Introduction To Rookie 4 Kinds Of Mainstream Movement Suspension Detailed Explanation

What is the role of the watch’s suspension? As the name suggests, the function of the shock absorber is to prevent the watch from shocking and causing the watch to malfunction. The principle of shock absorption is that through the elastic spring sheet, the fragile shaft tip has a space to move up, down, left and right during the collision so as not to break and plastic deformation. The escapement of the watch can be said to be the heart of the watch and the most vulnerable part, so the shock absorber protects the escapement of the watch. Although it cannot be 100% shockproof, it can at least partially offset the impact of external forces. Minimize damage to the watch by vibration.

   The shock absorption of watches has always been a small detail that everyone has overlooked. In fact, there are many types in this area. Good or bad can not be generalized, but we choose the most used shock absorption should be a good choice. Today, it is mainly to come. Let me talk about the most important types of watch shock absorbers, so that everyone can understand the current mainstream shock absorbers.


   Ingabell’s shock absorber can be said to be the most common shock absorber. It is also the horseshoe-shaped shock absorber we often say. Many ETA movements use this kind of shock absorber. It is said that the shock absorption effect is close to perfect. To a certain extent, similarly-made shock absorbers have been made in domestic watches before, but they are slightly longer than the standard Ingabra shock absorbers.

Longines Traditional Watch L2.673.4.78.3

   Many of the ETA movements use Ingabell shock absorbers, which are also the most widely used ones. Most middle- and high-end brands use this kind of shock absorbers, such as Lange and Glasutti. Original and other brands have adopted Ingabrero shock absorbers, and the ETA’s observatory movements are basically used ingabrero shock absorbers.

KIF suspension

   KIF shock absorbers can be said to be the darlings of high-end watches. Although the effect is similar to Ingabra, but high-end brands prefer KIF. It may be the same as high-end brands that mostly use their own movements and rarely use ETA. open. KIF’s weak impact, with its single edge angle, eases the progressive impact, and the shock spring is easy to replace. The three support points balance the pressure, allowing the swing axis to return to the optimal center position.

Vacheron Constantin 85180 / 000G-9230 watch

   KIF movements are generally used in high-end watches, such as Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and other top brands, so this also provides a basis for us to identify genuine and fake watches. If a top watch uses a triangular shock absorber Then this watch must be problematic. As for the Ingabriel shock absorber, some top brand watches are also used, such as Lange and Glashütte originals, so I won’t say much here.

Etashoc suspension (triangular suspension)

   Triangle shock absorber is the lowest price shock absorber. Through the network information and the actual experience of watch friends, its shock absorption effect is not different from Ingabra and KIF. Because of its low price, many entry-level watches are now available. The use of triangular shock absorbers not only reduces costs, but also makes it easier to maintain the watch.

Tissot T-CLASSIC T95.1.483.51 watch

   At present, entry-level watches such as Mido and Tissot have adopted the design of triangular shock absorbers in order to reduce costs, so they cannot judge the authenticity of the watch by observing which kind of shock absorber is of course. Of course, their observatory certification The movements of the watch models also use Inga-Ballo shock absorbers. If you find that the observatory-certified models also use triangular shock absorbers, you need to be careful.

Paraflex suspension

   Paraflex shock absorbers are Rolex’s exclusive shock absorbers. Paraflex shock absorbers are new shocks introduced by Rolex in 2005. They are 50% stronger than the old shock absorbers. The old shocks used by Rolex are high-end KIF shock absorbers. In fact, Rolex does not use Paraflex shock absorbers across the board. A brief summary is: KIF suspension is used for 3131, 3135, 3555, 3186, and Paraflex suspension is used for new movements such as 3132, 3136, 3156, 3187, 9001 Shocker.

Rolex Date Collection 126333-62613

   Almost all parts of Rolex watches are produced by themselves. Except for sapphire and hands, other companies need to provide them. Of course, shock absorbers are no exception. They need to use Rolex’s own shock absorbers. In fact, I think Paraflex shock absorbers are better than KIF The shock absorber is better, but the difference will not be too big. If the performance difference is too great, Rolex must have completely eliminated the KIF shock absorber.

Summary: There are also some brands of their own shock absorbers, which will not be explained here in detail. In fact, the choice of shock absorbers has little impact on the performance of the watch, but it is necessary to know a little about shock absorption. KIF shock absorbers are generally installed in high-end watches. In Gabriel shocks are generally installed in mid-to-high-end watches. Triangle shock absorbers are generally installed in some entry-level models. Knowing this knowledge There will also be more talks.