Editor Try On Longines Rose Watch

A colleague from the editor of the Watch House just asked a friend to bring back a Longines Rosewood L4.721.4 watch in Europe. The price is cheaper than domestic. He said that it is only more than 400 Euros. It seems that foreign watches There are still advantages. Of course, if you want to buy a watch abroad, you still need to have a way or friends abroad. It is better. Today I bring everyone the appreciation of this watch.
Longines Rosewood L4.721.4 watch overall tour

The first impression of this watch as a whole is elegant, with a simple design dial and hands and equipped with a date display function, combined with the ultra-thin dial of the automatic mechanical movement truly reflects the elegant beauty of this Longines watch.
Longines magnificent series L4.721.4 watch

We can see through this set of partial pictures that this watch is not back-to-bottom, and it uses a stainless steel folding buckle-style strap with a number engraved on the buckle. The folding buckle strap is given when worn and touched. People feel smooth and comfortable and feel good.
Longines Rosette L4.721.4 watch tushang

The things that men like in their bones are machinery, wine, and beauty. This watch and red wine together show its elegant temperament. Imagine leisurely tasting red wine in a wonderful afternoon, raising your hands and revealing it inadvertently. If you wear an elegant watch, it will be beautiful.
Longines Magnificent Collection L4.721.4

This watch is really suitable for people with a small body and character like me, who are thinner and then not very strong. This is the only way to better interpret the elegance of this watch.
Feeling of trying on:
 The overall style of this Longines watch is suitable for office white-collar workers, and then it is very comfortable to wear with a folding buckle strap. The simple design style is also a simple lifestyle that is expected by white-collar workers in the workplace. The design of the ultra-thin automatic mechanical movement does not make it look bloated in daily wear, and it does not look like a domineering sports-style watch strap. This more reveals the low-key and simple beauty. It is a recommended watch for the working class.