From Chang’an Twelve Hours To Beijing Twelve Hours

With ‘Twelve Hours of Chang’an’ being a hit on the dark horse TV series, the live-action version of ‘Mulan’ has been a hot topic for two days. In fact, in the two years of Chinese drama, starting from ‘Langyao Bang’, the topic of Chinese style has attracted everyone’s attention, regardless of the structure of the drama, the clothing and makeup, makeup and historical details of the characters. Many people may be curious at first about the performance of the ‘four-character brother’, especially in the dark horse historical drama with this old drama. But so far, the acting has not only dropped, but also historical details are worth a look. (Pictures are taken from the stills of the Chang’an Twelve Hours on the Internet.) Judging from the plot, the twelve hours that happened on the eve of the Yuan Festival. At the same time, things happen everywhere, making the play’s rhythm compact and hanging People appetite. The director’s skillful use of long shots also made many netizens praise it, showing the prosperous scenery, folk customs, and fireworks life of Chang’an City at that time. (Pictures are taken from the stills posters of the ‘Chang’an Twelve Hours’ on the Internet.) The shocking ‘fork hand ceremony’ has made many theater fans have a new understanding of the etiquette of ancient China. For the attention of each character, there are illustrations to illustrate the exquisite details and cultural attention. There are also professionals in the play who carefully restored 28 kinds of Tang Dynasty dim sums, displayed in various banquet scenes, and blended the two intangible cultural heritages of ancient papermaking and ironsmithing into the plot expression, which can be described as the emphasis on traditional culture And respect. (The picture is taken from the movie poster of ‘Mulan’ on the Internet) Not every ‘Disney Princess’ must be particularly beautiful, China’s Mulan should be full of the charm of battle. Although Fujian Tulou appeared at the beginning, it really did not match the historical background, which caused a lot of controversy among the crowd. At one point, I wondered if you had misunderstood the ‘Chinese style’? Netizens feel that this is full of ‘Western imagination of the ancient East’. In fact, this type of American Chinese style, both domestic and foreign netizens, has a high degree of attention, although everyone has their own understanding. Let’s look forward to the release next spring! (The picture is taken from the movie poster of ‘Mulan’ on the Internet) In today’s impetuous and superficial real world, to be exquisite and exquisite, it seems that it is more and more related to the wood, but it is because of its rareness that it is more worthy of our cherishment. And when it comes to particular things, clocks are one of them. When we admire clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry, we usually see what is what, its style, materials, craftsmanship, and touch are clear at a glance. But when we admire a timepiece, we can only know about one or two. The structure, material, polishing, and decoration that are really hidden in the case movement are often invisible and inaccessible. It is precisely the respect and persistence of these details that are not shown to the outside world that is the most important foundation for the success of a high-end watch. Let’s pick up the magnifying glass and take a closer look at some wonderful masterpieces of clockwork, especially they also exude a strong Chinese flavor. This is a longing for the land of China and a tribute to the ancient east. Bovet Bovet Amadéo Fleurier series watch has a Swiss watch brand but was founded in China, is it strange? In 1818 (During the Jiaqing reign of the Qing Dynasty), the Swiss Edouard Bovet departed from Europe on a passenger ship and arrived in China after a four-month voyage. It didn’t take long to sell his four pocket watches. In 1822 (During the Qing Dynasty), he founded Bowei in Guangzhou and sold high-end Western watches to the royal aristocrats of the Qing court. Minister Li Hongzhang was his enthusiast. In order to cater to the Chinese market, the timepieces produced by Bowei at that time were flying and dancing in pairs. In the Amadéo Fleurier series, Powell brought two more dragon-shaped works this year. This series has a feature that you can switch between a watch, a clock or a pocket watch in a few simple steps without using tools. The diameter of the case is 43 mm. One of them is made of red gold, and a micro-painted golden dragon is hovering over the blue mother-of-pearl. The other is made of white gold with a gray mother-of-pearl dial, which is painted with a lacquer. Flying dragon. Jaquet Droz’s Magic Lotus Automaton is not the earliest Swiss watch brand associated with China. As early as the end of the 18th century, Jaquet Droz had supplied to the Forbidden City. Among the many Jacques de Lore collections in the Qing Palace collection, there is one of Qianlong’s favorite works. The special thing is that the European gentleman automatic doll on the clock, dipped the ink brush in advance, activate the switch, and will write neatly. A big character: ‘Eight directions, nine earthly kings.’ This year, Jacques de Loire once again brought a work full of Chinese style ‘Koi magic lotus’, lotus leaf, lotus, koi, reed, dragonfly, each A lap of 30 seconds, it goes round and round on the disk, and the chain can run for 4 minutes. In the pond made of mother-of-pearl, there are 4 lotus flowers, which represent spring, summer, autumn and winter. One of the lotuses that rotates with the surface of the disk changes the color of the heart every time it is turned from the hour plate or the lotus leaf. Ruby and sapphire The yellow sapphire will take turns to become the center of the flower. In addition to the tail of the koi, it will move up and down. The dragonfly at 9 o’clock on the disk is a power reserve indicator. As the power passes, it slowly flies towards the lotus leaf. When it finally falls on the lotus leaf, it means that it is time to wind the watch. The case is 43 mm in diameter and is available in red or white gold, each limited to 28 pieces. In addition to this three-dimensional moving puppet watch, the brand has two other Chinese-style watches this year. One is a painted koi on the black big fire enamel, and the other is a micro-painted panda family on the ivory big open fire enamel dial. The red gold case diameter is 39 mm, the koi is limited to 28, and the panda is limited to 8. Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin loft artisan series Jinnianlongteng and Cong Ling wild watch entered the Chinese market early Swiss watch brand Vacheron Constantin, according to records, in 1845 Vacheron Constantin shipped a batch of sample watches to Guangdong, the next year to Guangdong Duval Mr. shipped 33 pairs of pocket watches. According to a letter sent by Mr Duval from Guangdong to Geneva, he suggested that the brand should equip pocket watches with Chinese-style numbers and timing methods, and design the dials with Chinese ink painting. Last May, when the brand celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ‘House of Vacheron Constantin’ in Shanghai, it appeared on a loft craftsman art master series Jinnian Longteng watch. The opaque Burgundy red enamel dial was decorated with a hand-carved Jinlong pattern. The engraver is naturally natural, with a strong attitude. He is entangled on the hand-carved movement, as if it will rise in the next second. I believe that it is difficult for the Chinese to reject such a wonderful work with good meaning. Apart from Longfeng, what other animals best represent China? That is naturally a giant panda. This year, the brand launched a set of ‘Congling Wild Fun’ watches. At first glance, they were attracted by the pandas who could be regarded as Chinese national treasures. They used fine wood inlay technology to cut small pieces of wood of different shapes and colors by hand. Vivid pattern. Each dial is made of a variety of different woods. Through color and texture, the pattern is more vivid. This panda dial uses more than 300 pieces of wood. Chanel Mademoiselle Privè Coromandel watch Although she has never visited China, she is longing for Chinese culture. In her Paris apartment where she lived, various screens, Buddha statues, vases and decorations full of oriental charm were displayed. Mademoiselle Privè French is ‘Ladies’ Exclusive’. Launched in 2012, it combines enamel, carving, embroidery, gemstone or mother-of-pearl inlay, and each watch is an art piece. Coromandel specifically refers to the Chinese ebony lacquered screen in Ms. Chanel’s Paris apartment. Since 2012, the brand has continued to draw inspiration from this, copying the patterns on the screen to the dark enamel plate, or the leaves, or ladies. , Or landscapes, or birds, these spiritual animations full of Chinese artistic conception are graceful and graceful. It is particularly worth mentioning that the enamel paintings are personally operated by the enamel master Anita Prrchet, and each one is unique. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for permission to reprint.