I Really Look Down On Rich And Fake Watches, I Look Down On You Most!

Recently saw this scene on a certain audio (short video platform). A netizen put a Richard Mille watch on a rubber case of Casio G-SHOCK. Can you perfectly transform Richard Mill? What is this ‘Sao’ operation? Really showing off rich, fake sun watch, is it a new way to show off rich?

The man in the video is putting Casio’s case on his own Richard Mille

 ‘I received a package today, Casio’s case, because I bought a watch (Richard Mill), a watch worth a million, and I always feel that it is too high-profile in my hand, and I have fewer and fewer friends. Go up, and there will be no troubles afterwards ‘-said Richard Mille’s cousin in this video.

This Casio watch with Richard Mill flowing

 This can’t help but remind me of the story of a parent and driver being removed by a teacher and other parents while driving a sports car to pick up a child. Although the two cannot be compared, the teacher’s approach is not good, and the parents’ behaviors are yet to be tested, but in a society like China, buying luxury goods and consuming luxury brands may be accidentally put on the hat of ‘show off wealth’ by others.


 Today, we will take a look at these brand new ways of showing off, ‘do n’t carelessly,’ ‘don’t carelessly,’ ‘don’t be human,’ when a girl asks you, ‘Can I step on your AJ and kiss you?’ Say ‘Bold words’-‘Dare to step on!’ Today, we will take a look at the ways that modern people ‘fancy show off rich’, please receive the following crit.

 Chadmill tablemates share in Watch House Forum

 In fact, in the forum of the Watch House, we saw some ‘inadvertent’ sharing posts, ‘three consecutive models’, ‘don’t understand the watch’ … In fact, their ‘sun watch’ stickers are not the most ‘luxury’ Inhuman. We have seen more ‘fancy showing off rich’ cousins ​​on other public sharing platforms to see how they stand out in the ‘show off rich’ contest.

Win by number

Wear two watches in one hand (the authenticity of the watch is to be considered)

 Wearing two watches with one hand is not only a stylish way to wear a watch, it is also a good way to wear a watch. But in the picture above, the Patek Philippe Nautilus on the left and Richard Mill on the right look a bit weird (both a bit of a fake watch). When looking at the ‘hyun rich stickers’, we must also consider the attitude to distinguish whether it is a true watch or a fake watch.

‘Palm’ sun surface method

 The palm is a Patek Philippe Nautilus, the ring finger and pinky are wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series, and the index finger and middle finger are Richard Mill. Do you think this is the limit of wearing a watch with one hand? It’s far away!

More common ‘palm’ sun watch

 How many watches can I wear with one hand? piece? No no no, you can hold a few watches with one hand, this is the new way for people who love watches! The friend’s middle finger in the picture above is Richard Mille’s RM 029 rose gold model, and the price of RMB is about 550,000 yuan. The remaining four are Audemars Piguet watches, including the Royal Oak series and the Royal Oak offshore series. The total price of this lot should be around 2 million, and you can buy suites in third- and fourth-tier cities.

‘Advanced’ ‘palm’ table

 The background of this brother looking at the picture should be by the sea. Palm trees and beaches remind me of a place full of ‘rich oil’-Dubai. He has a total of six watches, including Richard Mill RM 38-01. If he is not mistaken, this watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. From left to right are Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Rolex Diary, and Rolex Daytona.

This ‘Lao Fan’ took 7 watches

 Green ghost, log type, nigger, SKY-DWELLER … If one hand doesn’t fit, I choose two hands! Everyone can roughly estimate what these 7 watches can be replaced to be equivalent. I guess the next watch of this ‘labor fan’ is going to close Pepsi circle!

 There are 13 tables in the picture

 What if you can’t take both hands? Of course, this cannot resist the hearts of the local tyrants who want to show off their wealth. In the picture above, the Rolls-Royce’s logo is not so noticeable. On the contrary, the 13 watches on the steering wheel are more dazzling and cannot be ignored. If you change a watch every month, you can add one more without re-sampling. It is really wayward to have money.

Background win

Watching on a private jet
 In the picture above, it can be seen from the background that they are actually at a high altitude, and with pictures and texts, this is a ‘watch friends club’ who watches on a private plane. Are private jets for everyone? Rolls-Royce is not worth mentioning.

‘Cozy’ morning

 Behind the ‘cozy’ OS: ‘My cigar has an exclusive leather case, the latest Apple phone, and I will drink a few cocktails in addition to coffee in the morning. Most importantly, I My cigar hand accidentally exposed my Vacheron Constantin. ‘

‘Everyday’ car

 In the distance, a few bright yellows are just a few of the LV bags and Mac Pros that I just bought. I can lie in the car with my legs up, indicating that this car (at least an extension) has a lot of space in the car and can be seen TV (jealous).

‘Party meal’

 Does the fried doughnut on the table matter? Is it important to leave the food? These are not important, but there is a Rolex “plugged in” among the four Richard Mills, there is no unity!

Alternative method

Time is flowing ‘sweet’

 Who says that only women love dessert? If a man plays romance, he really doesn’t lose at all. Panerai made the center of the dial, connected to the ‘hour hand’ and ‘minute hand’, 12 different colors of macarons as the time scale, it still looks very ingenious and unique.

True Waterproof

 Putting the watch in the water to test is an outdated way to expose the watch. Putting the watch in a coffee cup with coffee is the new way to check whether the watch is waterproof.

‘Win at the starting line’: Did you have Audemars Piguet while nipple nipping?

To sum up: I really look down on rich and fake watches, I look down on you most! Have you learned these new ‘hyun rich’ poses? Everyone is welcome to share the story of you and your watch in the forum, or how do you see the ‘real tyrant’ in your life ‘watching’?