Jacques Christmas And New Year Single Product Recommendation

It’s another Christmas season in a blink of an eye. The arrival of Christmas and New Year will not only make people stop and look back at the gains of the past year, but also make people full of expectations for the new year. This harvest and expectation is either affectionate love, warm and tender affection, or flourishing career. On the occasion of Christmas 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre specially selected several ‘feelings’ watches, which lasted forever and warmly snowed Christmas, to commemorate the wonderful moments in long time.

Featured for her: Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater Dating Ivy Minute Repeater

   The Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater Dating Minute Repeater is the first automatic minute repeater watch created exclusively for women. Decorated with an ivy pattern symbolizing eternal vitality, inlaid with snowflakes inlaid with Jaeger-LeCoultre, and paired with a blue glazed fire enamel plate, combining fantasy aesthetic design and extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship to interpret the legend of fine watchmaking The ultimate choice for winter to express her affection.

   The Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater dating series Ivy Minute Repeater watch is equipped with a new 942A automatic mechanical movement with a smart size of 39 mm. It has a precise and reliable power reserve of 43 hours. The Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater dating series Ivy Minute Repeater watch is equipped with two patented ‘trébuchet’ Libra hammers, making its timekeeping music harmonious and pleasant, touching, its melody is more cordial, mellow and sweet, full of rich female warmth Temperament.

Her Choice: Rendez-Vous Night & Day

   The Rendez-Vous Dating Collection Day and Night Women’s Watch undoubtedly adds warmth to the winter. This watch shows the beauty of fine timepieces, and the meticulously carved on the dial shows the charm style. The six o’clock position alternates with the sun and the moon, elegantly recording day and night. The simple and feminine dial with blue steel hands representing solid watchmaking craftsmanship and the bezel set with diamonds complement each other, recording every romantic moment experienced. The self-winding movement is completely designed, manufactured and assembled by the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, using the guilloché pattern hand-crafted by the most pure traditional fine watchmaking traditional craftsmanship, so that time passes quietly under its halo.

   What’s more unique is that this series of watches provide a variety of patent leather strap color choices, of which the red patent leather strap perfectly matches the watch, with its rose-like brilliance to show the elegance and charm of women’s fiber wrists, coupled with the delicate hidden inside The bag and the secret letter printed with ‘PS I Love You’ are enough to make every woman bloom the sweetest and happy smile. Red patent leather straps are also sold separately in Jaeger-LeCoultre stores. Each strap is equipped with an exclusive gift box to convey your romantic love for a colorful Christmas in winter.

Featured for him: Duomètre Unique Travel Time

   Travel and work may have become the main way of life. How can you still experience life and express your attitudes and opinions in this busy period? Regardless of whether you are in the snowy Christmas season or the warm equatorial sun, the Duomètre Unique Travel Time biplane series Universal Travel Time watch in rose gold will reveal this legacy of independent feelings. This watch is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original Dual-Wing movement, which not only represents the advanced technological achievements of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the world’s time zone watch area, but also provides ‘travelers’ who love fine watches unprecedented Precise experience-This watch is the world’s first world time watch that can precisely adjust the second time zone to minutes. The wearer can precisely adjust the second time zone time in any country on any continent in the world.

   The Duomètre Unique Travel Time has a 50-hour power reserve for each mechanism. A crown can wind two barrels at the same time, which is extremely convenient to use. The details of the watch are exquisite. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 383 movement is visible through the sapphire crystal case back. The splint and gear train are manually chamfered and decorated with polished feet. The drive chain is also hand-chamfered or decorated with polished feet, which are all spiralized or smoothed. The name of the city engraved on the case back echoes 24 time zones.

His pick: Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931

   If you think of yourself as an authentic taste maker, then in 2014 you must not miss Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931, a large Reverso watch with a rose gold case and chocolate dial, as a commemoration Your own ‘golden age’.

   Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 The large Reverso ultra-thin watch perfectly inherits the historical origins of Jaeger-LeCoultre and vividly reproduces the golden age of Art Deco style. Its shape, color and materials and craftsmanship are the pinnacle of handmade art. The combination of a chocolate-colored dial and a rose-gold case gives Christmas a mouth-watering appeal like chocolate. Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 The large Reverso ultra-thin watch is elegant and elegant. The delicate dial and harmonious overall outline make it hard to resist. The watch is equipped with a 7.3 mm ultra-fiber case and a movement that is only 2.95 mm thick, making the watch perfectly fit the wrist. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 822/2 movement is solid and reliable, demonstrating the superb expertise of the watch factory.