Hermès New Clipper Sport Chronograph

Bright and pleasing strap color; the case made of titanium and stainless steel is unique and interesting; the mechanical movement with automatic winding ensures accurate time running, echoing the rhythm of waves or on the beach footprint. It’s Clipper Sport.

全新 This new watch model is an extension of the Clipper series, with its symbolic bezel inspired by the portholes of 19th century ships. The watch is equipped with three combinations, through the stainless steel caseback and bezel of the bimetal case structure, and the titanium case, the performance of complex and sophisticated materials. The ultra-light titanium performance guarantees outstanding performance in the highly competitive maritime world.
秀丽 The beautiful Hermes H letter is engraved on the rubber strap. The dial is adorned with oversized Arabic numerals for visual appeal. The triangle in the same color as the second hand indicates the date at 3 o’clock. At night, the dagger-shaped hour and minute hands and the luminous coating hour display ensure clear reading. The counterclockwise rotating bezel, plus the fluorescent hour marker at 12 o’clock, is like an invitation to sail south …
Hermes Clipper Sport Technical Specifications
Case: round, 41 mm in diameter / stainless steel / crystal watch, center titanium, stainless steel bezel and case back / waterproof depth 100 m
Movement: Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement / diameter 26 mm (11 ‘French minutes) / thickness 3.6 mm / power reserve 42 hours / number of gems 21 / swing frequency 28,800 times per hour / 4 Hz / hour, minute, second Big three hands, date display
Lugs: 20 mm
Dial: Dark gray, fluorite decoration, hour ring with radioactive decoration, white progressive, hour mark and forged surface polished bezel dot mark, luminous coating / rhodium, fluorite decoration, hour ring with radioactivity Decorative pattern, progressive black, hour mark and forged face polished bezel dots, decorated with luminous coating / DC blue, fluorite decoration, hour bezel decorated with radioactive patterns, white progressive, hour mark and forged face polished watch Circle dots with luminous coating
Clasp: 17mm insurance folding steel buckle
Bracelet: Hermes red rubber / orange rubber / blue rubber

Hermès The Art Of Secret Time-news Hermès

Hermès has always been willing to challenge the distinctive display style, creating a special scene and atmosphere, immersing people in it. Therefore, in 2012, Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk was invited by Hermès to design an amazing display space for the brand’s series of watches, attracting countless people to stop and watch. In 2014, Hermes once again invited the Dutch artist Bethany de Forest to design and produce a series of fantasy window scenes. Hermès chose Bethany de Forest because she subverts the general idea and enhances our insight into the world in her tiny but imaginative dream scenes. In the keen emotion of this Dutch artist, Hermes watches have a fantastic way of presentation.

In 2014, Hermès once again invited Dutch artist Bethany de Forest to create a series of fantasy window scenes for watches.

Médor: secret time
Sometimes, design is a remake of beautiful things, and Médor watches perfectly interpret this meaning. The Médor watch, which was first born in 1993, was inspired by one of Hermès’ first products, which is synonymous with horse harnesses-dog collars. Dogs have long been human best friends. They are the same as horses and have always been the source of inspiration for the Hermès family. Médor then took a small step in the design, from the waist of the ladies to the wrist, appearing in the form of a bracelet. Concepts usually come one after another, and leather bracelets decorated with the representative ‘Clous de Paris’ pyramid-shaped studs are transformed into watches designed to provide you with ‘secret time’.

Médor watch mini case in 750 rose gold, available in full pavé set with 240 diamonds, edge set with 44 diamonds, or without diamonds

 Médor watch 750 rose gold case with small ridges set with 29 diamonds, opal silver dial, 4 rose gold-plated pyramid indexes, rose gold-plated hands, and black transfer brand

The ingenious and slightly naughty Médor watch builds an interesting relationship with time, which is sometimes hidden under a pyramid-shaped cover, sometimes exposed, without traces. Ingenious timepieces are available in a variety of color combinations, two sizes, and available in rose gold or steel pyramid studs. Médor watches are available with either ridged or full-set diamonds, making time carefully hidden even more precious.

