Richard Miller Rm020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch

The pocket watch was originally a plaything of the old aristocracy, but obviously the famous mechanical watch brand Richard Mille did not accept such a theory, so their twentieth work is such a metal bottle watch with a new bottle of old wine .

Richard Mille RM020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch
     In this cool work, Richard Mille realized a series of new advanced clock technology, the most special of which is the use of non-metal rotor as the watch blank, the entire watch core is made of ultra-fine carbon fiber, at 7500N / cm2 high pressure and forged at 2000 ℃ high temperature, the object and chemical characteristics are very stable, in a variety of different environments can still maintain the stability of the watch’s accurate travel time. Especially in the tourbillon system is unprecedented in the watchmaking industry. At the same time, the titanium case and bracelet add a cool visual effect. Unlike the round design of the old pocket watch, the RM020 shows a cool modern sense with square corners. Of course, the modern style cannot completely replace the classic design. The free-floating balance wheel with the beating balance is well preserved and improved to ensure better operation under vibration, rotor installation and split conditions. Credibility.