secondary market of their own original Rolex watches. It is undeniable that there are very few third-party modified watches that have occasionally highlighted the secondary market in recent years. But overall, it is still relatively sluggish. Real people in the secondary market, but also belong to the original Rolex. Look at the Green Water Ghost. When it was bought in 2017, it was almost 52,000 yuan, but now the starting price of this watch is nearly 95,000 yuan, which has almost doubled. The price chart of green water ghosts is even more important. Any original watch that is scarce and of good quality will have a great chance of achieving impressive results in the auction market. For example, the antique Scarlet Sea Angel 1680 won 45,000 Swiss francs and about 300,000 RMB at the 2018 Rich Arts Geneva auction (the newly reprinted Scarlet Sea Angel 126600 is priced at 88500 yuan). This result is unmatched by any third-party modified watch. It is very interesting that when I saw the auction results of 1680, I groaned, ‘If I changed the 1680 plate at that time, it might be worth 30,000.’ The Rolex Scarlet Sea Envoy has won 45,000 Swiss francs (approximately 300,000 RMB) at the 2018 Rich Artists Geneva auction. The above data tells us that if you want to maintain or even increase the value of your watch, it is best to stick to the original! Accompanying Mr. Ye reminded me that I had mentioned more than once, ‘The quotation in the secondary market is a reflection of the true value of the watch.’ Therefore, even if a third-party modified Rolex (changing the disk, changing needles, adding diamonds, etc.) has its unique design, it is still not recommended for watch fans to buy from the perspective of investment or value preservation (my Daytona, who only added the later diamond, waited for me to replace it, but it didn’t rise, but the original diamond has already risen a lot !!!). The reason is very simple. The original Rolex has a limited depreciation margin, and some models may even surpass it in the future. To some extent, it can be said to be a financial product. As for the third-party modified watch, although there are occasional bright spots in the secondary market, poor liquidity is its biggest problem. The reason is very simple, the brand is not recognized, the general public is afraid to take over, and it takes a lot of time to carefully inquire about the watch. The final price is not surprising … Therefore, in my opinion, the third-party modified watch is not Can’t buy it, but it is definitely not suitable for ordinary watch fans. The potential customers of this type of watch should be the kind of fiery players who like unique personality and are not ready to sell after buying. Of course, waywardness (Pig Piggy) can. After all, uniqueness requires financial support. 2Corinthians 8: 9 | You know the grace of our Lord Jesus: He was rich, but he became poor for you, that you may become rich because of his poverty. Car vous connaissez la grace de notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ, qui pour vous s’est fait pauvre, de riche qu’il etait, afin que par sa pauvrete vous fussiez enrichis .