Not Rich Enough. Watch Brand Tailored Services For Vip

Only VIP guests can enjoy tailor-made, special models sold only to VIP guests, closing the store door for a certain guest and not serving others. These seemingly luxurious and even ‘outrageous’ services to others are exactly the killer brands are trying to retain loyal consumers. In addition, some brands’ limited editions are not available with money, such as the well-known Patek Philippe.
     According to a watch collector, many Patek Philippe watches require buyers, ‘For example, an upstart will buy Patek Philippe’s 5004, 5002, and the brand will not sell it to him. The brand depends on whether the other party is long-term And verify the identity. One of the important basis is the purchase record, to see what watches the other party has purchased, I hope that the guests are gradually improved from the basic complex models, intermediate complex models, advanced complex models step by step to determine that the other party is his Loyal fans and respectable customers. Brands want to give limited customers to loyal customers, not money. ‘
Patek Philippe Grand Residence Opening Special Timepiece: ‘Fire Dragon’ Pocket Watch
     Patek Philippe’s VIP has the right to purchase special watches. The brand does not push a limited edition for ten years, as long as one push is an excellent investment product. It may have sold for more than 100,000 yuan when it was first produced, and changed to more than 500,000 yuan after half a year, but it is definitely VIP that is eligible to purchase. Some watch brands also use this as a feedback to VIP guests. Becoming a VIP may have the opportunity to directly communicate with the designer at the Swiss factory and reflect their personal wishes on the watch. A VIP who knows the structure of the watch can even create a completely new watch entirely of his own. .
Tailor-made for VIP guests
     There are also special customized services such as Montblanc, where guests can participate in the initial concept design stage, and follow each creative and production process through a webcam, regardless of time zone or location. Some customers even bring unique materials with special significance, such as gems or extremely difficult materials, and require the factory to integrate them into unique custom products.
Extremely rare Patek Philippe white gold chronograph
     For VIPs who are interested in wristwatches, it is fun to be able to communicate with watchmakers at close range and understand the watchmaking process. IWC held an activity of ‘Master of Watchmaking in China’ last year. The world-renowned watchmaker and former IWC watch development and design director Geres led everyone into the watchmaking class to further explore the world of IWC watchmaking. Some brands invite VIPs to visit the watch factory. In addition to communicating face-to-face with the brand CEO, these destination countries are also attractive to guests.
Blancpain’s ‘The Unique’ haute couture watch
     The lifestyle experience that reflects the brand’s culture and allows guests to participate in person is also an event that the brand loves to organize. Omega has invited guests to the Hong Kong Regatta to watch the event. Blancpain brought the guests to the GT1 World Championship to experience the charm of the car. Breitling, known for its flying watches, invited VIP guests to visit Switzerland and stay in the cockpit. Feel the thrill of galloping in the clouds. It has to be said that the services provided by big names for VIPs really make people feel that they are supreme.