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Hermès has always been willing to challenge the distinctive display style, creating a special scene and atmosphere, immersing people in it. Therefore, in 2012, Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk was invited by Hermès to design an amazing display space for the brand’s series of watches, attracting countless people to stop and watch. In 2014, Hermes once again invited the Dutch artist Bethany de Forest to design and produce a series of fantasy window scenes. Hermès chose Bethany de Forest because she subverts the general idea and enhances our insight into the world in her tiny but imaginative dream scenes. In the keen emotion of this Dutch artist, Hermes watches have a fantastic way of presentation.

In 2014, Hermès once again invited Dutch artist Bethany de Forest to create a series of fantasy window scenes for watches.

Médor: secret time
Sometimes, design is a remake of beautiful things, and Médor watches perfectly interpret this meaning. The Médor watch, which was first born in 1993, was inspired by one of Hermès’ first products, which is synonymous with horse harnesses-dog collars. Dogs have long been human best friends. They are the same as horses and have always been the source of inspiration for the Hermès family. Médor then took a small step in the design, from the waist of the ladies to the wrist, appearing in the form of a bracelet. Concepts usually come one after another, and leather bracelets decorated with the representative ‘Clous de Paris’ pyramid-shaped studs are transformed into watches designed to provide you with ‘secret time’.

Médor watch mini case in 750 rose gold, available in full pavé set with 240 diamonds, edge set with 44 diamonds, or without diamonds

 Médor watch 750 rose gold case with small ridges set with 29 diamonds, opal silver dial, 4 rose gold-plated pyramid indexes, rose gold-plated hands, and black transfer brand

The ingenious and slightly naughty Médor watch builds an interesting relationship with time, which is sometimes hidden under a pyramid-shaped cover, sometimes exposed, without traces. Ingenious timepieces are available in a variety of color combinations, two sizes, and available in rose gold or steel pyramid studs. Médor watches are available with either ridged or full-set diamonds, making time carefully hidden even more precious.

Médor watch mini 316L stainless steel case, available in full pavé 240 diamonds, edge diamonds 44 diamonds, or without diamonds

Médor watch 316L stainless steel case, protein silver dial, 4 rhodium-plated gold-toned hour markers, rhodium-plated hands, and black transfer brand trademark