Longines’ 180th Anniversary Watchmaking Culture Exhibition Presented Elegantly At China Academy Of Art

In the golden autumn of 2012, Longines came to Hangzhou, a unique city where scenery and art are combined. In the Art Museum of China Academy of Art, the title is ‘Aesthetics of Time’. Held ‘Longines 180th Anniversary Watch Culture Exhibition’, elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling paid tribute to the classics. Longines Elegant Ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling and distinguished guests toast with Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China
     In 1832, a small village called St. Imier, deep in the Swiss Jurassic Mountains, created a brand that later became known as the flying wing hourglass logo-Longines. As a model of Swiss famous watches, Longines has been stationed at the origin of the brand for 180 years, and inherits the pure watchmaking tradition and elegant culture. In the autumn of 2012, Longines came to Hangzhou, an unparalleled city where the scenery and the arts were born. At the Art Museum of China Academy of Fine Arts, the ‘Longines 180th Anniversary Watchmaking Culture Exhibition’ was held under the title ‘Aesthetics of Time’ ‘, Unfolding the brand’s 180-year-old beautiful scroll, pursuing the track of elegance, counting the legends of watchmaking traditions, and the epic of chanting time.
Logo of the Longines Flying Wing Funnel at the entrance of the Pavilion
     The exhibition presents Longines’ splendid history across the century with aesthetic perspectives and light and shadow creativity, as well as classic masterpieces and limited edition treasures from various eras. Precious antique watches, historical posters, and 180th anniversary models from the Longines Swiss Museum arrived in China for the first time, showing their colorful appearances and unveiling the mystery at the China Academy of Art Museum. Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling, well-known cultural publisher Lu Jinbo, writer Jiang Fangzhou, host Hua Shao, and many famous artists from China Academy of Fine Arts attended the event. After viewing the exhibition, the rich history and long history of Longines Time aesthetics is intoxicated.
First launched in 1992, the Longines Jialan series has become a symbol of Longines classic elegance. The Longines 180th Anniversary Limited Edition is a hymn to this iconic collection
A treasure of time
     180 years ago, Longines sprouts on the quiet and beautiful mountain waters of Switzerland. After time baptism, this watch brand with flying wing hourglass as its symbol has grown from a family workshop to a factory model and is now a world-renowned Swiss model. The history of Longines reflects the development of the Swiss watch industry and also reflects the history of European design and aesthetics. At the same time, Longines, which is good at capturing the spirit and characteristics of each era, also uses a collection of timepieces to form a scroll of time, epitomizing the changes and cultural evolution of the past two centuries.
Longines Elegant Ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling interprets paintings representing the Swiss Somia Mountains, the birthplace of Longines
     The time scale has become the iconic visual image of Longines’ 180th anniversary. This endless scale, like a brand, is like a footprint, like a pulse, making people feel the long-standing heritage and endless vitality of Longines. The Longines watch posters and precious images in the ‘Time Gallery’ exhibition area are hung on the exhibition wall of the art museum with a literary and artistic texture, as if it were a famous painting, fascinating. Each piece of antique watches with different shapes and styles lay quietly in the warm yellow light, and greeted every visitor with a timeless and elegant attitude to gently open the treasure box of time. The exquisite carved and painted on the case, the unique serial number on the case back, and the brilliant and rich materials: diamond, pearl, beautiful jade, gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, depicting and telling the time. The pointer ticked back and forth as if time had gone back to a century ago. The exquisite gestures of skilled craftsmen are vivid, and the sound of percussion is still in my ear. The 24 antique watches that arrived in China for the exhibition from Switzerland this time are representative of each era of Longines. Whether it is the appearance or the movement, they embody the essence of watchmaking aesthetics and technical excellence-they are the development of Longines. History’s elegant footnotes.
Longines Elegant Ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling was interviewed by the media
     As a tribute to Longines’ 180th anniversary pure watchmaking tradition, four Longines 180th Anniversary Limited Edition models have also landed in China for the first time and are elegantly presented in the ‘Time Sculpture’ area. These beautiful limited edition commemorative models are a perfect portrait of Longines’ long-lasting elegance and a modern masterpiece of the brand’s watchmaking technology. Longines’ 180-year limited edition of the column wheel single-button chronograph stopwatch traces the brand’s long tradition of glory in professional timekeeping and sports; at the same time, ladies who seek timeless elegance will be bound by the Longines Agassi 180th Anniversary Limited Edition and the 180th Anniversary of the Jialan Series The limited edition is very attractive. The unique Longines Lépine Calibre 180th Anniversary Limited Edition Gold Pocket Watch allows people to reflect on and appreciate the exquisite source of Longines’ superb technology.