Médor watch mini 316L stainless steel case, available in full pavé 240 diamonds, edge diamonds 44 diamonds, or without diamonds

Médor watch 316L stainless steel case, protein silver dial, 4 rhodium-plated gold-toned hour markers, rhodium-plated hands, and black transfer brand trademark

Gift Season – Graham Chronofighter Prodive Watch

Graham Chronofighter Prodive-Professional Dive Watch

Dark, weird creatures, high pressures, abyss and trenches, these words depict our unknown underwater world, sounding magical and exciting. Graham Greenham’s dream is to make these words a reality. He wants to create a real top diving watch for professional explorers and watch lovers.
The Chronofighter Prodive watch has a patented invention, which can start / stop / zero the stopwatch under the extreme conditions that human diving can reach. And each watch has been tested more than 2,000 feet underwater. Advanced manufacturing techniques were used in developing this perfectly fashionable feature of diving watches.
Function: chronograph (seconds, 30-minute timer) to measure decompression time. Date window at 9 o’clock. Black PVD automatic helium discharge device, hour, minute and second hands.
Movement: Model G1734, single-button automatic timing, vibration frequency 28800 A / h (4Hz), shock absorber, shock absorber, 25 gems.
Power reserve: 48 hours
Case: 45mm stainless steel case, equipped with quick start / stop / zero device on the left side, black PVD material, integrated molding. Water-resistant to 2000 feet / 600 meters.
Screw-in yellow rubber-coated crown (equipped with automatic locking system and red safety ring), black PVD stainless steel bezel, single rotation to determine diving time, hemispherical sapphire glass, double-sided anti-reflective coating, stainless steel case back Stamp with shark illustration and limited edition serial number.
Water resistance: 2000 feet / 600 meters / 60 atmospheres
Number: 2CDAV.U01A
Source: Graham

Refined And Refined Tasting Radar Drill Series Small Three-pin Watch

Nostalgia is a mood, retro is an element, and retro is an attitude. Retro is not the retrogression of the times, but the fashion of the new era. In 2013, RADO presented the DiaMaster series of high-tech ceramics for the first time ever. This is a complete redesign, retaining only the name of the previous series, but the new DiaMaster series also attracts a large number of enthusiasts. Today we bring you a Diamond Ba Series small three-hand watch, the official model: R14129306.

Radar drill fighter series R14129306

   Radar has always been at the forefront of the watch industry in new materials used in watches, and this retro-style, exquisite workmanship watch uses plasma-polished high-tech ceramic materials to create a round case, and an elegant retro brown dial Use the elegant small three-handed dial with an exquisite and beautiful dark brown strap.


   The crown of the watch is bright and shiny, and the side is decorated with pits to make it easy to grasp the adjustment time. The top is decorated with a radar anchor logo.


   The strap is a dark brown crocodile leather strap with a retro style. Dark brown is not only a representative of retro colors, but also gives a mature, stable, elegant visual impression. The strap is cut reasonably and stitched with brown stitching. The texture is clear and beautiful and comfortable to wear. Strap with folding clasp.


   The watch case with a thickness of 11.8 mm is polished and smooth. The case is made of plasma ceramic. This material has a complicated workmanship. It is made of a white high-tech machine and then placed in a plasma ceramic sintering furnace. When the plasma high-tech ceramics reached 900 degrees Celsius, the warm gray metallic luster of the watch slowly emerged. And ceramic has a very skin-friendly property, and it will have an excellent wearing experience when worn on the wrist.


Hour and minute hands

Second dial

   The watch uses an elegant brown dial with a small three-hand design. On the right side of the dial is a dial indicating ‘hours’ and ‘minutes’, and on the left is a dial indicating ‘seconds’. Both dials are corrugated and elegant. At the same time, there is a date display window on the dial.


   The watch lugs are small and exquisite. The lugs and case are cast in one piece. They are also made of plasma high-tech ceramics. The lugs are polished and smooth.

