Raymond Weil Launches New Advertising Campaign Globally

The new advertisement will continue to show the brand’s vitality and innovative spirit, and will also surround Raymond Weil’s endless source of inspiration: music. Music has always been the core of Raymond Weil’s world. The watches and models launched by the brand since its establishment have all been named after classical music and opera, laying a deep connection between art and art. For a long time, the brand has been closely connected with the music industry, designing unique timepieces for international artists and cooperating with famous music events. The founder of the brand is a classical lyrical music lover, and the company’s current president and director are also musicians. They continue to carry forward the family tradition under the influence of music and write the same beautiful melody.

Raymond Weil’s new advertising image blockbuster integrates musical elements perfectly, rendering a strong artistic atmosphere. The film was shot on the stage set by the famous Victoria Hall of Victoria Hall. Individual individuals became pilgrims immersed in the music world, listening to the joy and feelings brought by the notes. Jing exudes a historical atmosphere of music. They are masters in their respective fields of art, just as Raymond Weil is a leader in the field of watchmaking-classic, timeless and highly symbolic.
On the 35th anniversary of the company, Raymond Weil pays tribute to this endless source of inspiration and conveys his love of music. ‘Precision is the source of inspiration’ is the theme of Raymond Weil’s new advertising image blockbuster. The designer turned inspiration into lines, creating a harmonious outline for the new watch, and expected watchmakers to translate these ideas into reality. Watchmakers rely on precision, they meticulously stitch parts one by one, marvel at the designer’s infinite creativity. The composer turns inspiration into notes, composes gorgeous movements, and expects musicians to interpret these scores. Pianists, violinists, and conductors rely on precision to decisively perform every note and convey the harmonious sound created by the composer. The exploration of precision inspired Raymond Weil to create and continue to surpass itself, comparing the beauty of music to watchmaking.