Omega Glory Witness Short Pool Swimming World Cup Beijing Event

From November 2nd to 3rd, many of the world’s top swimmers will meet in Beijing to participate in the 2012 FINA Short Swimming World Cup. As a FINA partner and a well-known Swiss watch brand Omega with designated timings, it will be responsible for timing the swimming World Cup races and other important FINA events. Omega quantum timer take-off platform with swimming ranking indicator Omega automatic touchpad
Swimming World Cup is an international series of short-pool swimming events. Each year, sub-station races are held in major cities around the world. In 2012, the schedule of the event in Dubai, Qatar, Stockholm, Moscow and Berlin has been successfully concluded.
After the Beijing race, the 2012 short-pool swimming World Cup will go to Tokyo and end in Singapore to determine the championship. In 2011, the World Cup men’s championship was won by Omega celebrity ambassador, South African teenager Chad Le Clos, and the women’s championship was Teresa Ashmar from Sweden.
Omega and FINA maintain the most dynamic partnership in competitive sports.
In addition to providing professional timing services for FINA’s world-class water sports, Omega has always promoted the development of core sports timing technology. Important inventions include touch pads and jump pads at the end of swimming lanes. At the same time, Omega pioneered the use of high-speed cameras as a reliable backup system for major swimming events, including the Olympics.