Elegant Chronograph Tasting Iwc Portugal Watch

Portugal’s Portuguese series has always been a popular watch of the brand, and it is also the watch of many people’s dreams. The one introduced this time is an entry model for this series, although there is no white plate Portuguese meter. It is as popular as Portuguese 7 and familiar to everyone, but it is still classic and has its own charm. This watch is practical and very pleasing in price. It is a very cost-effective watch. Official model: IW371438

   During the great development of marine sports, the IWC Portuguese series watch brand has won the favor of navigators because of its extraordinary creativity, quality craftsmanship and stable and reliable practicability. Many classic watches were born today. Portuguese watches are still sought after and loved by a large number of people.

IWC Portugal series function detailed diagram

   The dial layout of the watch is simple and lively. The recessed accumulator makes the 40.9 mm diameter dial even wider. The upper and lower small dials in the dial are the 30-minute chronograph dial and the small second dial.

   Embossed Arabic numerals and metal hour markers make the dial layered, coordinated with the symmetrically proportioned willow-shaped hour and minute hands, and the finely processed details make the watch an elegant and delicate texture.

   The black dial has a dull hue, and the stainless steel case makes the watch more chill, as if you can feel the cold temperature of the metal.

   The finely polished side of the case is the crown and two timing buttons, and the middle crown is engraved with the IWC logo. The thickness of the case is suitable for daily wear.

   It is no surprise that the strap chose elegant black alligator leather with a metal folding buckle. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

   The case back has a dense bottom design and is equipped with an ETA 7750 self-winding movement. This movement has a power reserve of 44 hours.

   The watch inherits the tradition of the Portuguese series of watches in terms of design and performance, with elegant appearance design, the diameter of the dial is in line with the popular large dials, the thickness of the case is moderate, and it is a simple and unpretentious watch. It is also superior in mechanical performance, the chronograph movement can be accurate to a quarter of a second.

Summary: This IWC Portuguese series IW371438 watch has a precise mechanical movement and elegant appearance design, it is a practical watch suitable for daily wear. If those who have infinite vision and love for sailing do not have the opportunity to experience the tumbling of the waves and the power of facing the nature, then buy a Portuguese watch with nautical heritage and experience the nautical wrists that have been passed down through the storm Table essence. The official reference price of the watch is 58,500 yuan, which is an entry-level model in the Portuguese series, which is very cost-effective.
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