Medium Commander’s Full Range Of Observatory-certified Ultra-long Power Reserve Watches Strong Listing

On November 4th, the launch of a new series of ultra-long-power reserve watches certified by the commander of the “Meeting the“ Energy ”Energy” Swiss Mido watch series was held in Tokyo, the fashion capital. The new commander’s full range of observatory-certified watches inherits the commander’s design inspiration and classic elements, while carrying an unusually strong ‘core’ dirty-Caliber80 observatory-certified automatic mechanical movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, will be passed on Perfectly integrated with breakthroughs, with its outstanding quality and innovative spirit, it once again interpreted the brand concept of Swiss Mido “inspired and timeless”, and created a new starting point for Mido in the field of ultra-long power storage watches. Mr. Franz Linder, global president of Swiss Mido, and Ms. Wang Yan, vice president of Swiss Mido China, gathered with distinguished guests to gather energy and witness this exciting moment together.

  As one of the most representative watch models of Mido, since it was launched in 1959, it has been adhering to the original classic design for half a century, pursuing continuous exploration all the way, and enduring the test of the era with enduring design , Use Seiko to achieve the top pursuit of quality. In 2014, a new member of the Commander Series was added-the Commander’s full range of observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watches. It is equipped with a Swiss official observatory-certified 80-hour ultra-long power reserve automatic mechanical movement, which gathers energy and accumulates thin hair. It removes your worries with extraordinary energy savings and helps you become a ‘commander’ leading the era. The 316L stainless steel case reflects the elegant and elegant underneath the Eiffel Tower’s reinforced iron bones; the dial between the dials incorporates the essence of the Eiffel Tower’s appearance, rigid and vibrant; the transparent back can be seen with a carefully carved and powerful movement. The commander’s full range of observatories’ ultra-long power reserve watches, with its outstanding energy saving function, release the constraints of time and evolve time into a process of exploration, showing the commander’s elegant and masculine spirit.

  Ms. Wang Yi, Vice President of Swiss Mido China, expressed sincere gratitude to the guests at the event and shared with the guests the unique features of the commander’s full range of observatory-certified new ultra-long power reserve watches, expressing her appreciation for Mido. Looking forward to the bright future, she said, ‘The’ core ‘not only represents the new ultra-long power reserve movement of the Mido Commander series, but also contains the strength of the heart of everyone present and the Mido brand has always insisted Revolutionary ‘new’ move. ‘
  Dreamlike lights continue to bring guests to a world full of imagination. The chasing of dancers and lights and shadows is also true; the eyes are focused, the movements are free, and their creative enthusiasm and extraordinary sense of time are fully released, just as Full of creative inspiration, watchmakers with superb watchmaking craftsmanship passionately watch the time flow. With the strengthening of the rhythm of the music, the strength of the dancers intensified, as if driven by the commander’s extraordinary power-saving movement. The strong leap implies that Meidu continues to climb and surpass the classic and magnificent momentum while inheriting the classics. .