Country ‘galapagos Islands’ Chronometer

The mysterious black dial with striking white markings adds a sense of fashion to this uninhibited sports watch. Its characteristic matte black rubber surface is made through a complex vulcanization process, bringing a new visual and tactile experience to a 44 mm diameter stainless steel case. Each stainless steel case is pressurized and heated in a special mold, permanently fused with this warm-touch, anti-slip rubber material. The strap is also made of the same kind of black rubber, and it is connected to the case by the new bracelet quick-change system of the marine timepiece series.
    Equipped with a newly developed rotating diving bezel with a minute scale that can only be adjusted counterclockwise. Compared with the rotating inner ring adjusted by the crown, the non-slip bezel has two advantages: it can be easily operated with gloves before entering the water. It also highlights the brightness of this important diving device (along with the minute hand). The scale of the bezel is covered with 4 mm wide sapphire crystal glass, which is firmly embedded in the surface of the bezel. The bottom of the sapphire glass ring is coated with a thick Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which can shine through the surface of the sapphire glass ring or the digital scale even without lighting.
    The innovative quick-change system of the bracelet, just loosen the mechanical locking device on the bracelet by hand, you can remove and replace the bracelet or strap without tools, and the ‘fast’ replacement process only takes a few seconds. The rubber strap can also be replaced with a clasp-type extension strap to allow the watch to be worn outside a wetsuit. The marine timepiece ‘Galapagos Islands’ has a pressure-resistant function that can withstand a pressure of 12 bar, which is technically comparable to its predecessor, the marine timepiece automatic chronograph, with a power reserve of 44 hours when fully wound, and Can accumulate recording time up to 12 hours. The dial’s numerals and rotating bezel are still a strong contrast between black and white. Only the small second hand is yellow, which serves as a pointer for checking functions.