Peace Of Art # Of Swatch Peace Art Hotel

Shanghai is China’s most prosperous modern city, and the Swatch Peace Art Center is located at the junction of the Bund and Nanjing Road. The Swatch Group’s projects have novel ideas and visions, transforming Shanghai’s most famous landmark hotel into a creative art center. Each time, up to 18 artists from all over the world work and live here, including sound and video artists, photographers, musicians, concept artists and composers. As guests of Swatch, they will jointly promote the continuous expansion of contemporary global culture. Visitors from all over the world come here to watch the luxuriously decorated halls and woodcarved stairs. They quickly reached the rooftop terrace by elevator, ascended to overlook the Bund and the skyscrapers of Pudong District, Shanghai’s ultramodern financial and commercial district. They can also Shook in the gorgeous restaurant on the 5th floor of the hotel! Dine.

┬áTo attract people to visit our restaurants and projects, Swatch created PEACE OF ART (SUOZ160). The painting-style New Gent juxtaposes the architectural line drawings. On the dark blue background, it uses dark red, light blue, ochre, and yellow scattered dots and patches to depict the delicately decorated hotel. Strap. The words ‘SWATCH ART PEACE HOTEL’ appear in colorful capital letters on the dial, surrounded by Arabic numerals that mark the moments.

The Swatch Boutique is located on the first floor of the Swatch Peace Art Center. As an exclusive special treat, visitors to the boutique will receive a PEACE OF ART (SUOZ160-1) color special package with a dark blue pass. Boutique staff will stamp a special ‘seal’ on the customer’s new pass as a unique souvenir to visit the world-renowned Swatch Peace Art Center. Only this boutique offers special packaging in Shanghai. In addition, PEACE OF ART will also be sold at Swatch points of sale around the world, but passes and special packaging are not available.

SUOZ160 / 160-1 PEACE OF ART
Model: New Gent
Dial: blue dial with colorful print
Case: blue matte plastic case
Strap: blue silicone strap with colorful print
Special packaging: watch sleeve with dark blue passport