Table bottom

   The watch uses a back-through movement, which allows a clear view of the internal movement. The watch is equipped with a 42-hour automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve.

Summary: Radar has always been at the forefront of fashion watchmaking, not only taking the lead in applying ceramic materials to watches, but also continuously incorporating modern elements into it. On the plasma ceramic case, this watch not only contains the superb craftsmanship of radar for many years, but also the perfect interpretation of the refined vintage style of the Diamond Pa series.

High-quality Classic Longines Launches The Compaq Moon Phase Watch

. The Longines, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, is famous for its elegance. The new Compin series adds a feminine moon phase to the dial, making time more poetic. Let’s walk into Longines’ timekeeping field and feel the charm of making new watches.

  Watch real shot show:


  This chronograph stopwatch is 42 mm in diameter. It has a stainless steel case and a rose gold bezel. The two-tone color scheme makes this watch both stylish and elegant. Powered by a self-winding mechanical movement L678.

  Watch details real shot display:


There is a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, and the embellishment of the moon phase makes it more retro and elegant.

At 3 o’clock the classic Longines logo is clearly visible.

At 9 o’clock, there is a 24-hour display and a small second hand.

At 12 o’clock, there is a 30-minute counter with day and month display.
The crown is threaded and the timing buttons are located on both sides of the crown.

The movement can be seen at a glance through the transparent case back.

Summary: The above content was reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the 2015 Basel timepieces carefully prepared by everyone. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

The Standard Of A Good Watch (Below)

The Omega Constellation series was born in 1952. At the beginning of its birth, the ‘pie’ dials and ‘curls’ have been talked about by watch lovers. The dial of the ‘pie plate’ has a very unique shape, like an inverted pan. ‘Curved ears’ mean curved lugs.

   In 1968, Omega’s constellation series was replaced with an ‘abalone’ case and a pit pattern bezel, which remained very popular. The Omega Constellation Zunba watch combines the two most popular elements in the history of Omega Constellation, the ‘pie’ dial and the pit pattern bezel, impeccable from the outside to the inside.

   Turning the Zunba watch’s case, you can get a glimpse into the inner movement of the watch. The coaxial movement of the Omega 8900 to the Observatory watch is engraved with the observatory pattern. In addition, it has eight stars embossed. These eight stars not only represent the eight most important accuracy records created by the Omega movement in the 1940s and 1950s, but also symbolize the eight items that this new watch must pass to obtain the Observatory’s watch certification. Testing standards.

    To obtain the title of ‘Zhenzhen Observatory Watch’, it must first be equipped with the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) certified astronomical watch movement, and secondly must pass the test approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). The Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) certification has been introduced in detail in the previous article, and the so-called Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) -approved tests will be unfamiliar to many people. Specifically, METAS is eight strict testing standards .
Test the day’s average accuracy of the watch

   This is the first test that allows each watch to run for more than 4 days, simulating the accuracy of the watch under daily wear conditions. The specific operation is to first place the watch in different locations and temperature environments, then expose the watch to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss, then perform demagnetization, and finally test again in different locations and temperature environments. At each step, the watch is photographed and checked for accuracy after 24 hours relative to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
Operation of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) -certified movement exposed to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss

   This test only examines the movement of the watch, placing the movement in two different positions and exposing it to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss. Each position is left for 30 seconds, and the movement of the movement is checked by sound using a microphone.
Test day average accuracy error after exposure to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss

   This test is performed between the 2nd and the 3rd day after the first test and measures the average accuracy error of the watch. The results indicate the accuracy of the watch before and after exposure to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss.
How the watch is exposed to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss

