Ferdinando Adolf Lange Founder Of German Precision Watchmaking

On December 7, 1845, Ferdinando Adolf Lange, only 30 years old, established his first watchmaking workshop in the remote and run-down town of Glashütte. His enthusiasm and vision for the watchmaking industry not only laid the foundation for the Lange brand, but also laid the cornerstone for the entire German precision watchmaking industry.
Ferdinando Adolf Lange laid the cornerstone for the entire German precision watchmaking industry
    In 1841, fervent watchmaker Ferdinando Adolf Lange traveled through the then fine watchmaking centres of London, Paris and Switzerland, and learned from contemporary precision watchmakers and took them with him. Back to Dresden full of new knowledge and new ideas. He then set up a joint venture company, ‘Gutkaes & Lange’, with his former employer and mentor Gutkaes, and later joined up with his daughter Tonya to enter into an in-laws relationship. Three years later, Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s reputation has spread throughout Dresden, the capital of Saxony. As an important watchmaker in the state, he has a great opportunity to follow the steps of his father-in-law and become a royal watchmaker in the Royal Saxony. However, Ferdinando Adolf Lange has a broader vision of watchmaking.
    Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s vision is to ‘set up a school to teach watchmaking to the young people of Erzgebirge and lay a solid foundation for future development in the region.’ In order to realize this vision, he He did not hesitate to leave the bustling Saxony capital, Dresden, and migrate to the remote and economically depressed town of Glashütte a few miles south. As the silver mines that were once the source of wealth have been completely exhausted, the area around Glashütte faces a crisis of extreme poverty, and about 1,000 residents in the area are suffering from hunger. On December 7, 1845, Ferdinando Adolf Lange founded the first pocket watch factory in the small infrastructure town of Glashütte, fulfilling his mission of lifting residents out of poverty. At the beginning, he recruited 15 young people, trained them to become watchmakers, provided livelihoods for them and the entire community they lived in, and restored prosperity.
Ferdinando Adolf Lange opens watchmaking workshop in Glashütte, making Glashütte a German watchmaking centre
    Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s grand vision not only laid the foundation for Germany’s greatest watch brand, but also laid the foundation stone for the entire German precision watch industry. In just a few decades, the seeds he has sown have made Glashütte an important watchmaking center in Europe. With the vigorous development of the German watch industry, Lange also became an internationally renowned brand under the care of his sons Richard and Amy.
    Ferdinando Adolf Lange was the former mayor of Glasudino and a member of the Saxony Congress. He is also one of the most respected watchmakers and outstanding inventors in history. He introduced the metric system into the watchmaking industry to facilitate the design of the movement components, and equipped the rotary lathe with a pedal flywheel to make the production of parts more accurate. The 3/4 splint he invented in 1864 increased Movement stability. Ferdinando Adolf Lange and his descendants have applied for more than 30 patents on watches and clocks. When he resigned from the world in 1875, he left a company that could not continue to develop for future generations. This light continued for 73 years. It was not until the Second World War that the company was taken over by the communist regime in East Germany. State-owned-that is 103 years after the establishment of the watch factory.
Lange ‘165 Years-Tribute to Ferdinando-Adolf-Langer’
    Nevertheless, this great watch dynasty did not end there. The reunification of Germany has led to a change in the political framework, meaning a new beginning. Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s great-grandson, Walter Lange, joined Günter Blümlein, an equally visionary partner, on December 7, 1990 to form Lange Uhren GmbH, announcing the return of Lange to the world of watches. Four years later, at Residenzschloss in Dresden, they released the first timepieces of Hyundai Lange-LANGE 1, SAXONIA, ARKADE and the legendary Pour le Mérite tourbillon watch, which is the watch series of the new generation. Groundbreaking.
     Lange adheres to the tradition left by the founders of the German precision watch industry and insists on producing only ‘the best watches in the world’, so it limits the annual production to thousands of pieces, and all the works only use gold or platinum cases. . Nowadays, most watch brands have sales as their main goal. Lange is one of the few brands focusing purely on quality. It can be seen from the dual assembly process, unparalleled craftsmanship and decorative art of each timepiece. Fanfan. Since making a comeback in the 1990s, Lange has developed 43 of its own movements, providing endless power for its outstanding works. In the brand’s success story, there are classic masterpieces such as the first watch series with a large calendar LANGE 1, and the first LANGE ZEITWERK that can accurately and clearly display data in the form of skip words. As the successor to the glorious watch kingdom, Lange in the new era has won the applause of the industry with his outstanding works. So far, he has won more than 160 international awards, and his status as a master watchmaker is indestructible.