Omega Accurate Timing Helps The 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics Speed ​​skating Event

The 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games is in full swing. The athletes are competing fiercely in 102 events to win medals representing honor. As the official timing of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, OMEGA, a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand, provides accurate timing for Olympic events with excellent and innovative technology. In the speed skating event of this Winter Olympics, Omega’s professional timing equipment can accurately measure the minute gap between the champion and runner-up in 1/1000 second.

Omega Electronic Starter Gun

   In the speed skating competition, the starter triggers the electronic starting gun to signal the start of the competition. Different from the traditional starting gun, the Omega electronic starting gun is composed of a flash gun and a sound generating box, so that each player can receive the starting signal at the same time and accurately, eliminating possible unfair factors in the game.

Omega Olympic Finish Clock

   When athletes compete fiercely on the track, the omega lap counter at the end of the track will display the number of laps remaining for the athletes who reached that line. When the athlete slides to the last lap, the last lap reminder bell will sound. Omega is equipped with motion sensors for each contestant. The sensor can capture the player’s in-game information in real time, such as the player’s taxi speed and comparison with other players’ entry data. This not only provides data for athletes to analyze their performance after the game, but also allows the audience to have a deeper understanding of the game.

Omega Vision Camera (Scan‘O’Vision MYRIA)

   The optoelectronic eye equipment at the finish line has witnessed Omega’s 86 years of expertise and rich experience in sports timing. The red optoelectronic eye device is placed at the track finish line and emits a high-response beam at the athlete’s ankle height. The moment the winner crossed the finish line, the timing stopped immediately. The device can accurately record the moment of victory, and transmit the information to the scoreboard of the stadium in real time, and broadcast it on the TV screen at the same time.

An omega optoelectronic eye placed at the finish line of a speed skating event

   Omega has also placed a light-sensitive end-point camera (Scan‘O’Vision MYRIA) on the ice rink. The camera is capable of capturing 10,000 digital images per second. The real-time image of the line-up moment will serve as the official basis for the referee to determine the final result in each match.
   The 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics speed skating event will start on February 10 and will end on February 24. In the competition, the competitors’ taxi speed is very fast, and the time gap is very small. At present, there are new Olympic records. It is Omega’s excellent timing technology and innovative technology that enable every moment of the game to be accurately recorded.