Sacrifice To Mother’s Day, Switzerland’s Hao Du Gives Mom Love And Beauty

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Swiss luxury watch brand Haodu Watch specially selected several wristwatches to express its gratitude. Let us witness together that with every inch of time spent with my mother, I will send a timepiece to wish my mother the best smile ever.

Gift for the most elegant mom · Identity series

The mother’s youth fades as the child grows up
But because of time
But the elegant talk and calm mood that have formed the unique temperament of mothers
This shocking temperament beauty
Through the wrist
Passed by the Swiss Haodu identity series

   The identity series women’s watches are more capable and less feminine, reflecting the unique beauty of modern women. Women’s watches adhere to the design essence of this series. The case assembled from 36 parts has a unique design and extremely The beauty makes the watch look heavy but handsome. The six-point hand-painted moon phase dial and diamond-set ‘X’ logo, like a star-shaped dial design, add feminine elegance, softness, and mysterious rhyme, and the beautiful diamonds set on the bezel contain children forever The constant companionship is like a mother’s love and be loved, deep and lasting.

For the Most Selfless Mother · Eternal Series Women’s Watch

Changes in things
Vicissitudes of life
Even as the years go by
The great motherly love is eternal
Hold up a sky for us
Create a warm harbor
For selfless pouring all love to our mom
Get a Swiss luxury watch forever
Is the best thanks to my mother’s selfless love

   The round case of the Eternity women’s watch reveals the feminine qualities of women, with light lines and extremely elegant qualities. The six-point independent small seconds hand is innovative in design. The use of the sun pattern injects timeless charm and eternal vitality into the entire watch. At the same time, the 11 diamonds on the dial also add luxury. The use of silk straps makes the models more elegant and oriental.
To the warmest mother Capel series women’s clothing
Mother love like water
Tasteless and colorless
Until you turn love into a warm harbor
Did we feel
This love
always there
Obscured motherly love
We ca n’t repay
Take a Capel Women’s Watch with you during the festival
Tell mom her love we know

   Capel series women’s watches are the perfect interpretation of modern women’s attitude to life. The round and petite design shows the gorgeous temperament of women. The lines of the case are simple, and the internal pattern makes the dial full of rhythm. With the change of light, it presents different light and shadow effects, such as the eternal flowing of Lake Lucerne, the waves are shining.
For the Most Obscured Mom · Classic Women’s Watch
Chunhui inch grass
The love of motherhood bathes our growth
Time goes by
Time condenses the most precious fragrant flowers here
Obscured motherly love
But because of the precipitation of time
A classic timepiece
As the best feedback to her

   The Haute Classic watch series reinterprets the definition of elegance, showing the essence of luxury decorative art. The elegant lines make the watch permeate with a timeless simplicity, and the precise movement time shows the perfect Swiss watchmaking skills. The round rose gold case adds a sense of luxury.
   Mother’s love becomes deep and lasting because of the accumulation of time, and Mother’s Day is approaching, Haodu wishes the mothers of the world a youth forever! May the Haodu watch accompany you to record the wonderful things in the years!