   This test is similar to the third test. This time, it’s not just to test the movement, but to expose the entire watch to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss, and check the watch’s operation status with sound.
   The first four tests focus on the anti-magnetic aspect of the watch, and we can see the METAS standard’s emphasis on anti-magnetic detection. Anti-magnetic is also the most urgent challenge facing the traditional mechanical watches in today’s society. Magnetic fields are almost ubiquitous in life, and household appliances such as tablets, mobile phones, and even the metal buckles of belts or handbags can generate magnetic fields. Mechanical watches without innovative anti-magnetic technology, exposed to these magnetic fields for many years, will definitely affect the accuracy of the watch.
   After the four anti-magnetic tests are completed, waterproof and daily simulation tests are also performed.
Waterproof depth

   This test immerses the watch in water and gradually applies pressure until it reaches the pressure at a predetermined waterproof depth. Some watches are pressurized beyond the specified water resistance.
Power reserve

   Check the watch’s power reserve and take pictures before and after the start of the expected limit. Then check all errors again to ensure that each watch is running accurately within the given time. Even if your watch is left on the bedside table for a weekend, your watch will still work perfectly.
Time-lapse error of the watch between 100% and 33% power reserve

   Place the watch in six different positions, as on each side of the dice. Fully wound the watch, staying in each position for 30 seconds, and recording the average accuracy by sound. Then, the power reserve was reduced by 2/3, and it was checked again to ensure that the watch still maintained high accuracy without being fully wound.
Time error of the watch in six positions

   Similar to the previous test, when the watch is placed in six different positions, check for any errors during operation, like every side of the dice. Place each position for 30 seconds and record the result via audio. By placing the watch in different positions, we can ensure that the performance of the watch remains intact no matter what the wearer is doing, sitting at the table or participating in sports.
   The Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) certification is a standard test for the accuracy of the movement, while the Swiss Federal Metrology Institute (METAS) approved tests are tests performed under daily wear of the watch and focus on antimagnetic to ensure Watch accuracy. On the premise of ensuring the accuracy of each movement, the entire watch can continue to maintain accurate movement in the daily wear of the user. This is very important for a watch. This should also be a measure of The standard of a good watch.

Modern Women’s Fashion Style Tasting Omega Flying Classic Series 36mm Quartz Watch

For many modern women, they want to show their own unique charm and personal style through timepieces worn on the wrist. Whether it is daily life or attending dinners and other events, a good watch can always be the finishing touch of their look. And this year, OMEGA has launched a new disco-famous classic ladies’ watch, which uses a variety of materials and rich colors to fully reflect the modern women’s fashion style.

   The new disco-famous classic ladies’ watches incorporate many modern and fashionable aesthetic elements in the classic design. The case is slim and chic, and is available in 39mm and 36mm, with sparkling diamonds set on both sides, showing charming curves, showing the feminine beauty.

   The 36mm case watch has 5 different materials and colors to choose from, and the watch home also got one of the stainless steel blue models (model: 428. On the watch’s slim 36 mm stainless steel case, we can see the fine diamonds paved along the curve on both sides of the case. The white dial and blue Roman numerals make the reading clear and clear.

   The flower pattern on the crown is composed of five Omega brand logos overlapping, made of red liquid ceramic, and the flower core is set with a bright diamond, exquisite and unique. The blue fabric strap echoes the colors of the dials and hands, making it more harmonious and elegant overall.

   The side of the case can intuitively feel the beautiful curves and lines of this watch, the thin thickness of the case, and the elegant natural curvature. It is also very comfortable to wear on the wrist and fits the wrist.

   Different size diamonds set on both sides of the case perfectly fit the curve of the case.

   The white lacquered dial, the transfer of the unique blue Roman numerals, and the blue hands are simple and neat, making this watch a noble and elegant temperament.

   The watch’s back is adorned with a ‘Her Time’ floral pattern, echoing the floral pattern of the crown, and is unique in its originality. The watch is equipped with the Omega 4061 movement, which provides accurate timekeeping for the watch.

In summary: Omega has a long tradition of making beautiful ladies’ watches. In this modern fashion series, each watch presents a beautiful design style, interpreting cutting-edge fashion concepts. At present, this watch is on the market, priced at 33,100 RMB, interested friends may wish to go to the store to consult and try on.

