Pioneer Of Space Exploration Pays Tribute To Great Scientific Achievements

The Steinmez Conference was founded in 2011 to help the public better understand and appreciate the charm of science. The conference has invited many astronauts, Nobel Laureates, and science, culture, art and Performers and lectures are performed by distinguished people in the music and other fields.

   Omega is proud to sponsor the Stephen Hawking Medal, one of the world’s most famous science communication awards, which has become a relentless pursuit of the brand.

   This year, the four winners of the award are Elon Musk, Brian Eno, the producer of the documentary Apollo 11, and witnessed the first human moon landing feat, the United States NASA legend Buzz Aldrin, he was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

   In addition to the medal, each winner will also receive an Omega Speedmaster moon watch-‘the first Omega watch into space’. The watch has an original case design.

   Another legend from the Apollo moon landing program was present at the Steinmez Conference, namely, the Apollo 11 ground control center flight cabin correspondent, the ‘Apollo 16’ lunar cabin pilot, and Omega celebrities Ambassador Charlie Duke.