Recommended For Sliding Diamonds Chopard’s Three Series Of Entry Tables Recommended

Chopard is a well-known brand of jewellery and watches. It is famous for its unique design of sliding diamonds, especially for women’s watches. Its watch products are mainly divided into 3 series: women’s series, L.U.C series and classic racing watch series. These three series are characterized by jewelry accessories, elegant and formal, and fashion sports. Elegance, personality, and away from the embarrassing table collision event, I think Chopard can help you achieve your wish.
Ladies series happy sport
Watches usually offer more choices for men, but this is not the case in Chopard. The ladies watch series has a wealth of models suitable for women who are seeking elegance or sports. Together with the sliding diamond, it adds a little unique temperament. HAPPY SPORT girls’ belts are really beautiful, especially the diamonds inside will still rotate in place, which is very special.

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L.U.C series thin watch
萧 This Chopard L.U.C XP slim watch is not as fancy as other styles. It exudes elegant style, simple and refined, and it is perfect as a formal watch. The slim watch is equipped with an automatic winding movement and a double barrel. The power reserve is 70 hours. It is not easy to achieve such a precise device.

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Classic racing series Moroccan antique car
The Chopard watch has always maintained a close relationship with the field of antique cars, especially classic car racing. The Moroccan antique car is a style that combines classic lines and sporty appearance, and is dedicated to mature, elegant and dynamic men.

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