Not Rich Enough. Watch Brand Tailored Services For Vip

Only VIP guests can enjoy tailor-made, special models sold only to VIP guests, closing the store door for a certain guest and not serving others. These seemingly luxurious and even ‘outrageous’ services to others are exactly the killer brands are trying to retain loyal consumers. In addition, some brands’ limited editions are not available with money, such as the well-known Patek Philippe.
     According to a watch collector, many Patek Philippe watches require buyers, ‘For example, an upstart will buy Patek Philippe’s 5004, 5002, and the brand will not sell it to him. The brand depends on whether the other party is long-term And verify the identity. One of the important basis is the purchase record, to see what watches the other party has purchased, I hope that the guests are gradually improved from the basic complex models, intermediate complex models, advanced complex models step by step to determine that the other party is his Loyal fans and respectable customers. Brands want to give limited customers to loyal customers, not money. ‘
Patek Philippe Grand Residence Opening Special Timepiece: ‘Fire Dragon’ Pocket Watch
     Patek Philippe’s VIP has the right to purchase special watches. The brand does not push a limited edition for ten years, as long as one push is an excellent investment product. It may have sold for more than 100,000 yuan when it was first produced, and changed to more than 500,000 yuan after half a year, but it is definitely VIP that is eligible to purchase. Some watch brands also use this as a feedback to VIP guests. Becoming a VIP may have the opportunity to directly communicate with the designer at the Swiss factory and reflect their personal wishes on the watch. A VIP who knows the structure of the watch can even create a completely new watch entirely of his own. .
Tailor-made for VIP guests
     There are also special customized services such as Montblanc, where guests can participate in the initial concept design stage, and follow each creative and production process through a webcam, regardless of time zone or location. Some customers even bring unique materials with special significance, such as gems or extremely difficult materials, and require the factory to integrate them into unique custom products.
Extremely rare Patek Philippe white gold chronograph
     For VIPs who are interested in wristwatches, it is fun to be able to communicate with watchmakers at close range and understand the watchmaking process. IWC held an activity of ‘Master of Watchmaking in China’ last year. The world-renowned watchmaker and former IWC watch development and design director Geres led everyone into the watchmaking class to further explore the world of IWC watchmaking. Some brands invite VIPs to visit the watch factory. In addition to communicating face-to-face with the brand CEO, these destination countries are also attractive to guests.
Blancpain’s ‘The Unique’ haute couture watch
     The lifestyle experience that reflects the brand’s culture and allows guests to participate in person is also an event that the brand loves to organize. Omega has invited guests to the Hong Kong Regatta to watch the event. Blancpain brought the guests to the GT1 World Championship to experience the charm of the car. Breitling, known for its flying watches, invited VIP guests to visit Switzerland and stay in the cockpit. Feel the thrill of galloping in the clouds. It has to be said that the services provided by big names for VIPs really make people feel that they are supreme.

Ultra-thin Hollow Magic Tonda 1950 Skeleton

Parmigiani pays tribute to its iconic ultra-thin Tonda 1950—it is equipped with a fully skeletonized dial so that the smallest details of its mechanism are vividly displayed. The slim nature of the movement makes it very delicate. To be successfully hollowed out, it requires masterful extraordinary skills and an outstanding ability to faithfully interpret the superb skills inherent in the design of the movement. This process unreservedly demonstrates the exquisiteness of the movement-from the complexity of the transmission system to the beauty of each decoration, each one is presented. It is these details that make the Tonda 1950 Skeleton watch extremely rare.

