Piaget Earl’s Day Mother’s Day Gifts And Tribute Selection Tribute To Extreme Women

‘Maternal love is the greatest power in the world’, as pure and eternal as a diamond, and as precious and touching as time. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Earl of Watch and Jewelry Master Piaget has sincerely selected jewellery and watch masterpieces to pay tribute to the great and selfless ultimate women.

  PIAGETPossession warm companionship sharing

  As one of Piaget’s many jewellery and watch masterpieces, the Possession series has gone through a quarter of a century in the eyes of everyone. Today, the new Possession ring is the most intimate woman’s close friend, and the unique movable outer ring design is fascinating. Whenever the ring is gently turned, peace and warmth are also awakened, flowing in the heart, with a steady stream of joy.

  PIAGETLimelight dazzling timepiece

  For modern women, exquisite timepieces on the wrist have long transcended the boundaries of time and function, and it is like a ray of sunlight or a touch of color that records the precious time shared with family. Piaget’s Limelight jewellery watch collection combines exquisite watchmaking and jewellery craftsmanship: LimelightGala watches use two elegantly extended lugs to round out the round case, while LimelightDiamonds series cases refer to the classic diamond-cut shape, showing Piaget’s originality Unique jewelry crafts.