Miss Long Zhiling, Longines Elegant Ambassador posing for autograph
     In addition, the ‘Flying wing hourglass’ area shows the elegant and elegant evolution of the Longines brand logo after 100 years; in the ‘Shadow of the Shadows’, whether it is a timeless micro-movie about Longines love or a magnificent brand history blockbuster, ‘Eternal The “Love Days” area fully showcases the four masterpieces of Longines’ elegance, watchmaking tradition, sports, and classic reproduction.
Longines elegant ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling admiring the poster wall of Longines Time Gallery
Aristocratic Reunion Tasting Time Aesthetics
     Due to the tradition and culture it has built, Longines has chosen Hangzhou, a culturally rich place, fortunately. It has the honor to co-host the 180th anniversary of the brand with the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, an art school with a profound education of nearly 85 years. Exhibition, the brand’s unique humanistic elegance has always won countless soulmates’ lifelong love, and also attracted many high-ranking and elegant people to come to this appointment. On the day of the exhibition, Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling wore a 180-year limited edition of Longines column wheel single-button chronograph stopwatch, and a dress with a literary and retro taste appeared at the Art Museum of China Academy of Fine Arts. After viewing the exhibition, Lin Zhiling gave a heartfelt compliment: ‘What I see are epics and legends that span the centuries, and classic scrolls that don’t go by over time. If I can summarize the impression of this exhibition, I can use two words-‘ ‘Elegance’ to summarize. Elegance is a spirit generated and developed from the cultivation of culture. I feel that each Longines watch is created by designers and craftsmen as their favorite works of art, and a watch is for us. It depicts the beautiful scrolls of time aesthetics. History is such a beautiful treasure that it deserves our permanent memory and aria. ‘Lin Zhiling, a versatile and enthusiastic painter and sculptor, drew pens and inks on the spot and aesthetically presented Longines’ 180th birthday A surprise gift.
Longines elegant ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling admired Longines antique watches. Longines’ first watch with chronograph function was created in 1913 and was equipped with a 13.33Z movement. Longines 180-year limited edition guide column stopwatch single-wheel chronograph stopwatch inspired by this watch
     After the exhibition, a forum with the theme of ‘aesthetics of time’ unfolded in this place where wisdom and inspiration are intertwined. The spark of thought was ignited by the eternal proposition of ‘time’. The culture of time exhibited by Longines in 180 years has inspired many cultural celebrities to speak up. Lu Jinbo interpreted the Longines complex of Chinese culture, Jiang Fangzhou explained the “elegance” in her eyes with the unique insights of contemporary youth, and watch connoisseurs Ding Zhixiang and Conway Kai told the story behind Longines. At this time, watches and clocks are no longer just tools for reading time. When Longines and aesthetic concepts meet, the watch is raised above the wrist to carry the carrier of thought and culture, triggering a deep resonance in the soul.
Host Hua Shao attended the exhibition. Famous cultural publisher Lu Jinbo attended the exhibition. Writer Jiang Fangzhou attended the exhibition.
     The ‘Aesthetics of Time: Longines’ 180th Anniversary Watchmaking Culture Exhibition’ held at the China Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Hangzhou, attracted thousands of visitors from the week of October 29, 2012 to November 4, 2012. These also confirm that Longines has a long relationship with China and its culture. From 1867, the first Longines engraved with the flying wing hourglass logo crossed the sea and came to Guangzhou, thousands of miles away. Longines has been in China for 145 years. ‘Since ancient times, elegance has been a noble cultivation and harmonious realm pursued by the Chinese,’ Li Li, vice president of Longines China, talked about the harmony between Longines and Chinese culture. The purpose of life is internal and external, and the Chinese are very punctual and punctual. They have elegant designs and excellent quality Longines watches. For the Chinese, they have an inherent cultural affinity. When we start the 180-year beautiful history Long scroll, and found her elegance has taken root in the hearts of the Chinese people. ‘