Ultra-thin skeleton movement
   The new PF707 movement is ‘naked’ without concealment. The Tonda 1950 Skeleton watch presents its drivetrain in all aspects, including general hidden parts. Both the main splint and the bridge are hollowed to the maximum extent, and only necessary concealment is made according to the operation needs. This hollowing process needs to achieve precise balance in two aspects: on the one hand, the movement is clear at a glance, showing the mysterious characteristics; on the other hand, each component is kept sturdy, which is the basic to ensure that the watch operates strictly according to the design idea . The barrel also has an open design, so the winding source of the watch’s energy source, the winding mainspring, can also be seen with the naked eye. In addition, you can admire the micro-rotor on the surface of the movement from the back. Its exquisite decoration is worth savouring: the back of the balance is engraved with ‘barley grain’; The pattern of the iconic lugs. This lug pattern is intended to express a rotating movement: it highlights the rotating characteristics of the oscillating weight. The bridge and main splint of the PF707 movement have 18 internal angles, and every detail has been carefully arranged to add icing on the overall hollow design.
Seemingly invisible, but stylish
   The Tonda 1950 Skeleton watch uses a sapphire dial to ensure a clear view of the skeletonized movement without any visual impairment; only the edge of the mirror is covered with rose gold-plated metal flanges to show the minute track and hour markers. The back of the flange is delicately engraved, and the surface is decorated with fine and elegant concentric spiral patterns.
   The Tonda 1950 Skeleton watch has a multilayer structure, and the dial highlights this deep structure. Starting from the flange at the top of the hollowed-out movement, the multilayer structure unfolds one by one, which is required by its complex dynamic characteristics. The entire watch presents a fascinating 3D three-dimensional effect, attracting people’s admiration in the interweaving of light and shadow.
Subtle details
   The Tonda 1950 Skeleton watch has the long-lasting elegance that is unique to ultra-thin models, with subtle differences between every inch. Every detail can withstand scrutiny, thus achieving a harmonious ergonomic design with a golden ratio. Stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of only 8.2 mm. The case has been extended to create four lugs that act as a carrier for the strap: the iconic shape of a drop of water, which closely matches the curvature of the wrist, making the wearer’s wrist beautiful. Stainless steel folding clasp, adjustable in 5 positions. In addition, the wearer can adjust the length of the strap to a millimeter with a single touch, no longer having to cater for the regular holes of the leather strap. Every design is ergonomically considered and carefully crafted to ensure the wearer enjoys maximum comfort.
PF707 movement
   The Parmigiani watch factory uses all the cutting-edge watchmaking techniques to comprehensively improve the accuracy of the PF707 movement. It uses a weight balance wheel and abandons the traditional fast and slow needle adjustment mechanism. In this way, only the weight on the balance wheel can be adjusted to adjust the speed of the watch, instead of controlling the working length of the balance spring. The movement is more stable over a long period of time and more impact resistant, which also guarantees excellent isochronism. Thanks to the exquisite design and the expertise of the brand’s independent watchmaking center, the hollowing out of the PF707 movement allows its mysterious features to be presented to the world, and its solidity is not damaged.

Enter The Gorgeous Jungle! Cartier Cartier Jaguar Watch

Cartier will expand the scale of the watch exhibition this year. At the ‘Rare ‧ Moments’ watch exhibition, nearly a hundred high-end craftsmanship fine watchmaking and top jewellery watches will be displayed. Integrating into one, the total amount looks at 1 billion yuan, breaking Cartier’s highest amount in the Taiwan watch exhibitions over the years.

Espiègle watch with jaguar-shaped diamonds

This exhibition activity is divided into three major thematic spaces, ‘Puma series watch area’, ‘high jewelry watch area and fine watchmaking area’. Among them, the ‘Puma series zone’ showcases the wildness and elegance of Jaguar watches in a mysterious space full of jungle.
The Jaguar theme is very important in Cartier’s traditional complication watch series. Since its birth in 1914 and the first decoration of a ladies’ watch, Jaguar has long been an unquestionable icon of Cartier. It has both charming temperament and uninhibited spirit, and always adds elegance and charm to each piece, and this time the works on display are so.
Reinterpret a jaguar that is both majestic and elegant, gentle and conspicuous with 3D three-dimensional naturalism. The edge of the dial is beautifully shaped as if it is a jaguar protecting the dial. Three-dimensional sculpture, paving, precious and full of imagination. You can choose to reveal or close the cover to hide the time according to your preference, turning this masterpiece into a watch or bracelet.

Clé de Cartier watch

In Cartier, the image and spirit of the jaguar are everywhere. Whether it’s concrete or abstract, Jaguar always adds femininity to Cartier’s works with a delicate and mysterious appearance. This year, for the first time on the Clé de Cartier case, Cartier combined the coupe relief decoration and the workshop’s self-winding movement refined by the workshop.
On the new Clé de Cartier watch, the bezel is set with dazzling diamonds. The sculptor uses hand-engraved fur to create a three-dimensional effect on the markings and leopard nose, showing the effect of contrasting hair. , Set with 157 round brilliant-cut diamonds, creating a subtle and delicate watch masterpiece.

Panthère Mystérieuse

Like real three-dimensional jewelry sculptures, the Jaguar is embellished with diamonds and black lacquer spots, elegantly embracing the edge of the dial. Leopard heads, claws, and emerald leopard eyes, every detail is ingenious and lifelike. In contrast to this, it is the suspended hands on the transparent dial. The watch’s 9981 MC-type movement is hidden seamlessly. This new watch is exquisite and luxurious, which requires the use of superb jewellery craftsmanship to reinterpret Cartier’s long-established complications with perspective texture and balanced composition. The Panthère Mystérieuse watch is equipped with a movement that combines mysterious beauty and a leopard style. It combines the two major elements of the most iconic brand to show its unique style.

Panthères et Colibri power reserve display watch with diamond-paved bracelet

On the new Panthères et Colibri watch, a jaguar is comfortably accompanied by a hummingbird. Such a scene is really fascinating … Gently pressing the winding crown, a little leopard jumped out of his mother’s arms, and the hummingbird flew up with gold-plated wings. Shown before our eyes is the power reserve display function of this watch. The new 9915 MC movement displays the remaining time of winding through the height of the hummingbird. The dial picture is exquisite and moving, and the decoration is simple and elegant: the black background is embellished with bright diamonds, and the soft pastures sway in the wind. The bezel is studded with dazzling diamonds, which contrast subtly with the dial. The silhouette of the jaguar is three-dimensional, and the fur is decorated with diamonds and black lacquer spots. Cartier has used brilliant creativity to interpret the complexities of fine watchmaking in a poetic way, vividly presenting the warm scene of the mother and child cuddling together.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier enamel beaded jaguar watch

Bead crafts appeared around 3,000 BC, but it didn’t reach its heyday until the Etruscans used to decorate valuables and jewellery in the 8th century BC. In order to revive this outstanding craftsmanship, Cartier has reinterpreted the pearl craftsmanship to create an extraordinary dial. This year, Cartier broke the limit and used different traditional techniques to create an enamel beaded dial. The master craftsman first cut the enamel into small pieces or crushed into powder, then stretched it into filaments, and then cut it into small pieces. After being heated by the welding torch, the filament segments will melt into pellets. The bead size depends on the diameter of the enamel filaments.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier

The master craftsman then placed the enamel beads into the base according to the color and shape of the artwork. The difficulty of this process is that the melting temperatures of different colors of enamel are different. The ball and enamel need to be fired more than thirty times according to a strict order to achieve the desired effect. The final work is breathtaking, the overall shape is meticulous, and it faithfully presents the jaguar’s deep eyes, light beards, and soft fur. This brand new work brings out the outstanding creativity of the Master Craftsmanship workshop. Engraving, polishing, enamel, jewellery, inlaying and watchmaking are integrated into one unique work.

The first animal design in this series was inspired by antiques from 1914, with a representative Ballon Bleu de Cartier case and jaguar pattern.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Serti Vibrant

In 1914, Cartier first showed the jaguar pattern on a watch. Onyx and diamonds condense the beauty of nature, black and white staggered and paved the way, creating a precedent for speckled jewellery, heralding the advent of decorative arts advocating contrast.